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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Karl Rove Flipped Out When Fox News Called Ohio For Obama

Karl Rove Flipped Out When Fox News Called Ohio For Obama (Videos)

Posted on by Jean
Sounds to me like Rove wasn’t used to losing. . . ~J
Grace Wyler
Source: Business Insider
Nov. 6, 2012, 11:38 PM
When Fox News called Ohio for Obama with only 73 percent of counties reporting, Karl Rove demanded an explanation.
At Rove’s behest, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly left the newsroom to grill the Fox Decision Desk.
The pollsters at the decision desk seemed a little amused by Kelly’s field trip, and explained that Obama is expected to win enough votes in Ohio’s Democratic-leaning counties to preclude a win by Mitt Romney in the state.
Rove, however, was not satisfied.
Here’s Rove’s original meltdown.
Click Here to view the videos.


  1. This is another example of how "EXTREME" the media is. I watched the video and, I don't see a man "flipping out" at all. Karl Rove was very calm in how he addressed the issue but,the headline uses the phrase "flipped out"....Good grief!

  2. That's the most 'luke warm' meltdown ever!

  3. Funny how Karl Rove heavy hand was "evil enough" to STEAL all the Republican primaries AWAY from Ron Paul, but was totally unable to STEAL the main election for Rommey. He was also obviously unable to STEAL enough senate seats. The fact that the Senate is still controlled by the Dems means that TPB are insured that Obama cannot be impeached. The whole election debacle was disgusting. Some of us will NOT vote for a stolen candidacy despite the stakes.

  4. I agree. I watched it live. He was calm and very thoughtful in his talking. Very well stated and he had great points.

  5. Now really. Why would Rove be disappointed with Obama when he has carried on the Bush and Cheney programs just like they never left office? Don't be fooled by this propaganda.

  6. It looks like Dingbat Jean is gloating in her comment above.