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I like what you have posted on the top first page of your blog spot at this time and I agree completely about posting only the truth. Here is some truth and facts that you can post. None of these guru's knows anything about when this is going to happen, nor any rates. It is a fact that we will not be having NESARA, RV, PP, Farm Claims or anything else until all the arrests are made and those won't be made until all those needing arrested can be properly identified (big job). Something else, all these wantabe's and guru's don't know anything about and that is how this is going to come down. Once the arrests are made so the funds will not be going into the hands of the evil crooked banksters we will start seeing things happen. If we were to get our funds before we had security, we would lose it within a few months if not weeks. However, the Farm Claims will be first, because they were what started all this going back to the 80's. Then the F & P's and then the PP's and then the RV. We also have to have the announcements as to what is happening in the world before any of this can happen.

Another thing holding this up is that many of the farm claims folks have passed on and the good guys trying to get the money to the right people are having to find the heirs to these funds and that in itself is a monster of a job.

And one of the biggest things that people need to be thinking about when they go to believing the BS these guru's and others that claim to have an inside track to what is going on and spouting dates and rates is this. I am relatively sure from the sources that I have that there are not more than 4 to 6 people that know when and how this is going to start and none of them knows what the others know. And they will have to coordinate what each of them knows with the person or persons who is going to turn the switch and it has to be done with the greatest of security or we will have another 9/11 and that is a fact Jack.

I have no use for these wantabe's and guru's that keep spouting all this hopium and keeping people upset when it don't happen and I will be damned if they don't make some stupid excuse as to what happened to keep it from happening when they said it would and the people believes them and just keeps coming back for more of their bull shit. The crime in all this is that the majority of the people being fed this crap are older folks that are in bad financial situations and are willing to believe anything these mouth pieces for the bad guys keep spouting day in and day out just hoping that at some point they may be right. They are always saying we are closer than we have ever been and too me that is the dumbest statement anyone could make. Of course we are closer today than we were yesterday and we will be closer tomorrow than we were today. Think about folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Colonel

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Insider ‘Daniel’ Comes Forward!

DISCLOSURE: Camelot on TruTV TONIGHT; Insider ‘Daniel’ Comes Forward!

Posted on by Jean
Written by David WilcockWednesday, 07 November 2012 22:22
A groundbreaking two-year-old Project Camelot TV pilot, featuring Wilcock and others, finally airs TONIGHT — just days after our classic black-ops insider “Daniel” has suddenly come forward for the first time, releasing fascinating new information!
The momentum for Disclosure has been building with incredible speed — even in the mainstream media. One of my in-progress articles is a huge collection of Disclosure-related news stories — appearing in just the last 6 months or so.
And now, the morning after what may have been the most bitterly contentious election in American history — where neither choice seemed very appealing — I am happy to announce a handful of significant events that will help make Disclosure a reality.
Project Camelot will make its official debut on international cable television tonight, November 7, 2012 — at 11PM PDT/EDT, on the TruTV network, directly after Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.
The name of the program is Shadow Operations: The Mars Project.  It is important that we watch this show and let them know we want more!
We will discuss this groundbreaking event a bit later.
Additionally, I am proud to announce the sudden, unexpected public debut of an insider I first met in December 2004 — who gave me highly controversial and fascinating information that shaped the entire future of my work from then on.
Much of the second half of The Source Field Investigations, dealing with the science of three-dimensional time, “portals” and stargates, was inspired by the data I originally receieved from this man.
“Daniel” didn’t just give us a casual heads-up to finally let us know he is a “real person.” He’s ON FIRE — writing pages and pages of information that I think you will soon find to be extremely interesting.
If you can’t wait, the master link to all the papers, and the websites discussing them, is currently on the main page of
The last two years have been a disappointment for Disclosure in certain ways, as hardly any new insiders have come forward. That makes Daniel’s sudden breakthrough all the more timely — and rewarding.
I am also happy to report that just this past week, I was filmed extensively for the official Disclosure Project movie — with award-winning visionary director Amardeep Kaleka at the helm.
This film is the culmination of many years of work for Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI, who has personally interviewed over 560 different insiders — most of whom worked in highly classified “government” projects dealing directly with UFOs.
Dr. Greer’s contacts included very high-ranking government officials — who expressed great frustration that even people of their stature were being kept in the dark about such a critical subject.
I was lucky enough to attend the original Disclosure Project event, in which 39 of Dr. Greer’s top insiders came forward and revealed themselves to the public — many for the very first time — beginning at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on May 9th, 2001.
9/11 effectively wiped out the momentum this event had started creating for Disclosure — but now it is finally coming full circle!
If the “Powers that Were” continue to lie to our faces, steal our money, run sham elections and suppress world-healing technologies, then we need to get the job done ourselves.
Greer and Kaleka’s film was “crowd-sourced,” meaning it was financed strictly through the generosity of people like you — who donated to the cause. That means no one can bury it, sanitize it or use it for fear-mongering propaganda purposes.
Kaleka and his production company were extremely impressed with the information and commentary I gave them — on all the different subjects that appear throughout the film.
The editor told me I have made their job “much, much easier”. At least three different times during the interview, the guy assigned to hold eye contact with me had tears in his eyes — from the power and intensity of what I was saying.
They expect to be finished with post-production by the end of December — just in time for a January 2013, post-Mayan-Calendar-end-date, “Fourth Density” debut!
I am also happy to report significant progress on my own major media projects — both of which will be noteworthy Disclosure events as well.
As you may already know, for the last three years I’ve been working professionally with James V. Hart, an A-list screenwriter responsible for multiple Hollywood blockbusters — including CONTACT, a classic 1997 Disclosure film with Jodie Foster.
If you haven’t seen CONTACT, I highly recommend it. This was arguably the most groundbreaking UFO / Disclosure film since the “grand trinity” of 2001, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. – and in many ways, it still is the best one.
We believe CONVERGENCE will do for pyramids what Close Encounters did for UFOs.
In fact, Jim feels our newly-minted first act of CONVERGENCE — which I just read a week ago for the first time, while expecting the full, finished rewrite by December 1st — is the finest he’s ever written.
Then again, every artist says that whatever piece they are working on in the moment is “The Best Ever!”
In addition to writing August Rush, Tuck Everlasting, Sahara and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Jim also worked with Francis Ford Coppola as the writer of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and with Steven Spielberg as the writer of Hook.
Jim is also involved in two very significant, high-level projects at the moment, with two of the hottest names in today’s film industry.
Unfortunately, neither of these projects are cleared for us to discuss publicly, just yet. Nonetheless, I’m very proud of Jim for landing these gigs — and it will do wonders for our own momentum.
CONTACT is the project Jim has consistently gotten the most praise and attention for — even though it was released 15 years ago.
I loosely patterned the earlier drafts of CONVERGENCE around CONTACT, having no idea that its original writer would ultimately come on board — and co-create an entirely new and original masterpiece with us for everyone to enjoy.
Three years of ongoing contact with Jim have thoroughly convinced me that he is not “one of Them”, i.e. a member and supporter of the Cabal, as some have feared.
Jim is simply a talented, spiritually aware writer who got involved in projects that were used to move Disclosure forward.
No one ever told him there was any truth behind the metaphysical stories he was hired to write. He just did his job and made it all entertaining and compelling.
Jim had two years of ongoing meetings with Carl Sagan in order to adapt the original CONTACT novel into a feature film — which was a very complex and difficult task. As a result, much of what we see in CONTACT, including the ending, is Jim’s baby.
Jim never heard anything from Carl indicating that CONTACT was based on real technologies — or that it was intended to pave the way for Disclosure.
CONTACT was the edgiest Disclosure film ever made, in many ways, due to the overwhelming realism it achieved by recruiting over twenty-five reporters from the mainstream media — including many of the biggest names.
Even better, CONTACT co-opted a speech from President Bill Clinton — transforming the film into the ultimate Disclosure LSD trip down a hallucinatory rabbit hole, into a “parallel reality” where ET portal technology is built and used in front of the entire world:
In an attempt to create a sense of realism for the storyline, principal CNN news outlet commentators were scripted into ContactMore than 25 news reporters from CNN had roles in the film and the CNN programs Larry King Live and Crossfire were also included….
News footage of then-President Bill Clinton was digitally altered to make it appear as if he is speaking about alien contact.
This was not the original plan for the film;[1] Zemeckis had initially approached Sidney Poitier to play the president, but the actor turned the role down in favor of The Jackal.[16]
Shortly after Poitier’s refusal, Zemeckis saw a NASA announcement in August 1996. “Clinton gave his Mars rock speech,” the director explained, “and I swear to God it was like it was scripted for this movie.
“When he said the line ‘We will continue to listen closely to what it has to say,’ I almost died. I stood there with my mouth hanging open.”[1]
My original self-produced YouTube video, The 2012 Enigma, features an extended section on how the CONTACT film was used to reveal highly classified technologies — gradually preparing us for a full, public Disclosure some time in the future.
A good part of the material I heard from Daniel also appears in 2012 Enigma, which is still free online. I honestly never expected Daniel to speak out, which is part of why I am so excited today.
Dr. Steven Greer told me Sagan was indeed a member of the high-level insider UFO working group known as Majestic-12. This ‘leak’ came to Greer from multiple insider sources.
According to Dr. Greer’s sources, Majestic operatives found a glaring flaw in Dr. Sagan’s original doctoral dissertation — which apparently was embarrassing enough to destroy his career, and strip him of his Ph.D degree.
As is often the case in the insider world, this embarrasing personal detail was used as leverage to keep Sagan’s mouth shut. Indeed, Sagan took his secrets with him to the grave.
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  1. I couldn't find this actually airing anywhere...

  2. This post is older than 2 weeks, check for all davi wilcock announcements. As far as the trutv show it was aired 11/9/12 so check youtube for show.