Saturday, November 17, 2012


Wash., D.C. keeps sending the dumb, dumber, and dumbest federal operatives who flunk Lesson 101 in law again and again! I, Erasmus of America, was born in the Confederate States of America as the land of Illinois was among land granted by Virginia to Wash., D.C. for legal agreements made to Virginia by the newly created American Government which it had to keep under the Articles of Confederation and then the U.S. Constitution which replaced the Articles of Confederation March 4, 1789. As Wash., D.C.. did not keep its legal agreements made to Virginia for the land claims of Virginia all the way to the Pacific Ocean, all land grants by Virginia were automatically cancelled in 1861 when the federal government refused to honor any longer its agreement with Virginia to get these land grants from Virginia. The states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and southern part of Pennsylvania including Ft. Pitt later called Pittsburgh all belonged to Virginia by claims such as George Washington with the Army of Virginia claiming these lands for Virginia when fighting the French fort at what was later called Pittsburgh. In fact, in 1861, many citizens of Pittsburgh banded together and legally asserted that they were legally part of Virginia and therefore were part of the Confederate States of America. 
     These moron level federal operatives keep trying to prove how dumb they claim I am and end up proving how dumb they are with egg all over their face when I show I know what I am doing and they do not. They are so dumb they could never figure out the historical riddle I gave them that I descended from the branch of the French royal line represented by my great grandfather giving 5 of his 6 children names from this French royal line of Francis, Frances Lilo (stands for French royal emblem), Joseph, Marie Louise, and Florence (city of origin of family line), and all had birthmark on their hip the same as my mother and I did. It is the only family in Europe with this birthmark and the dummies in Wash., D.C. are so sloppy in intelligence, they made various guesses and still couldn't guess right what this family line is the Rothschilds thought they made extinct by murdering all branches of this French royal line, but one branch outwitted them in the 19th century. And there are many of us now in America. If Washington intelligence is as amateur with foreign governments as they have been with me and could not figure out correctly the answer to the historical riddle I gave to them, what idiots we must have in Washington intelligence today!
     In the early days Virginia and Pennsylvania debated over the same land in Pennsylvania. In exchange for legal agreements from the American Government which were no longer honored by Wash., D.C. by 1861 towards Virginia and the South, the U.S. Constitution being no honored by Wash., D.C. as national law binding on it, the South including Virginia had full legal right to secede if they wanted to as the national government they agreed to help found no longer existed in reality in America.  This substitute government no longer obeyed the U.S. Constitution. In fact, there have been no lawful assemblies of the U.S. Congress since 1861 according to legal terms in the U.S. Constitution. In fancy legal language, we have in Wash., D.C. a defacto government meaning in power, but not a dejure government meaning a lawful government. 
     A simple example shows how the law works towards the land grant of Virginia to the American Government which ended up as Wash., D.C. If I sell you my house for $100,000 and then you figure out some way how to steal this $100,000 back from me, then this sale of my property to you is null and void meaning a cancelled contract as I am not paid for the contract or legal agreement we made so I would sell my house to you. The legal agreements which were perpetual made to Virginia were later cancelled by Wash., D.C., so the land grants of Virginia are legally cancelled in turn.  I was born in Illinois which legally belonged to the Confederate States of America by 1861 through cancelled land grants made by Virginia to Wash., D.C. which cancelled the legal agreements for these land grants and laughed in the face of Virginia and the South with "What will the South do to make us honor our legal agreements with you? Ha! Ha! Ha! You can go to hell. We stole the land from you and nothing you can do to stop us!" A law professor of the South who was very brilliant at law wrote the book "Service Afloat" by Admiral Semnes of the Confederate Raider Alabama of the Confederate Navy. He showed the legal grounds why the South seceded in this book. However, Northern censor editors removed the legal material from the book and retained the naval account in the book to trick Southern readers so they would not know how massively Wash., D.C. violated the U.S. Constitution and forced the South to secede starting in 1861. Patrick Henry of Virginia predicted the U.S. Republic would later betray the legal terms of the U.S. Constitution and crush the South with its falsified version of the U.S. Constitution, so opposed the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. He said we would be safer under a American version of a constitutional monarchy because if the royal leader ever betrayed the national constitution, then we could chop his head off and put in a new constitutional monarch who would obey the national constitution and enforce it. In fact, he created such a storm in the South, James Madison and other writers of the U.S. Constitution had to attach a verbal rider to the U.S. Constitution that it would never be legally used to crush the Southern way of life and Southern states' rights. Only after this legal rider to the U.S. Constitution did the Southern States agree to legally ratify the U.S. Constitution to also include them as part of this nation and government to be formed by this proposed U.S. Constitution submitted to the states for their ratification. 
      A national history test submitted to top honor history students across America in top high schools apparently scored me as the top history student out of American high schools in America that year and I won a postgraduate college scholarship in political science while still in high school. I go far beyond the censored versions of history and go to enough prime documents of any historical era until I get the real story and facts, not the manufactured psuedo-facts and false story the "politically correct" educators give the gullible in school and call it "education."
     If Wash., D.C. under Obama had made any move of meeting me halfway instead of assigning his supposedly top operatives in psychological warfare to try and smear me with dumb attacks they think smart, my legal hand would not be forced so hard now. Obama is such a con artist in the White House. Strike One. He is a homosexual and has had one or more of his "gay" lovers murdered so they would not expose him nationally. Strike Two. He was not born in America, but in Kenya making it illegal to put him in the White House in 2013. One of my friends in Texas has a copy of the video recording Obama saying in 2006 before a meeting of American citizens arguing that foreigners coming to America should be given the same legal rights as native born Americans giving himself as a legal example as he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. And yet now we have this total legal fraud of putting Obama in the White House in 2013 on January 20 where the U.S. Constitution makes it illegal to elect to the White House anyone who was not born an American citizen. And official records showing Obama born in Kenya are the birth certificate from the hospital in Kenya he was born in and the separate birth certificate for that area of Kenya documenting when and where Obama was born. Strike Three. The U.S. Constitution says that you must be a natural born American to run for the White House. Back when the U.S. Constitution was written, natural born legally meant that you had to have an American citizen for your father and for your father. Obama's father as he legally lists was never an American citizen but lived in Kenya as a British subject. This should be three strikes and you are out! But Obama is a fanatical lunatic as well. Strike Four. As Obama admitted to a fellow classmate of his in college, he Obama was also a dedicated Communist. Strike Five. Obama has for a long time worn his Arabic language ring which says, "We have no god but Allah." And the missing line which follows it is "And Mohammed is His Prophet!" I had  informants in mosques in America. They told me how the Muslims in America were going to run a secret Muslim Trojan Horse in America for the White House. He would be backed by large laundered oil money from the Middle East. Once he won the White House, he would first consolidate all power over the federal government. Then all power over all of America. Then he will kill off all the Jews in America. Then kill off all Americans who do not convert to Islam. Our American news media is highly censored and "crooked as all hell" as being journalistic prostitutes hired by big hidden money to brainwash the American people by censored news, misreported news, and propaganda slants of news intended to brainwash and control the thinking of the American people. I once worked for the Wall Street Journal and had friends in other important newspapers and learned how censored and corrupt the American news media really is! That is why my proposed Omni Law calls for the founding of a national newspaper which will report the truth to the American people, not the lies and distorting of news they read or hear from corrupt and dishonest news sources in America.
      The Confederate States of America has legal claim to all land listed for the Confederate States from 1861-5. Also, since the Union Army surrounded the Maryland Legislature when they were going to vote for secession and officially join the Confederate States of America, I knew the woman who descended from the Maryland house speaker who had to jump out of a window to avoid arrest by Union soldiers and she told me the whole story censored from the history books, so I consider Maryland to also be a member automatically of the   Confederate States of America and will welcome Maryland as a co-member of the Confederate States unless they wish to change their mind since 1861. In an interesting note, the Governor of Pennsylvania when the "Civil War" called the "War Between The States" by Southern leaders started, he stated he wished that Pennsylvania had been below instead of above the Mason-Dixon Line as he would have wanted Pennsylvania to join the Confederate States of America.
      Illinois under law technically reverted back to Virginia in legal claim by 1861 so I was legally born in the Confederate land of Illinois and so legally have the right to be President of the Confederate States of America. I am no Obama born in Kenya and then claiming to be an American citizen and born in Hawaii. He used a forged birth certificate to claim American citizenship as all of C.I.A. knows! Someone told me how C.I.A. laughed over the matter as everyone in C.I.A. knew that Obama was a clever con artist and had been in Kenya, not Hawaii!
     By recognizing me as a Confederate citizen if I so choose by being born in the Confederate land of Illinois since Wash., D.C. had lost legal claim to it as federal land and therefore legal federal state, the South asserts legal claim to all land previously ceded to the federal government with legal conditions imposed for transfer of these legal claims to land that belonged to Virginia. I am the legal proof that all land ceded by Virginia reverted back as Confederate land by once more legally belonging to Virginia and no longer to Wash., D.C. 
      Since Virginia granted land to the U.S. Republic to build Wash., D.C. upon, I hereby give Washington, D.C. a 60 day legal eviction notice to vacate Wash., D.C. from those parts of Wash., D.C. which once more now belong to Virginia again. And if Maryland wants to claim the part of land they granted to create Wash., D.C., then they can evict Wash., D.C. from the other half of the land of the District of Columbia, a corporation instead of a national government as many legal sources have documented for the pseudo-government occupying Wash., D.C. for now. If the federal corporation called the U.S. Republic wants to, they can move back to New York State where the national capital was located at before moving to the District of Columbia. 
     Everytime federal operatives are assigned to try and be clever to try and discredit the Confederate Government in America, I hit back hard and Wash., D.C. loses more of its legal credibility and land rights in America.
      To save his own neck Obama should have made sure I had the Omni Law immediately passed, my Camelot Project immediately fully chartered and all funds issued as I had required and bound by my word of honor which I have and Obama does not have, I would have held off the Confederate Government from steadily moving to legally claim more and more of the land previously under federal claim or occupation at least. Because of the stupidity of Obama who shows no brains in this situation, Obama has lost effective and real claim to the Confederate States of the South, Oklahoma being carved out of Texas land now is recognized as a Confederate State, all lands and states created out of Virginia claimed legal territory are now reclaimed as land for the Confederate States of America. Maryland will be given the chance to join their Southern brethren as there will be no Union Army to occupy Maryland this time when they vote whether to formally join their Southern brethren this time. When Wash., D.C. twice stole $15 million and more from me which was the purchase price for the Louisiana Purchase and because of the branch of the French royal line I actually do descend from - the mark on the hip and other family features and traits also got passed along in this family line, we are the real mccoy (1), I put Wash., D.C. in the position where if they were as dumb as I figured they were, they would play into my hands and deliver back to me the legal claims under law to what was called the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Any hour of the day or night the French Government wishes to verify my French legal claims to the Louisiana Purchase, I will be glad to verify for them the family background and had the legal authority under French law to take back the Louisiana Purchase back from Wash., D.C. if I so legally decided. Now Wash., D.C. has lost much of its legal claim to land called America. The final move to take away the final land claims of Wash., D.C. is the legal claim of lien for $100 trillion to be placed by the Confederate Government on all remaining 50 states and thus lien to be executed to take over legal claim to the remaining state lands if Wash., D.C. does not pay the Confederate Government $100 trillion under authority of the genocide treaty Wash., D.C. signed as a treaty binding on Wash., D.C. under President Ronald Reagan. The formality of paper filing of these legal papers for the Confederate Government will be shortly filed with the UN in New York City, but posting of the legal acts first over the world internet so Wash., D.C. is trapped with all the world knowing that the Confederate Government has defeated Wash., D.C. under legal terms of international law under the genocide treaty. With several sources seeing me in action over the years in legal issues commented that I would have made one of the few top lawyers in America if that had been my committed profession. I have engineered many legal upsets that Wash., D.C. probably does not know about. Wash., D.C. underestimated me as they are so conceited that they are so smart and I so dumb. Your arrogance delivered you into my legal hands. Now do I give Wash., D.C. one final chance of survival or else just close the legal trap and cancel the legal charter that Wash., D.C. pretends to operate under but does not?
      As I showed in several national reports Mitt Romney technically under law won the national election of 2012, not Obama. I played this up to show all the world that Obama and his co-traitors do not obey the U.S. Constitution but use all their arts of conspiracy to overthrow all the terms of the U.S. Constitution which block their plans for total evil for America and then the world. Among other things if my father's Vatican endorsed great food discovery is allowed to be blocked by Wash., D.C. any longer under Obama, then university tests, etc. indicate the entire human race will soon after die and this is the end of the human race on earth. UN member nations have no reason to listen to any dumb or con artist ideas from Obama. Support him and the human race goes extinct like the dinosaurs on earth. Support the Confederate Government and the human race will survive and prosper in great wealth and worldwide wealth as I am very sharp at national and worldwide economics having studied under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe. Obama's only education in economics was Communist and frankly Karl Marx sounded great but did not understand much of serious national and world economics. I have the answers that America needs and the world can learn from us how to prosper and bless all nations on earth with sound, scientific and historically proven principles of economics that work successfully every time used in history. We don't have to experiment. All the good answers have already been tested and worked great!
      American folks, feel free to copy and send this report all over the internet. Also, my prior report of Nov. 16, 2012 "Legal Notice To The United Nations From The Government Of The Confederate States Of America." Look up dozens of my national reports for the last 7 months and more in the search box at the top left side of the website for Nesara News. Put in Erasmus of America which is my pen name and see the many reports listed with them. Also, put in Omni Law which Obama and associates hated so much as it would have made the federal government honest instead of corrupt. I will see the Confederate Government will have the same basic Omni Law added to our Confederate Constitution as we believe in honest national government contrary to Obama and fellow traitors in Wash., D.C.
      American folks, feel free to send in financial support for the Confederate cause in America. Send any financial support to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. When we win, we will pay back any money you helped finance us with. Also, you will be listed with all sorts of surprise blessings to come from us. And many of you being on the inside with us will have first access to all sorts of national and world deals outsiders will not. We reward those who stand for freedom and prosperity along with us. And foreigners, pass this report everywhere across the world. We will be blessing all peaceful nations on earth with financial blessings starting in America and then spreading to all nations and races of goodwill on earth.
     Yours for God and Confederate States Of America, Erasmus of America (pen name. Fun rattling the nervous in Wash., D.C. by using my pen name. Of course, I have given my regular legal name as well in some reports now, but they are so scared of me now in Wash., D.C., they send in panic psychological warfare operatives of Wash., D.C. trying to figure out some way how to discredit or discourage the American people from backing me and the Confederate cause in America. They sense they are about to lose and don't know how they can stop this from happening!)


  1. These people should contact the Cherokee Indian Council because all of Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC and four other contiguous States belong to the CHEROKEE INDIANS, who are not and never have been a conquered race!

    All of these States are being occupied by a Treaty entered into in the 1700's and renewed yearly! The Indians have the right to evict the US Government with a simple 7-DAY NOTICE OF EVICTION for violating treaty conditions! Once served with that eviction notice and a copy filed with the World Court, if the US GOVERNMENT refuses to vacate, an Order can be obtained from the World Court and served by INTERPOL AND US MARSHALS.

    by: JUDGE DALE

  2. mark these words....NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN!

  3. Yeah, right! You must live in lala land.

  4. YES ! The REAL Americans should rise from the decades of abuse and slaughter by corporate/Rothschild forces and KICK THE DC CROWD INTO THE ATLANTIC! Our Native Americans decline and abuse must end, and the brutal treatment they received honestly reported to the world. CHEROKEE NATION RISE TO YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE! TYJM frj

  5. Better still, why don't we have a law enforcement agency (does one exist anymore?) make a massive round up all the culprits in D.D. who have violated their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution and put them on trial?


    1. What are you waiting for then? Take the lead. Drake and his cronies certainly won't do anything.

  7. I truly hope that this is real but where is the proof. I am not trying to bring negativity but today tomorrow next month. This is getting real old. Can you give us any type of proof that what you are saying is real. anything??

    1. No offense intended but who are you to demand proof of anything? Can you do anything with that information? Probably not! So you were one of the sheeple and recently woke up after Uncle Sam dropped an anvil on your foot and now you require everyone on this blog to prove that their suggestions or intentions have merit? Return to your armchair and quarterback your favorite football team and as usual let someone else save your unworthy behind!

  8. i have one problem with this the part of V A that was to be D C is Arlington if D C had the V A part it would of been a 10 mile square city but v a never gave any land to d c the Potomac river is the boundary

  9. V A did not give up land to D C if it did D C would be a 10 mile square city

  10. Anonymous 11:23 & 11:27 is right, the land for Washington D.C. all came from Maryland, you can see it on the map. The river is/was the boundary.

    What is crazier is the State that calls itself the Land of Lincoln being part of the Confederacy. Is he nuts? The Law of the Flag, an International Law, which is recognized by every nation of the planet, is defined as:

    "... a rule to the effect that a vessel is a part of the territory of the nation whose flag she flies. The term is used to designate the RIGHTS under which a ship owner, who sends his vessel into a foreign port, gives notice by his flag to all who enter into contracts with the ship master that he intends the Law of that Flag to regulate those contracts, and that they must either submit to its operation or not contract with him or his agent at all." Ref.: Ruhstrat v. People, 57 N.E. 41

    By the doctrine of "four cornering" the flag establishes the law of the country that it represents. For example, the embassies of foreign countries, in Washington D.C., are "four cornered" by walls or fencing, creating an "enclave." Within the boundaries of the "enclave" of the foreign embassy, the flag of that foreign country establishes the jurisdiction and law of that foreign country, which will be enforced by the Law of the Flag and international treaty. If you enter an embassy, you will be subject to the laws of that country, just as if you board a ship flying a foreign flag, you will be subject to the laws of that flag, enforceable by the "master of the ship," (Captain), by the law of the flag.

    What flag was the State of Illinois under when Erasmus was born? More importantly, what was the license plate on the car, the legal equivalent under common law of a flag, that Erasmuses mother was taken to the maternity ward of the hospital in? Illinois! And, it says Land of Lincoln right on those plates! How could anyone confuse this with a state in the Confederacy?

    This is why we should not support Omni Law, in it his tribunals will change our state sovereignty just like he's trying to do here.

    1. This is why we SHOULD SUPPORT The Omni Law AND The Confederacy!....
      Wash., D.C. keeps sending the dumb, dumber, and dumbest federal operatives who flunk Lesson 101 in law again and again! I, Erasmus of America, was born in the Confederate States of America as the land of Illinois was among land granted by Virginia to Wash., D.C. for legal agreements made to Virginia by the newly created American Government which it had to keep under the Articles of Confederation and then the U.S. Constitution which replaced the Articles of Confederation March 4, 1789. As Wash., D.C.. did not keep its legal agreements made to Virginia for the land claims of Virginia all the way to the Pacific Ocean, all land grants by Virginia were automatically cancelled in 1861 when the federal government refused to honor any longer its agreement with Virginia to get these land grants from Virginia.

      Washington was supposed to keep the Articles Of Confederation AND The U.S. Constitution in order to even qualify for the land they were given. They have massively broken their agreement and NOW they have the land they were given taken back because of their forfeiture for a broken (and fraudulent) agreement which they did NOT KEEP!!! (I would venture to say you who wrote comment above are a psy-op intelligence operative, because you "think" you are really intelligent!)