Thursday, November 15, 2012

Johnnie had enough of the crap

I just about had enough of all this crap.

Time to tell it like it is folks.

1) The election was stolen and rigged. Face it folks --- you are all sheep slaves to the Cabal.

2) This general circus is too much BS. I would take the word of West Point Cadets & Generals over corrupt politicians. The CIA Manchurian Candidate has 0 credibility. Not buying the BS put out by the corrupt mass media. Spooks who hide under the rocks have 0 credibility too.
The libya situation is still sticking to Hillary and O despite all the lies they say. 

3) The Blockage of the Global Reset MUST End Now! These dinar gurus and there Spooks directed messages need to go to the garbage. Any politician, banker still blocking the RV should be removed for treason.

4) Now the people of 50 states  have submitted petitions for secession to the White House. Hmmm - what is next ---- hopefully the push towards a restoration of the republic.

5) Feds should be terminated. No justification for there survival.

I and we the people of this Republic have ran out of patience. I had enough of the crap!

John MacHaffie  - A Real Person & A Patriot

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  1. John, of course the election was rigged...boldly in your face rigged...just like EVERY race since Bush jr/Bush cabal/Bush crime family and all their employees stole the race in 2000!

    How come that is hardly ever brought up?

    How about Ron Paul being completely defrauded out of the nomination by the same Bush cabal which GAVE the 2012 nomination to Romney?

    As I have witnessed on your own website, hardly ANY articles to stressed to readers in that regard. Instead we viewed ENDLESS articles posted on your site endorsing Romney. How strange that is...hmmm.

    You say you take the word of the military? i take it you have never watched the "Kay Griggs" tapes posted on YouTube where she explains today's military ( the majority anyway) are their own secret society, dealing inthe same satanist, debauchery filled rituals the cabal themselves use.

    Hell, who would expect anything less? After all, it was the cabal who placed these same degenerates in the position of military power!

    I hope you post my reply!

    1. Those graduated from West Point have the highest level of integrity and morals. Taken as a whole they can be trusted (allowing for a few rotten apples).

      I would trust there word, still do!

    2. John, I STRONGLY suggest you find the time to watch the entire Kay Griggs interview on YouTube. It is hours long but loaded with first hand info.

      I think you would have an entirely different view of your West Point grads ( which is one of the places, where the cabal chose their next stooges)!

    3. Absolutely correct, Kay Griggs is definitely a damn freakn MUST for all american patriots! If you want to understand all of its lousy sh*ts with your military, you should watch it.

      And btw, if you see the so-called good guys at work? - Yeah, they all working for the wrong ones, the U.S. Corporation (and the military industrial complex, if you want)...

      Greetings from Germany

  2. So what is the answer? How would I as a person, remove this block to the global reset? Since nobody knows anything about it but that it's supposed to happen, how can anyone help?? I am tired of being a slave and watching this country go to hell, too! What can WE DO???

    1. This site has been fairly balanced. So much in fact that some of the articles have really ticked me off. I don't believe this site has been so much for Romney as much as it has been for awareness and AWAKENING. Keep going John. You are doing great!


  4. John, I second that. I'm sick and tired of All this waiting. All light posts should not be removed as we will need it to hang them. Millions had enough of that crap. Global Reset Now! Tonight, That is AN ORDER by We The People.

  5. John
    This world is pure INSANITY!!!!!!! The people who see the world as it really is are a minority and there are the masses who don't want to know the truth.
    Then there are the cowards who support the few old men in control, and fight against us and hurt their country,family and themselves. (Judges,lawyers,cops,bankers, politicians,gov employees etc)
    If you are reading this and you are any of the above stop and look at yourself in the mirror, stop supporting the insane system!!!!!!! If you think you are doing good for your country and government, WAKE UP. You are actually working for an EVIL CORPORATION. Start studying, John has excelent information on this site.

    We need to all be brave and speak the truth even to those who don't want to hear it or know.

    Thank you John for all the information you provide on this site.

  6. Really? It should appear obvious by now and since Bush Jr.,that something is amiss and just terribly wrong!

    This Right vs Left krap has to be seen as just two different flavors of ice cream, or...(Kool-Aid) (Same Company) (Same Poison).

    It isn't until you wake up and realize an upper bunch of elite maggots are pulling the strings,Banksters,illuminati, evil scum, Nazi,communist,satan worshipping bunch that has infiltriated this country and the world. Democrat,Republican, they are both leading everything to their masters desired outcome.

  7. The Cabal agenda lives by secrecy and secret stuff. Look at the dozens of layers of security clearances, pretty common knowledge and pretty frigging stupid. Now the alleged 'good guys' are keeping secrets from us. Why? I have no evidence that this silly assed secrecy has done us any good whatsoever. CONSIDER: Since ALL forms of communication are monitored/censored, is it not common sense to assume that ANY message 'allowed' to be posted anywhere is either harmless or CABAL APPROVED? It's clear that most of the Dinar 'gurus' are full of crap, the boys at NSA, CIA, NRO feed the shills a steady diet of misinformation. No slight on you, John, but isn't this prospective logical? The Drakes and the Galactic crowd have fed us a steady diet of "Hopium" now for years. Post election, most of that 'channeling-alien-galactic' crap has virtually disappeared. Was the mission accomplished already-the distraction? I hope Drake is for real, but this last Sunday show he seemed very distracted and out of sorts. Has the Cabal squeezed him? The steady march of time with NOTHING VISIBLE happening eventually becomes an Albatross for the Drake program. My Christmas present to myself will be to fire my 'hopium' dealers. 6 more weeks to find ANY reason to believe them. TYJM frj

  8. The US Military Industrial Complex is the biggest economic powerhouse on earth.
    This cabal (NOT the patriotic and dedicated US servicemen) is the cause of countless deaths and horriffic living conditions for BILLIONS of human beings on this planet.
    They have operated a black budget cost+ scam at tax-payer expense since before the 'cold war' began.
    West Point has been a hotbed of government corruption since the days of Benedict Arnold's treachery.
    The US war machine has cost the lives of patriotic US citizens time and again in wrongful, politically expedient, and unjust wars. The US citizen taxpayer has been forced to fund and and see killed conscripted soldiers in way too many of these fiascos perpetrated on US by so called 'trusted leaders'..
    The 'dark cabal(s)' have enjoyed carte blanche access to US taxpayer funds during these wars-for-political-profit, and even during peace time, for near a century now.
    Even though Obama has already cost US dearly, and earned my doubt, anger, and mistrust... if he can keep US from being lost in an ill advised WW III, and possibly help to reform that nest of cabalists... that dark and evil organization of murderous thieves... at least that would be something worthwhile.
    Who knows? That alone might help with real economic stabilization.
    IMO the Military Industrial Complex as well as the banking cartel are both to blame for the current situation. They are partners in crime...'Above the law' it seems...
    These above the law dynastic guilds are at the core of what is rotten in the USA....
    The Military Industrial Complex, warned about by West Point graduate and President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
    He knew all too well, and spoke with great experience and authority on the subject of "America's Greatest Enemy".
    These Military Industrial cabals who consume fully 1/2 of the US budget and are largely responsible for US debt (And poverty)not just our enemy... they are our GREATEST enemy - According him.
    None of this 'too big to fail'... too important to question, extortion going on should be allowed to continue. JMO
    Also, criminal RATS from BOTH SIDES of this civil war of greed (at taxpayer expense) should be exterminated.
    just saying

    1. I met Eisenhower when I was a child on the West Point Grounds. An honorable man with integrity. I also met McArthur and Patton there too. ALL GOOD GUYS WITH INTEGRITY.

      I am a bit biased!

  9. Oh my John!
    I us to love to read your site, but boy are you angry? and not making any real true statement about the election. The people have spoken. Live with it and try to be the christian you say you are.

    1. The problem is your boy O does not like me --- A Christian. Explain that!

    2. 2:23. You are a baboon. Oh wait that is an insult to that creature. THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. Pathetic weasels like you that attempt to hammer Christians when they experience righteous indignation will likely see the pits of hell first hand as deserved.

      John, you aren't the only one that is fed up and mad as hell as we watch Stalin Jr dismantle our military. He not only removed half a dozen generals, but went 15 levels deep and removed all who showed contempt for his Marxist regime- be afraid people.. be very afraid. This is Exactly what stalin did...discredit,dismantle military, disarm citizens.

      They used those two boobs with brunette hair to infiltrate and provide info. If the punk rupukes in congress don't Watergate him we are screwed.

      Maybe it was easier to let him steal the election and Watergate him people for his crimes against our freedoms. Think about that and push like hell by contacting congress and the senate and demand a full investigation and not just these hidden behind closed doors meetings.. Hitler,Jarret..obozo..all off them have to go.

    3. Well John calling the President aBoy! and why wouldn't he like you because your a Christian ? That is crazy. The election was was to to stolen but was not and you all know that.

  10. Something or someone is still holding this. It is obvious. I feel like you John I have had enough. Now Russia, China and the US want to do it but the IMF is holding it up. Big surprise! The central bankers don't want to let go. Why not create an IMF alternative for the global reset? The IMF belongs to the bankers unless you take it from them. I don't understand these "good guys".

  11. A first step to restoring the Republic is the declaration. Forget the appearance of insurrection by secession... We need to bring forward- not go back to- lawful government. That would be before the corrupted Constitution. The de facto hooks were already in place by that time. These folks- www dot unionstatesproject dot org - advocate bringing the last known organic, de jure government forward from dormancy. Replace .org with .info to listen to audio info on this project. Four of the union States are done- have made their declarations. Four more in process. Five more needed from the original 13 and a number of territories states are ready NOW to make their declarations when the original 13 are complete. Can we imagine all 50 states making this declaration? Praying...

  12. Very interesting stuff, this site is booked. Thank you! - Is it that, what Drake is talking about in his last shows? The real thing?

    I personelly think that secessions leads to nowhere. And all of this secession stuff could be a hardly orchestrated chessmatch by Soros, Bush and their cabal consortes - now to force a bloody nightmare in america...

    Am i wrong or maybe right?

    1. What part of your comfort zone are you willing to compromise for your freedom?

  13. Greetings from Canada.... Many of us among the "awakened" ones see how the USA has deteriorated from the once great nation it was. The zionist infestation has surely been the greatest cancer plaguing your country. God only knows what the answer is as most of the sheeple are still wandering around in their hopeless apathy. One of the bright lights on the near horizon is the awakening of other countries who are slowly moving away from the shackles of the USD and leaving the FED to die a slow and well earned death.

    Sadly, the fallout will affect the hard working American citizens the most, as the US economy continues to implode. The bubbles (debt/real estate/mortgage/stocks/bonds) are surely going to burst soon and inflation... possibly hyper-inflation will be among the burdens to come. The fiat Fed won't be able to print it's way our of this calamity for very much longer. The collapse of the whole shifty deck of cards seems to be the only solution at this late stage in the game. Then the rebuilding can begin, and hopefully the den of thieves, manipulators and parasites can be purged into obscurity. How wonderful would it be to someday see 'them' housed in their own fema gulags.... a pleasant vision to ponder at least!