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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LONG AWAITED take down of the banking cabal has begun

             Hello All:
                      Bix has good news. The take down of the banking system is under way.
                                    Good Bless  Love to all Smile Red rose Red heart        

From: bix@roadtoroota.com
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:13:14 -0500
Subject: ALERT: Bankster Takedown has Begun!

Word out today that the LONG AWAITED take down of the banking cabal has begun.

First sign...Jon Corzine is to be BLAMED for the MF Global collapse!

Congress Panel Blames Corzine for MF Global Fall

If you attended my Silver Summit speech you'll also know that 9 of the 11 LBMA Silver Market Making Members  are under investigation for collusion and price fixing.

More in this weeks Friday Road Trip...

It's happening!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


  1. One thing for certain .. nothing will happen to him and he'll get a little richer.

  2. Finally some credible information!!

    Sad part is, even if they hang Bush and Corzine some states will still secede. It is too late.

    This is guaranteed anyway because everything has occurred in that there Revelations chapter, and some states aren't going to want any new bankers...

    State banks are back. For a long, long frigging time.

  3. The are saying it was poor management, not fraud. When do they actually come right out and call it what it was/is, out and out planned fraud against their investors. When they do that we might see something done about all the lies, deception and fraud.

  4. We have one person that will take the punishment for thousands,hmm,sounds like Betrayeus scenario,abit? I mean Obama treason,impeachment,sorry.... Begs the huge question,WTF did you find any legitment lawenforcement agency to take down these vermin?
    If they in fact exist,may we the people of the USA use them to arrest a few hundred thousand more complicit traitors,guilty of treason in this USA?! It's hard not to be cinical when you read these teaser articles that say really nothing,but get run curiosity up so they can pedal their BS!

  5. How is this a takedown? Looks like more of the same time wasting to me.

    "A Corzine spokesman on Wednesday said: "While we have not yet been able to review the whole report, it is worth noting that ... the House Subcommittee apparently did not find any evidence that Mr. Corzine acted in bad faith or engaged in any intentional wrongdoing."

  6. John, I appreciate all you do and post on your great website however, I, like a lot of people do not have a membership to road to roota. Is there any way to post the whole article for those that would like to read it in its entirety? Thanks again.


  7. Even Caesar kept the masses amused with the blood of pawns from time to time. I think Bix is grasping at straws.

  8. This post is not accurate I have written an email to the Author and soon the planet will see what is going on and they ones in control will reveal themselves and show you who they are and what they have been doing to the SHEEPLE as they refer to us.

  9. Bix Weir is in it for the money. Don't subscribe to his useless Road to Roota. It's nothing more than rehash from any other conspiracy site that you can get for free if you believe this crap.

  10. And who is supposedly doing this "taking down"? Nothing else gets taken down! The FBI spends its time investigating sex scandals instead of the scandal sitting in the WH, Congress and the Banks. The same with the CIA, apparently. The only one who can help is GOD and we chased Him away long ago!

  11. It always has been Congress's responsibility to control the currency of the United States. The fact that they decided to place it in the hands of a private foreign corporation to manage is TREASON. Nobody else's fault but Congress and the people of all 50 States are correct to SECEDE from the UNION and collapse the corrupt Federal Government! RIP and may you never be seen or heard from again.