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I saw the soon Rapture happening!

I saw the soon Rapture happening!

Published on Sep 10, 2012 by Alter Ego


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Hello! My name is Benjamin Cousijnsen.
On the night of September 6, 2012, I was visited by a messenger angel of God.

In the distance I heard the words: Shalom Benjamin! Benjamin, wake up!
My eyes opened on the moment I was being called. The angel of God spoke, My name is Rafael, prophet of God, you know me. I am sent to you in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Christ. Follow me now. I got up from bed and followed the messenger angel of God down the stairs, through the door and into the street. In the middle at the intersection of the street, near our house, we stood still. The angel of God spoke, The God of Isaac, Jacob and Abraham allows you a glimpse into the future, what will come to pass very soon.

The messenger angel of God held in his right hand a sort of golden shepherd's crook, and stuck it upright in the ground, and spoke: So there will be many earthquakes like this one.
At the moment that the rod penetrated right through the asphalt, the road began to crack and to vibrate. The ground was moving violently. Simultaneously I heard trumpet sounds which persisted, an all-pervading sound, that I even could feel vibrating through my mind... and filled the airspace, as meanwhile of everything took place. I saw, as in a slow motion, all kinds of people in the air. And even babies and people with disabilities, but also animals were going up in the air. I saw dogs and cats and even marmots... large and small animals. All what I was seeing, amazed me, and went far beyond my understanding.

The messenger angel of God spoke further and said, Benjamin, God is telling the same words as in the days of Noah...

Genesis 9, verse 12 Read!

I asked: "To whom is this further revealed?"
The messenger angel of God said, only to Benjamin from the tribe of Benjamin. You are truly the prophet of God of the last days. Immediately during the Rapture I saw a kind of lightning, which filled the entire sky. I also heard wailing and crying everywhere. The messenger angel of God spoke further... Benjamin, it will be just like as it is written in Exodus 12, verse 30, there it is written: Read!

Then I said: "This I understand, but that there will be a dead..."
Benjamin, said the angel of God, think spiritually. A heart will have so much grief as at the loss of their loved one. "I get it!", I said now.

I saw all sorts of things fall from the sky...
A helicopter that was uncontrollable, and circled downwards. Also a plane fell from the sky. I saw fireballs coming down, which struck everywhere in the roofs and streets. Everywhere fires arose, it looked like a war! Derailed trams, cars which clashed against each other, with people but without drivers. It was complete chaos!

I saw large and small UFOs, several in the air...
They stood virtually still and I said: "Look Rafael!"
These are the 'visitors from space', this is how the fallen angels call themselves. The angel of God spoke further and said, They have been long made contact with the fallen angels on earth and in space. 

I was shocked by rocky stones that fell from the sky. 
Some were on fire and others were not. They were slightly larger than a football, and struck throughout and caused fire. I also saw all kinds of strange satellites falling from the sky. The messenger angel spoke further and said: Benjamin, fear not, this must yet come to pass!

I also felt a kind of magnetic pressure, as if everything was magnetic...
as if I was pushed to all sides by some sort of air-pressure. By this pressure even cars were moved sideways. I understood that all this will happen immediately, just after the Rapture, when christians have been gathered (raptured) by God, the God of Isaac, Jacob and Abraham.

I saw a blood red Moon, which looked badly damaged with holes, where bright light came through. The Sun was shining very brightly, and the heat was unbearable.

Also I heard and I saw someone who cursed, but I could not understand it. The angel of God had made it unintelligible, I think, what he said. He called hereafter irritated and loud: "Rosh Hashanah!"

The angel of God said: The people will really have hell on earth, for the worst is still to come to those left behind.

Benjamin, you have spoken so much on behalf of God...
But some think that you give a study, and they do not even see that everything is prophetically foretold, and even in the scriptures. But God points out: EVERYTHING is directly spoken to you and everything shall come to pass! 
I am Who I AM, thus speaks the God of Israel.

Read furhter COMPLETE text: Eindtijdnieuws under prophecy label



  1. This is all confirmed in Ezekiel...

    Stop being blind sheep.
    Islam is just as evil, corrupt and crooked as Jerusalem. Once Jerusalem is out, Islam is in!

    I may get out of the United States if they start forcing Islam to be mandatory in schools....

  2. Hi, John.
    You do your job; you do the postings with no judgement. ok
    Now, I dare to alert you: God - the true One - does not make discrimination of people, as it is written in the book.
    So, why this statement: ...only to Benjamin from the tribe of Benjamin?
    This makes no sense to me. It compromises the whole message. All right; who knows? I think something is not wright here. Honestly!

    1. I don't see where he saying only 1 tribe of Benjamin. That is the guy who saw the vision Benjamin. Those who know Christ will be raptured. Also, notice how he talked about UFO's in the skies and how they are demonic.

      This is what I've been trying to tell people. UFO's are part of the deception and new world oder.

  3. These are very uncertain times, but the future is not hard to see.

    I don't know if there will be a rapture at all.

    Most of America will lay deceived by Obama, who will take out the 'problems' right before ushering in Islamic backed dictatorship.

    Perhaps 'Poof' can get us some/any news on a brief rapture period....or something that gives us refuge.

    Otherwise, all those who were not deceived by Obama are going to face unrestrained wrath....who are best suited to strengthen their States and nullify all law. If you dislike the Fed but also dislike one world religions, you're out of luck.

    The Reserve goes and what replaces it is a one world religion.

  4. This may be one timeline. We can move towards another. Starting NOW. War is over- if you want it. Peace is here- if you want it. Love is everywhere- if you want it.

    1. Peace comes after the rapture and tribulation. We are not in the trib yet....

      You best hope you are not here.

  5. So many idea's, theories, and beliefs of what the future may have in store for us. As each day passes bringing us ever closer to 12-21-12,
    We are hearing more idea's, theories etc...It can be intrigIng, exciting, horrifying, and/or everything in between. But one thing is for sure.
    We really don't know. No matter how convinced we may be that our story line is the most factual, experience oriented, reasonable, logical,
    Ancestral, historical, or heart based...NO ONE knows for sure EXACTLY what's in store for the human race. There's too much. And not enough.
    Things are happening everywhere, fast. And we're all waiting, ignoring, and surprisingly some are completely oblivious. It's challenging enough
    For people to comprehend things we've been told are not true, impossible, or that only crazy people talk about. But things are happening, people are talking about it, and we all are becoming more open to everything whether we realize it or not. But all of it can leave us feeling dizzy
    From so much information. Confused on what to think, how to proceed each day can, and is causing insecurity, Which instills fear. When we are fearful we operate from "fight or flight mode"...this can also present as "rejection and denial." So all there is left to do is breeeaaathe, be Love to ourselves and everyone else, keep remembering the moment that your in right now, again and again. Stay Open and connected to the fast moving, changing flow of what life is telling us while you remember to care for self and others.

  6. So, this is supposedly from God, because a mans emotions took over and he had a dream, but if someone posts about a Galactic channeling, or anything to do with our Galactic brethren, it is taken as Satanic. This coming from people who believe in talking snakes and burning bushes. Everyone is going to be shocked to the core, when they find out just how much the Bible has been subjugated, along with everything else in our lives. If the Galactic's were so demonic, wouldn't you think they could have killed us off by now? There technology is thousands of years ahead of ours. It would be nothing at all for them to wipe us out. And BTW, any form of religion is a cult, and if you want to know the truth, It tells you how to find the Creator right in your Bible. Jacob new were Creator source resided. He even told us and we STILL do not seek him. Christ told us too, when he said "practice the single eye" in Matthew 6:22. Jacob told us that Creator source is IN the Pineal gland. Read Gen.32:30. The only true way to God is through meditation. You must activate the pineal gland to find God. Jacob knew this.

  7. I had a dream too!
    Rafael is stuck in Lostlight and Uriel with help of me, rid earth of corruption/dark forces...
    According to Darksiders 2
    ...doesn't mean the end of the world ffs!

  8. Most UFO's are demonic, read the chapter of Samuel and see for yourselves. Obama is indeed very likely the head Anti-Christ.