Friday, November 16, 2012


16 November 2012

My Brothers and Sisters, I love you all so much! I feel compelled to write just a few more blogs before the Event occurs. If I were to judge, by looking with my eyes at what's happening in our world. If I were to pay any attention to the news cycle, I would indeed have little hope.
Fortunately, I have a higher guidance, and higher assurances that EVERYTHING is about to change. Not just a little mind you, but ALOT. This change is so far reaching that to discuss it in current terms does it no justice. This type of change is the type where I can safely say that all you know is about to be transformed! Anything not of higher intent will disappear! Imagine the type of complete surprise an entire family has at the very sudden death of an apparently young and healthy member. One day, nothing is wrong, and it is business as usual. There are fights, power struggles, opinions to defend, and a living to earn. And, the next moment, this person is just GONE! This is the type of shock I'm saying will happen on a global level in a very short time. Even the members of the CABAL will have their breath taken away at the suddenness with which this EVENT changes everything. Just like the death of someone that was so completely unexpected, it leaves you both dumbfounded and speechless, and the lack of preparation of most of the world will be evident. Still, there will be no one more surprised than the CABAL, when in a seeming instant they are brushed aside and made absolutely irrelevant! Following the news, and the stories, has its merit, but If you really want to be fully prepared, just realize that very soon, all of this will change so significantly..., none of the stories will matter on the level where you will suddenly perceiving. For instance, how would everything in your life suddenly change IF no one could lie to you simply because you could read their minds? How would business as usual be possible if everyone were given that gift in one beautiful moment of love from our creator? What could the CABAL do when those who work for them suddenly were to know how evil their thoughts were, and what their intentions truly were even for those that served them? What could the CABAL do when each man, woman and child KNEW they were family, and remembered their connection to GOD? IT'S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE! OF THIS I AM CERTAIN. PREPARE.

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