Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kerry Cassidy: Source - Something Going Down In NYC & DC?

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Kerry Cassidy: Source - Something Going Down In NYC & DC?
Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 4-Nov-2012 15:46:49

This is from one source and confirmed by another inside source this is the message:
Hundreds of DHS in olive drab uniforms that say military police ...are being reported in DC most if not all look Middle Eastern.
Active duty Army from Fort Drum are going to convoy to NY to provide security for power ...That's right army not National guard ...they are leaving in the morning (this was sent to me last night). These are active duty Army.
They are not military police....the Army is going to NYC. If DHS has hundreds of enforcement operators in DC under the guise of military police. That is a huge problem itself.
From what I am hearing a significant portion of the military is not with Obama. Benghazi was a hit against Obama. If he wins...word is there is a group standing by (military).
But this is a distraction I am told. Although real within the ranks.
Both men are backed by Bush.
But Bloomberg said he didn't want National Guard. Suddenly the military is moving in. A false flag in NY is a real possibility.
I am told military is setting up voting booths in NYC... so the people can vote. We are hearing people in Staten Island are wandering around without food, shelter. Why hasn't the military moved in with ships delivering FOOD, SHELTERS AND WARM CLOTHES??
Up to 80 law enforcement deputies from Alabama went to help and were turned away.... Groups from Georgia came to help and were turned away because they are not "union". This according to my source is being orchestrated.


  1. "No need to worry anybody, those box cars are being used on the bankers at the Federal Reserve! They are all going away, even Soros, gone."

    That is exactly what it says will happen in the Book of Revelations that the empire will crumble, while in from the east China will walk....

    Just because all these bad guys are being carted away to FEMA in New York and Texas, doesn't mean those cages aren't waiting for all of you. Right after they disappear.

    YOU have not done anything to get on Obama's bad side yet, you were not accomplice to crimes. First he has to wipe out Israel.

    But since Obama is the Anti-Messiah, if you don't want to go along with the program you can wind up on his bad side fast...

    He is the definition of two face.
    One can only hope the Military, even the extremist Israeli trained ranks, has some sort of plan to oust Obama from total command as soon as possible.

    There is absolutely no predicting what he could do, or enact at any point for many to come.

    1. Anon: 5:19, I hate to snap you out of your delusion but both Obummer and Romney work for the Bush crime family, who in turn is the strong-arm of the cabal/bloodline families.

      The end result will be the same with either one of them in. Although, the packaging may look different!

    2. HAH, that is only what you were told!
      Obama is of the enlightened ones...
      He is much higher than either Rothschild, Dimon or Bush.

      Thus, he is going to destroy them all!

      Along with the Federal Reserve with them!!
      They are the most powerful faction, and when the Federal Reserve is toppled every last person will sing his name!


      The Messiah has come.
      There will be none who oppose him.

      Obama, Obama, Os-Ir-I- Obama....Know his name and bow at their frozen Altars!



    We are all powerful.

    All he is doing is completing the Galactic Cycle I signed for.
    Strike all the evil Federal Reserves down Obama!

  3. Maybe some of you should check out the elite and government officials to see if they have power and supplies!

    If they get it and the rest of you don't then there is a con job and those elite should be arrested for NOT being prepared, but for bribing the government officials to make sure they have all the supplies!

  4. The people from Alabama that were turned away were POWER COMPANY employees, not LAW ENFORCEMENT! Sheesh, some people like to stir up crap.