Monday, November 12, 2012

Lord Sananada speaks

Subject: A MUST READ!!!!!!! Beth Trutwin, Lord Sananda Speaks 11/2/12
Importance: High

2 November 2012 +
Telepath, Beth Trutwin

Lord Sananada speaks

Greetings! This is Lord Sananda. There are many areas of your lives in your money system, real estate, the courts, law enforcement, government, medicine, Wall Street, Homeland “Security,” and many others all tied into to these where a grand scheme of keeping Earth as a prison Planet has carried on too long. The Greatest Forces of Light have been monitoring Earth?s progress toward Ascension as she moves forward to become the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.

Since the Bomb was dropped it invited the Galactics to intervene on certain levels. There was an agreement formed after the last great war approximately 5000 years ago where nuclear weapons that were detonated on Earth effected surrounding Planets with a blast that was so large it caused devastation to our nearest neighbors and came very close to wiping out Earth altogether.

Starting in 1947 when the United States Military messed with their aeronautical radar systems causing a crash of several Galactic Federation Ships and recovering ETs the race for space from Earth was on. The U.S. Military had already recovered Hitler?s maps to Inner Earth and was in a competition to form Moon and Mars Bases as soon as possible.

President Eisenhower created by Executive Order the Central Intelligence Agency to monitor Extraterrestrial Activity which became the basis for funding the Secret Space Program. NASA was created as a cover story and was kept always at least a decade behind the National Security Agency (NSA) Astronaut Program which were the American Astronauts who colonized the Moon and Mars.

The Moon images from the 1960s and 1990s have been downloaded and created into two movies viewable online free which show the structures on the Moon and how the Moon surface changed in the last 30 years.

The race to have nuclear weapons was a way to fund the Secret Space Program. Krushchev began the Cold War as a way to reduce the cost for his Military. With the threat of Nuclear Missiles, Navy Ships, Jeeps, Jets, Bases and the food to feed soldiers was less necessary.

When President JF Kennedy sent the Cuban Missiles back it ended all modern threat of Nuclear War. However, for the next 4 or 5 decades the threat was kept in place with little resistence. In the meantime the decades old threat was made into tiny packages of Nuclear material which has been sold on the black market to any thug in any smaller country who had the means to pay the price continuing the poison risk to Earth.

The tampering at Nuclear Facitlities by Extraterrestrials was a program to contain and eventually disarm all Nuclear Missiles and this program has been complete some time

Each time the agreement from 5000 years ago has been violated in some way by the few who wish to control the many, it has opened the door for the Galactics to assist Earth and so we have in large and growing capacities.

First we had to be called from within the Matrix and asked for help. Later we sent millions of our own to live as humans who had their Galactic memories and abilities intact to help from within the Matrix. And so it has been and lead us to this Now.

The storm which caused power to be out to millions in New York City and surrounding Metro in New Jersey and Conneticut and others in the North East U.S. was for a purpose. It allowed Galactic Technology to undo to all of the clandestined illegal activities.

Wall Street was the number one casuality of the Sand Man or Sandy the Huricane.

By holding the high winds over Manhattan so long a two day shut down of the Markets allowed the Galactics with computers from their Ships to dismantle the trading of Birth Certificate Bonds. Wall Street and specifically 55 Water Street were dismantled from the inside.

Maritime Law which holds your Birth Certificate Bonds as the Gross National Product and you as a slave from your moment of Birth into the Maritime system (***this I know is absolute TRUTH) was wiped off their screens.

All of their records are gone. All of their bank accounts balance to Zero.

Where before they held your secured registered Birth Certificate and Libor number, it has disappeared. You are dissengaged from the system. Fifty-five Water Street held all the records for the Birth Certificate Gross National Product listings for over 190 Countries on Earth and those too have been wiped out.

You are no longer a number which is cashed in upon your Death. When the Executives arrived back at their desks  and turned on their computers an Error Screen explained to them that their trading days were over.

In the meantime a dummy system has been installed running on the other computers throughout the offices. The workers do not know it, but they are no longer trading on any system that is real. They may as well be playing Ms. Pacman. The Stock Market has been dissolved.

The Police Force NYPD Blue. The vast majority of Police in NYC are corrupt.

On the morning of 911 those who were to Announce NESARA Law were shot dead by Police in the Twin Towers Lobby. Shortly after explosions dropped the lobby covering the dead bodies. Throughout the City Police have been bought out by the Cabal to run false flags and look the other way.

Had the Terrorists inside the White House not had the cooperation of NYC Police then they could have never hidden 911 was an inside job from millions of people. The Police control mass transit, emergency response, video surveillance, helicopter security, vice, drugs, gambling, evictions and on and on having their hand in every segment of society with deleterious effects. 

A dismantling of illegal surveillance and other activities by the Police had their books wiped - all their record keeping has disappeared and they will not be able to recover the records of those nonviolent falsely accused. Those Police valiantly upholding the law are known and will continue their good works.

The United Nations.

The United Nations Soul Control is the Pope and the Vatican Bank. They decide which Nations will receive financial aid and every nation is considered a not-for-profit entity. All of the American Nations in North and South America and the Caribbean are overseen by the Organization of American States a policy setting entity for the United Nations. All those working illegally as representatives of Countries have been removed from their posts.

Their computer access has been removed.

Later Indigenous Peoples will be represented by their peers, not Attorneys or Members of the Vatican or State Department in these posts.

As we knew it, the United Nations has been dissolved.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The computer system for valuations and a switch over in currency has been in place a long time. The computer records of all loans tied to Governments, Corporations, Individuals, other Banks and Private Firms has been uploaded and Indictments are pending.

The Fed has been dissolved.

The Media have been controlling mass consciousness through constant exposure to news of a sexual nature, political scandals, and pop culture. What movies are produced, video games, youtubes, twitter, facebook, songs and television shows are all controlled by the few controlling the many. We have gone in put into place an infrastructure for Media that is directly linked to the Communications from our Ships.

Only the Truth will be broadcast and this is available at the flip of a switch now.

With these changes put into motion during the storm, operation Sand Man, we may focus on the Spiritual Aspects of October Surprise. For those of you wondering the Presidential Election will go on as scheduled. This is not necessary, but rather a act of Divine Mercy.

If October Surprise cancelled the Elections it would be too disruptive for the Collective Consciousness. It has been determined the transition will be easier with the Election going on as scheduled.

The next consideration is The Peace Portal of 11-11-12 - the last great Energy Influx of this year prior to 12-21-12.

We are opening now to the Rose of Cosmic Consciousness. Allow yourself to feel completely supported by Divine Grace.

Focus on your Sacred Heart and feel the Energy of Divine Love flowing through you and anchoring into the Earth under your feet. Know you are Source Energy on Earth facilitating change over to Zero Point.

Know that you are the vehicle through which Source Energy flows down through the Central Sun, through You and into the Earth. This Energy on 11-11-12 will pour in as the greatest influx of Light we have been able to integrate through You.

You will be able to handle this new Energy and incorporate more than ever before.

This is what is required in the Sequential Flow of Events leading to 12-21-12.

When The Peace Portal of 11-11-12 opens You will be invited to Hold The Light for The Planet and All Beings on Her for exactly 40 days until 12-21-12.

The more you know, the more responsibility you have.

The more you have to share, the more you are expected to give away to those in need. If you hold knowledge, you are invited to share it with others. If you hold access, you are invited to share it with others.

If you hold gifts or money or healing abilities you are invited to share all you have to offer as freely as possible.

This is Your Mission to Be Love and Share Love.

You are invited during these 40 days to repair and heal relationships as you feel Guided. Sometimes healing a relationship means letting go. Know what it means to bow with a completely open heart.

As Earth moves through these Changes under the Protection of Divine Grace acknowledge the Light in the Heart of Others and they acknowledge the Light within You.

Dedicate your every waking hour to thoughts of change over.

Become It. Merge With It. Bring It into the Physical Realm.

We are Here and Ready to Land.

Bow to Grace in the Portal of Peace 11-11-12.


Call On Me and I Will Be There Guiding You Through Each Step. You Are Loved Beyond Belief.

This is Sananda from the New Jerusalem through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 2, 2012.

© All Rights Reserved.

    An Invitation to Sunday, 11-11-12 Telecall Event with Sri Svami Purna Maharaj
    ~ I will be joining this 90 min call and I hope you will too.

Please read the Event details here:

We Will Do This Together and We Will Do It With Love ~ PLEASE JOIN US

Some more insight:

Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 1:55 AM
Subject: One Giant Step backwards for Rove, One Giant Step forward for Humanity


Karl Rove wasn't just a little bitter because they lost the election he was down right confused to the point he started babbling utter nonsense like the "Democrats suppressed the voters, and Hurricane Sandy gave Obama the lead", when in actuality the Republicans and their money machines created more chaos during this election then any other before it. They changed voting laws, they control the voting machines, they made sure that as much disinformation as possible was placed before the American people in hopes of suppressing votes, because they knew going into this election that the American people were sick and tired of being manipulated by the corrupt bankers and politicians that control this country

In reality Rove now has to explain to the Super-Pac's (the billionaires who donated to Karl Rove) because after all he was the man that can move mountains and get his man elected. Well Karl Rove now has to explain why it didn't all work out exactly as planned after they spent some nearly $700 million plus dollars to buy the election (not the 300-400 million being reported by the main stream and controlled media).

His plans to try and manipulate the masses with millions spent on advertising hoping people would be stupid enough to believe that Romney offered new hope for this country other than to continue to cater to the 1%. Rove and Romney represent the 1% always have and always will unless they have a complete change of heart. Now Rove has to answer not only to the Super-Pac's but to the American people who have demanded a change for fairness, transparency, and above all equality for all Americans and not just the 1% who think they have the right to
own and control everyone and everything.

The American people are hereby giving notice that you don't own us and today starts a new day in American history whereby the people will stand up for each other and demand that justice, freedom and equality are not just a campaign slogan, but a way of life because that's who we are. We are Americans and we are the 99% and we have just taken back our country and we are moving forward into a new era for America, so get on board or get out of the way.

It's time to stop being the Divided States of America and once again become the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, one that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. Obama has always been for the people, he has just been waiting for us to come together so we can move forward as One Nation Undivided. This is just the beginning of many great changes to come !! 

My name is Patrick and I approve of this message !


  1. Patrick, we do not want to once again become the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; that is what we already are, a corporation, not a country. We want to get rid of the USA, Inc. and take back the Republic for the united States of America. Don't get me wrong, I was not for Romney. I'm glad that the SOB lost. And I agree that Obama has always been for the people and now they will begin to see that that is true.

  2. Like they say,diinformation is 98% truth execpt for the garbage lies about the commie filth Obama!Sorry,go peddle your propaganda elsewhere!

    Patrick you are complicit in treason M/F and people like you are the reason this country is in the f-ed mess thet it is! you are a cheap bitch for Obama,getting your ego stroked by the commies while you sell out the most beautiful country on the planet! Kudos M/F! D/H POS!

  3. more crazy talk, was ok till the obama for the people thing. you my friend are very confused

  4. Duke, do you belive in anything this post states? What is your opinion?

  5. Don't believe that lie.
    You are not a piece of paper.
    I can get a piece of paper, put your name on it and sell it back and forth to my friends.

    Did I make you a slave?
    No I traded a piece of paper.
    Can you claim that paper as your own with a UCC?
    No, I am the creator of the paper, I am the holder in due course, it's mine. You can't take my property by naming it on your paper.

    If you can get past that, then maybe you can get past the fact that if I call you to my home and accuse you of something but I con only control the paper I hold that has your name on it; how much of a slave are you to me?

    If you can stop. Just stop.
    Geesh. Most of you know this stuff and you still sign up to be part of the corporation and get mad as if it's a real government and works for you.

    I don't know if it's ignorance, hard headedness or just glutton for punishment.

    You aren't awake, you are sleep walking!

    Wake up.
    Start seeing the Matrix, please!
    I'm sure this post means well, but the word discernment has to be part of your effort no matter what you read.

    Even reading this. Discernment. You have to for you.



  8. John, where is everyone getting that Obama is a good guy now?? Is your Intel telling you that Obama is a good Guy. The chemtrails NEVER stop, which are day and night non-stop in Michigan! If Obama was a good guy then why hasn't he at least stopped that with one phone call?? I do not believe this. Please let us know if you are hearing that Obama is a good guy.

  9. Patrick... this election was full of voter fraud. It is not legit. Carl Rove was right... YOU are wrong. America died on 11-6-12 and it won't come back.

  10. What a bunch of BS! The Fed is alive and well Isent my check in to the IRS with my extension on Oct 15th and within days they had the check processed the FED and IRS are still very much in power. Why do you want to try and pass this disinfo?

  11. So until the Mass Media reports that ALL this is true and the IRS is officially shut down then we are STILL REQUIRED to Pay the Income Tax!

  12. I'm sorry but this is nonsense just like the forever imminent RV. the mass arrests and the alien landings. You could put all this disinformation down to a few lunatics and con artists if it wasn't so directed. A mass disinformation campaign to sucker in the new age audience and detract from real grassroots resistance. Drake, cobra and many others are CIA assets. Pereaps they are not aware of it but I would hazard a guess that many of these insiders and whistle blowers are in fact handlers. Lets cut the crap and work together. Forget these insiders and do what we all feel is right and know what needs to be done.

  13. To all the tough talking commenters on here
    1st relpying as Anonymous shows a fair amount of cowardice make that a Large amount of cowardice , 2nd being so sure of yourself is another show of lack of courage , workout these problems for yourself , and you might have a different point of view.

    1. Ok Jay w. What does the w stand for? Whiner? or W on't tell your last name? Hypocrite.

    2. Jay W,
      I'm one of the few that do put my name down, yet even emails to Drake 1st go thru Paul Carr and Drake may not even see them.
      I just submitted an email to Drake about this story and the 20 States Secede, as well as We are required to Finance THE UNITED STATES, INC. by STILL Paying the IRS, as well as the Rothchild's STILL being Paid!
      So when 1/1/13 comes around and nothing really has changed then this is a stall tactic for the NWO to take more of their actions!

    3. Maybe you should let the NWO know who you are as well as the world with your last name and your NWO # 123-456-7890!

    4. Might I point something out, just an observation. People spend so much time waiting for someone else to do their thinking for them. I asked Drake, or emaiiled David Wilcox, Cobra said, Benjamin reported..etc...etc...etc. While there is nothing wrong with listening to these people in and of itself, there is a problem because many allow them to do their thinking for them. America for the most part has lost its ability to think and discern for itself. We've replaced absolute truths with everything is relative and by doing this it has muddled everything and created much deception, and people stopped looking for truth.
      If you read the petition for the states to secede, it is not to reinstate our de jure republic accroding to our founding documents, but they want their OWN government, what does this mean? Who decides this and is it the final nail in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence coffin?

      People are quick to jump on-board with anything without thinking it through and when so much 'Missing' information is given they then want to retract what cannot be retracted, such as spilled milk.

      The grass roots people are coming together to restore our de jure republic of, by, and for the people, and they do not need to petition the US Corporation, INC for permission. Our republic is there just waiting for the people to learn about it and use it. It is common to the people and restores integrity, morality, and justice to the people. True honor, built on a solid foundation of TRUTH. All the rest on these blogs are noise to occupy the people lest they learn the very simple secret, and worse yet, implement it.
      Bonnie in the free de jure state republic of Michigan

  14. I only wish I knew what the purpose of this story was. Obama has given the non-federal reserve and their collection department, the irs, even more power over our lives. Still going strong and still going nowhere.

    My name is Tom in Cincinnati Ohio and I've been listening to this stuff since 1992. Last century.

    1. These people who started all this were older than all of us when this started. The stories have to end some time. You can only live so long .. unless these are truly aliens from the constellation Zort.