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Line item facts about Hurricane Sandy that will shock you

04 Nov 2012

Line item facts about Hurricane Sandy that will shock you

These facts are a combination of eyewitness testimony, and a hunting down of recorded data.

1. No preparation whatsoever was done to protect the city by the government. Noaa warned New York two days in advance that the lowest subway entrances needed to be sand bagged well enough to hold back two feet of water to prevent the subways from flooding, because a storm surge of 11.5 feet was predicted, and the lowest subway entrances are at 10 feet. Yet the people in charge there opted to not protect the subways when it would have been easy. Sandbagging against two feet of water is childs play. That's NOTHING. Why was it not done? Furthermore, the World Trade Center site needed only 2 feet of sandbags as well. So why were the workers at that site not told to go out for a couple hours and sandbag the place? I guess Lucky Larry wanted a photo op there as well.
2. Sandy made landfall as a category 1 hurricane, yet with a barometric reading of a category 4. On top of that, Sandy made landfall at the peak of the high tide, and acheived a tide combined storm surge of 12 feet. Since timing is everything, I would like to ask how it all worked so perfect, how that hurricane hit the target so perfect at the perfect high tide with barometric readings saying it should have been rated 3 categories higher. The category 1 reading with category 4 pressures is only possible if the hurricane is lacking humidity, which would definitely be the case if it was not natural and pumped up by Haarp technology while over cold water which should have killed it. Forget about the Gulf Stream excuse, the water was too cold for this storm to have been real, PERIOD. And it simply bullseyed the target too perfect at too perfect a time, DEAD ON HIGH TIDE. Had it hit at low tide, less would have happened. However because it hit at high tide -
3. The coastal areas had to endure 30 foot waves, ON TOP of a 12 foot combined tide and storm surge. This devastated the entire coastal region, and laid many communities waste. But there is something else to this story that they are refusing to report. Once inland, away from the waves and storm surge, the storm was NOTHING. The winds were not very high, and there was virtually no rain, and power remained on virtually everywhere until the power was cut, in my belief by choice. Farther inland, homes "burst into flames", and I beg to question HOW? Do homes erupt in flames any time the wind is blowing? Obviously not, but they needed their photo ops and the same people who opted to not sand bag the subways likely went out and burned down foreclosed homes for the photos.
4. Inland, there are no broken windows, no torn off roofs, not even any collapsed car ports or anything else for the photos. People on the ground who have written to me have said that immediately by the ocean it is horrible, because the ocean tore it up, but inland there is nothing to see. Joel Skousen of the World Affairs Brief was there during the storm, and he also confirms this, as well as Mochizuki of the Fukushima Diary. So WHY IS THE POWER OUT?
5. People on the ground have been telling me that there are absolutely no repair crews going around to restore the power. And by no repair crews, I mean, NO LOCALS, NO ONE FROM OUT OF STATE, NO REGULAR GUYS NADA. And people talk to people and the huge question is now being asked, WHY ARE THERE NO REPAIR CREWS TRYING TO GET THE LIGHTS BACK ON? Their comments basically consist of, well, I can understand there is a lot of work out there to do, and they could all be spread out thin, but why are we not seeing even ONE?. You can forget all the stories in the press about hundreds of repair teams descending on the disaster area from out of state to fix things, My guess, to be honest? Your gonna think I am whacked, and maybe this is a missed observation, maybe they ARE there, but what if . . . .
What if the repair teams are being told to go there, meet at a central location, and then they are all diverted to a fema camp? Only, it's a worker camp you see, and they are just sitting there waiting for their orders. Probably being fed fairly well, but also rendered totally useless to their intended purpose. THAT would keep the power out long enough for the people who opted to not sandbag the subways to delay the elections, and create a massive humanitarian crisis. And tyrants thrive on crisis. It would also prevent qualified people from going into the area, realizing the lights are out for no reason at all, and calling bullshit on the whole thing. I believe that since New York got through the hurricane fine with the lights still on, only to have the Con Ed explosion take the lights out (highly suspicious sabotage) that in fact the power is off by choice and this is a giant crisis excercise to test the american psyche and see how much bullshit Americans will tolerate before they do the next big run which will involve the entire country.
6. In several locations along the coast, people have been given five minutes to pack their bags and leave, even if their homes are in perfect condition and they have food and water, and are able to drive out any time they want. Instead, they are being loaded onto buses and told they won't be allowed to return for MONTHS, some people are being told they won't be allowed to return for up to 8 months. Since this is ridiculous beyond belief, there is something fishy with this, and I have heard no reports of where these people are actually being taken to. One such evacuation in New Jersey left an area with 15,000 residents stripped down to fewer than 50. WTF is going on with this?
7. The shills are in overdrive, and it seems that all the comments sections everywhere are loaded with airheads telling people to cooperate with the government because the government knows best and it is all for our protection, EVEN WITH REGARD TO THE SUBJECT OF FORCED EVACUATIONS OF AREAS WHICH RECEIVED NO DAMAGE. So what is it that these shills know that is so damn good for us, that people have to leave areas that were not affected by anything other than a power outage?
8. The answer is obvious. This was obviously a pre planned October surprise. And if Americans don't begin standing up and calling total bullshit on this, they had better be prepared for a Rothchild/Rockefeller/elitist Red Dawn that will make that movie look like an adventure vacation. This is a bullshit test, to test their ability to use shock, sympathy, and many other variables to keep Americans quiet while they commit heinous crimes, put in place an intentional seige, round people up in a big test run for the future, and most likely delay the elections. They got their "disaster", partly real, partly not, to set a precedent for ramping up the police state ahead of election time, when they will spark riots after running scandal story after scandal story on both candidates, to make both sides totally pissed off about any possible outcome.
This will be used to justify the final crack down, and I can tell you, if you rightfully felt sorry for those Arabs we attacked for no reason, you are soon to discover who the real future target was. All this terrorisim bullshit is going to come full circle and hit all of us in the head, and it's going to impact a lot harder than many people think. Beer Belly kill the rag head Joe sat idly by as a police state emerged to "Get Dem AYERABS" and he is scheduled for an education.
9. An additional significant curiosity - Many Many internet routers are down right now, and only one is in a storm affected area. HOW AND WHY?

November 10 or 11?

Residents are now being told that due to the Con Ed explosion, they are going to be without power until well after election time. I have a question. Since the Con Ed "explosion" was OBVIOUSLY POWER PLANT RELATED, WHERE IS THE GRID, WHICH WOULD KEEP NEW YORK ON LINE ANYWAY? You can't just knock out power by taking a single power plant out, there are thousands of power plants around the country. Even the releatively disconnected grid should still be able to make up for the loss of only one power station.
Watch the warning that Alex Jones gave with that reservist, at the same time he stokes the fear porn and avoids the truth, the hurricane was NOTHING and the only damage came from a Haarp induced storm surge and a few downed trees. They are blaming apartment fires, and other home fires on the hurricane, when at least a few of those fires would have happened anyway in a population the size of New York.

ALL the downed homes that were away from the storm surge went down because of fire.

And I can tell you how they got many of those homes to use in this home burning psy op. It's called foreclosure.

To stage massive damage at all cost, it's obvious that they burned many homes for photo ops. Aside from storm surge damage and damage from falling trees, WHERE ARE THE SHREDDED HOMES you get from a hurricane, HOMES TORN APART BY WIND DAMAGE? There are lots of pictures of washed up boats and a couple of shipwrecks. There are lots of pictures of homes flooded by storm surge and a few torn apart by waves. There are lots of pictures of homes destroyed by fire. But I will tell you what is lacking. There are NO pictures of homes destroyed by wind. There are NO pictures of any significant damage even a few blocks inland, from flooding or anything else. They can't even come up with a picture of a wind broken window. None of the homes inland even lost any windows. They did not even get their picture of a termite eaten bungalo downed by wind, something even I thought they would get. Nope. All the damage was from downed trees, suspicious fires, and storm surge.
They are taking pictures of damage from other hurricanes, and throwing them into the mix. One prominent photo is of a building facade that fell more than a day before the "hurricane" arrived. 

I am sure everyone has seen this photo. But this photo is not what people are being led to believe.

 This photo is not of hurricane damage at all. It is an apartment fire, which burned the entire apartment block.

They are taking pictures of destruction caused by other hurricanes, and framing them around Sandy. One such photo is below

 I am sure that in some areas that power really was lost due to downed trees. That happens even in mild storms occasionally, but I don't for a minute believe even 100,000 people lost power for reasons beyond the flipping of a switch and a little iron thermite. They are faking devastation here, to justify martial law and a Fema clamp down. If the frankenstorm aspect of this is not enough to convince you this was planned all along, perhaps a little critical analysis of the photos, where people sit down and THINK about what they are looking at rather than getting thrown by a pitch is the most appropriate way for them to get past the lies and call bullshit on this. And if "they" are just going to cut the power so people can't even pump gas, of course aid will be needed. Of course they will get their humanitarian crisis. It's what they wanted to begin with, months ago, long before they haarped up something in the gulf and threw it at New York.


  1. I am certain you have already seen this but just in case you haven't:

  2. Maybe Arrest of the Governor of NY and other government officials should be made as for the State NOT to have alternate electrical power back up is absurd especially after 9/11!

    Will it take several years to rebuild a power station?

    In California after the earthquakes they worked 24/7 to get the freeways rebuilt and I believe they were done in about a month's time, which would be closer to a year under normal conditions!

  3. "Oh wow! If Obama announced tomorrow the Federal Reserve was dissolved, and Soros, Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Geithner and everyone were now in jail...I would worship at his feet! It would be a new dawn. I would do anything he wishes!!!"

    Well all I can say is, be careful what you wish for lemmings....

    This in all likelihood is more false flag B.S. because only the Elite are capable of doing the things described in above post....but even if part of it came that what you wanted?

    Think of it this way...
    What *IF* tomorrow you woke up, and the Federal Reserve along with money was announced dissolved?

    What *IF* Obama stood up and said...elections might be postponed, with everybody including Cheney, Bush, Soros, Clinton, Rubin, Geithner and Blankfein serving sentences in jail?

    What *IF* Obama also announced....there is no more United Nations, no need for taxes, no real paychecks, and you are all free to do whatever it is you wish?

    What *IF* Obama then also said basically....any remaining collaborators of foreign lobbies like AIPAC or Syria PAC would be hunted down & arrested including those in New York?

    What *IF* every man and woman woke up to a world with no United Nations......and $50,000 in your credited bank account..courtesy of Barack Obama?

    What *IF* you could do anything you wanted....and all this came true in a few days...but one thing was asked of you in return?

    Their request being, that after you have your house, your estate, your empire and so thank and worship Obama in return.
    As a service of Gratitude.
    And you would be asked to accept a small microchip, like Smartphones use, in order to worship him.

    If you had all the freedom and prosperity funds in your account that you have never seen before, would you openly choose to do it?

    Would you run all over the world Worshiping Barack Obama?
    Would you bow down to Obama?
    Would you call him your MESSIAH?
    Would you accept his decree of a ONE WORLD UNION?

    After all, everybody would adore Obama.
    Those who doubted what these people were warning of, would be relegated as kooky or insane. A nice FEMA summer camp would handle those crackpots. And most people would believe them!

    After all, Obama just dismantled the whole enterprise and seemingly made the Federal Reserve vanish with his instant magic wand.
    After all, you owe all your gratitude to Obama.
    After all, you owe your future to Obama.
    After all, you owe your very EXISTENCE TO OBAMA.

    It is all a test, everything becomes a test then doesn't it.
    Just like religion.
    If you had everything you ever wanted and all you had to do was worship at the feet of Obama and their one world ceremony, many of you would probably in fact do it.
    Becoming just as corrupt as George Soros.

    All those empires would run to the head of many of you. Some of you would very wisely choose to opt out of this system and perhaps stay away from it...(those who resist after worshiping, under Sharia law could be executed)

    What would YOU do if you had everything?
    All of it is God's test. Would you become the next Warren Buffett?
    Or would you turn into the next George Bush?

    FYI- I'm not saying its true or not, what I am saying is BARAQ may be the Anti-Christ God and be everything the Elite could ever dream of to bring this to fruition. To worship the image of the beast. He matches all descriptors of a Messiah in a long running list of 12 kings...

    All said, Be careful what you wish for!!

    1. Your warning is most wise......

      Sadly the sheeple are so brainwashed they would probably think their microchips were toys and wear them like candy. All for the sake of having everything they ever wanted.

      A lot of people have said Military commanders are crazy for suggesting that President Obama is the false Antichrist, however all I can say is there is something unusual about the man.

      If Obama ends the NWO everyone will praise him. No one ever questions anything he does, he's never blamed for anything, is always seen in a positive light & virtually can do no wrong by always landing on two feet.

      Regardless of how bad the other candidates are, that is very telling. And unsettling.

      All I can say is, if this starts to happen I'm closing my bank account. High tailing it out of the united states. Glenn Beck may have been right about Obama, he'll literally be King unless impeachment somehow gets off the ground.

    2. What if the money you got was yours anyway, and the estate was yours anyway, and you don't have to deny yourself what's yours, and you don't have to get a microchip in your body against your will. (The world is full of people who'll do anything of their free will including fly knowing someone is going to feel on their body and look inside them with radiation), What if, people are already micro-chipped from the immunizations they consented to and signed for. What if the system is down because it was created over a Christmas Holiday, and when that time comes back 100 years later, it's dissolved on the same day it was voted for 100 years later. What if you know your existence came from the Creator, and you know you don't owe your existence to Obama. What if you know something has to change, and people who don't want it to change may want you to not want it to change, or not trust that the change is for your benefit.
      What if there is a lot of noise both for and against things going on now, and you have to pick for you, what message you will listen to.
      What if you did nothing about the current oppression except read about it, and others were doing something and saw change, and others were unemployed for a long time and took a job to sway your thoughts, or others have a job to sway your thoughts and won't leave it because it'll leave them unemployed.
      What if, what if, what if to infinite possibilities.
      What if's don't matter.
      I remember that post a long time ago about getting on space ships. It clearly stated if you bring your pet and your pet does not want to go, you have to have someone who will take care of it. The point I'm making is a what if is followed by what happens of your free will. So if you get money or your estate back, or any other property, your free will to worship or show gratitude, or tell Obama you were near death and what he did saved your life. Yours...yours...yours.

      What you do for you, is what will ultimately matter for you.

    3. More BS Anti-God logic from someone who lies for a living!!

      That is the whole point they made, that it is not up to a man or Barack Hussein Obama.

      He does not have any right to decide who stays or goes, to destroy a whole state as karmic retribution.

      This is the whole danger of allowing any "poof" magical outside source to fix this serious, detrimental situation...all they will do is replace it with an even more evil system once requested.

      We should be only resolving the Federal Reserve ourselves, and ONLY our court actions. Not relying on an invisible outside Messiah who wishes nothing but deceit..

  4. whoever wrote this article clearly does not live in the area - nor have they taken a drive or walk through these places and seen the advance warnings that were repeatedly issued, the evacuations, the winds rip up anything in its path, the trees and poles down, the roads and homes flooded, or the NY subway entrances boarded and bagged way ahead and shut down the day before to avoid damage ... but then, that would make unexciting copy - such conspiracy writings are far more exciting even if they may not be the entire truth - who cared about truth anyways

  5. Part 1 of 2
    We know 'they' are mixed among us.

    Maybe this is a Sodom and Gomorrah situation where some that should be saved are told to leave.
    Now if they bus them out to a FEMA camp, that would be a different story.

    How do you clean out a city of 'things undesirable' and still preserve life worth preserving.

    People have no idea what is foreign, cloned, mind controlled, etc all around them. I wouldn't. If I was the only one who didn't want to be felt on to get on a plane living in a city of people who were chipped to comply, I would not know that's what it was.

    These are strange times. I've learned that instead of thinking something is normal and suspect, to reserve judgment. You'd think elections were normal, but they are to choose the next boss of a corporation. You'd think the lights should have gone out during the storm. Well maybe they wanted those who had discernment skills to 'see' that the lights went out and the storm had nothing to do with it. Maybe they wanted us to see they didn't protect the subways so wall street couldn't continue to trade bogus mortgage securities and others stuff, as one link put it, birth certificates.

    Maybe they want to expose and continue to expose the computer trading of wall street. I still know people putting 15% of their salary in hoping to get a percentage that doesn't get taken, so they have a chance to have it trade up in time for retirement. The bought the program hook line and sinker and this is their retirement, so don't tell them what to do with their money they worked for.

    These people have gotten desperate. All law out the window. They take wages of people they should not, even in states that forbid it. They take homes of people the should not, even when there is no paperwork on file giving them the status and standing to go to court to evict someone. They convince people bankruptcy is the way, and those people end up 'maybe' keeping their home but losing their livelihood. (Opinion poll should ask how many people were unemployed within 6 months to a year following a bankruptcy.)

    As for the comment above, does anyone know the difference between the Christ and the Anti-Christ? Not from what you were taught, because you weren't taught everything.

    Anti means opposite, against, instead of.

  6. Part 2 of 2

    The descendents of God's creations is not mentioned in the bible. Who was the bible written for?

    Christ was born of the descendants created by Lord God in the KJV of the bible. Those descendants include Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and others. Lord God is "not the same" God of chapter 1 of Genesis. Lord God did a mirror creation. God created the heavens and the earth, light, and every creature known to man; Lord God created the Earth and the heavens, man from dirt, woman from his rib and let the man he created name all the animals created by God.
    God already created man as male and female in chapter 1, so who's the other creation? When you know about the Christ, you'll know whether you should worry about the presence of the Anti-Christ. This world has duality as it's basic rule, so just as true as night and day, there is a Christ and Anti-Christ. A God and Lord God, and probably a Satan and Devil if they are opposites, or some form that would be opposite them in creation. Science has quarks and anti-quarks, and matter and anti-matter and there is outer space and black holes.

    #7 calling posters shills.
    I'd pose this question. In a world/city where all the lights are out and people are hungry.

    If your home has the lights one and people are wondering the streets desperate and see your light can you keep them away from your home, property, food? Answer found by watching any zombie movie. They are dead anyway, if enough engulf your home, you may have plenty of bullets, but not enough time to stop the encroachment from occurring.

    Can't say use discernment. Some people still haven't honed those skills and if someone speaks or writes with authority like they are instructing kids on what to do..many will take their positions or opinions as their own and adopt them.

    Not many free thinkers these day. Very few out of the box thinkers with the public eduction and t.v.

    #8. Anything happening in October was an october surprise, because people were looking for an october surprise. I do agree the waters were too cold to sustain a hurricane, and the pressure of a cat 4 didn't matter. The pressure is measured at the center of the hurricane and the center were so small it was negligible. When you account for the winds in the outer areas, it was cat 1 speed, and all towns, villages, and cities should be built to survive a Cat 1 storm and piers and homes should be high enough to survive a high tide storm surge of a Cat 1 storm.

    If the government has a need to borrow money, the Federal Reserve HAS TO LOAN it, so what better way to bring them down than to overload them with obligations they cannot satisfy and remain solvent. Plus other countries are demanding their gold back, and the Fed has gotten their reserves from the use and lease and sale of other people's gold (think back to the gold confiscation years in the US)

    1. "This world has duality as a basic rule"

      You sure love to twist the subject!

      So you are claiming it is OK to wipe out half of New York City, flood the capital of Jerusalem and destroy Monsanto with a Hurricane just because of accused crimes they committed?!

      But also according to you, the Ends justify the Means so it is fine if the House of Israel winds up destroyed.

      Well I don't agree! I don't like Islam or one world cults who act like they can do no wrong. That is crazy!

      If any Christ or Antichrist decides to destroy an entire city just because of some bad people living inside, that is nobody I'm going to follow. Forget it!

      What's really pathetic is all these sheep who will say New York deserved being destroyed, or they are justified in declaring Holy Jihad against it. All this ends justifies the means mentality reminds me exactly of Obama's way and how everyone always agrees with him.

    2. Looks like you said it was okay to wipe out half of New York City. I see not post stating any end justifies the means. People following the bible know of the Great Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah and other destruction, including Joshua and the battle of Jericho.

      You don't have to follow or worship anyone or anything, and you can follow and worship a rock if you choose. Sounds like a duality basic rule, you can or can't, you can create or destroy, you can do good or bad, you can like or dislike.

      You can post what you posted, or not post what you posted.
      But only what you state can be taken into context. If no one posted that something should have happened, and you post that by their post, they are saying something should have happened, well you introduced that thought.

      It wasn't there before you put it out there.
      You expressed it. You expressed the House of Israel winds up destroyed.

      You put that out there.

  7. @ Anon 8:24, He/She is ABSOLUTELY Correct!!!
    This report is so untrue, I was in the middle of the storm and Trees are down everywhere,not on the immediate coast. I watched them fall all around my property. A large tree in my front yard fell across the road, my neighbor across the street lost 4 trees in his back yard, my next door neighbor lost a huge tree in their back yard, neighbor diagonal from me lost a huge tree in their side yard just missing their house. This is what I saw during the storm with my own eyes.
    There are power crews all over the place working to restore the power. We have personally talked to some of these guys and the Power poles snapped in half on a lot of the poles with transformers, which is a major job to replace the transformers. They said it is usually trees falling on power lines which is a lot quicker to repair.
    Living in the area, everyone you talk to is a witness to something and all these people are not lieing.
    Jim Stone has lost all credibility in my book. He would rather post sensationalism than the facts.

  8. It would be great to pray for who ever gets the job of cleaning up this mess and to which ever GOD works for humanity of ALL. Release the judgement and hostile feelings and pick up a shovel and dig and fill sand bags no matter what color of skin the bag will end end up with as long as we try and not just sit at a computer and imagine the worst. Do your REAL research and VOTE for a brighter and freedom driven AMERICA on Tuesday.

    1. Nobody imagines anything!!!

      Look at the news and the facts. Nobody is allowing supplies in.

      Wake up, wake up from your trance!
      Your leaders are not resolving it they are destroying.