Tuesday, November 13, 2012


     As the Bible teaches, "Listen to the truth and the truth shall make you free."
     Martin Luther King's "Letter from the Birmingham Jail (April 16, 1963) is one of our nation's more elegant statements about American law as taught by the U.S. Declaration of Independence in 1776:
"One may want to ask: "How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others?' The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that 'an unjust law is no law at all.'"    

     Several times Sir Winston Churchill made mention to moral force with the power to change the direction of a nation or the world if used correctly. Gandhi of India while not using the reference of moral force, did use moral force to force Great Britain out of India without firing a shot to win national independence for India. 
     Martin Luther King refers to moral force when he says we must morally obey just laws but also have the moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. What he is saying is that moral force is what makes law either lawful or else unlawful. The U.S. Declaration of Independence of 1776 appeals to moral law given us from God based upon moral force to enforce that moral law is why the Thirteen Colonies had the legal right to secede from Great Britain. In other words, if Great Britain had respected the God-given rights of Americans and treated justly the Thirteen Colonies, then they would still have owed legal obedience and loyalty to Great Britain as their national government. An early 1776 explanation of what  constituted legal tyranny and made a government legally a tyranny was when law and government denied the God-given rights of the people, then that law and government was a tyranny. When the people were to choose between God by honoring and obeying the laws of God given us to govern society by or else repudiating God by living under laws and policies hostile to God, this choice would be between freedom for mankind or else political and legal enslavement of mankind on earth, and so our choice between a government of freedom for mankind or else a government of tyranny for mankind to govern us by. The Thirteen Colonies chose freedom under the laws of God over slavery by a government turned into a tyranny by denying us our God-given rights and freedom to live by in society. 
     Wash., D.C. no longer believes in God-given rights of the American people. Wash., D.C. has secret Satanists with great wealth pulling key strings in Wash., D.C. We also have an alleged elected President who hates our Christian God as he is both a Communist and a Muslim in his personal beliefs and loyalties. He was trained to be cunning in deception by his Communist mentors who are public record if you care to check him out. And a fellow classmate of his in college said Obama told him that he was a dedicated Communist. Straight from the horse's mouth! He is also a Muslim. He has apparently been wearing for years a Muslim ring which says in Arabic, "We have no god but Allah." And the missing Muslim saying that goes with this is: "And Mohammed is His Prophet!"
     As of today reports are all over the internet documenting voter fraud across America to put Obama in the White House. In one area I understand even 105% of the voters voted for Obama. How many dead voters did they resurrect in the name of Allah to do that? Obama and the Democratic Party basically flushed down the toilet many to all of the U.S. military votes coming from abroad. They were not counted with various Democratic "accidents" and "clerical errors" so the basic U.S. military vote from abroad was not counted. This was by obvious plan as they did not count all the Florida votes and certify them until the end of this last week. But the U.S. military vote was thrown away without counting during this same time period as Florida finished counting its state votes. No accident here as Obama and the Democratic Party knew that if those votes were counted as they were heavily in favor of Mitt Romney, not Obama, then Obama lost the electoral college vote as well as the popular vote of America. Because this national election was so obviously "crooked as all hell," I pushed nationally and correctly under law that the votes for Obama could not legally count as he was not a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution if you would run for the White House. Natural born citizen meant when the U.S. Constitution was written that you had to have two parents who were U.S. citizens to make you legally a natural born citizen under law. Under the U.S. Constitution, Mitt Romney by automatic default of Obama who could not legally run for the White House was legally elected President of America and Mitt Romney should then be sworn in  for the White House on Sunday, January 20, 2013, not Obama! Also, two sets of official birth certificates for Obama show he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, so he is not even a U.S. citizen unless he got secretly naturalized later on. And it was shown on the internet where Obama in 2006 was talking to American citizens that foreigners coming to America should be given all the same legal rights as native born Americans and Obama was filmed saying as an example, Obama himself was born in Kenya, not Hawaii! Straight from the horse's mouth!
     What leaders in Wash., D.C. obey or uphold the U.S. Constitution? If we believe in obeying the U.S. Constitution, then Mitt Romney has to be sworn in on January 20, 2013, not Obama. If Wash., D.C. has no legal integrity towards the U.S. Constitution including the U.S. Supreme Court, then Obama will be sworn in, not Mitt Romney as votes for Obama were automatically null and void and do not count under legal authority of the U.S. Constitution. How law works in America these days. If a law is not enforced, then it is not treated as law by government. If the U.S. Constitution is not treated as national law any longer, then we do not have a constitutional government any longer but a national government of dictatorship under Obama and co-traitors in the Democratic Party who no longer have any allegiance to America then in that case. I am speaking the truth in a nation under near total news censorship in key areas controlled by most of the main news media of America. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt commented many years ago, "Nothing happens by accident in Wash., D.C." Okay, are the reports true that the Director of the C.I.A. was about to prove how criminal Obama really was and so had to be knocked out and discredited before he released his legal evidence blocking Obama from entering a second term at the White House. To misquote William Shakespeare in Hamlet, "How things stink in Wash., D.C.!"
     Years ago trying to head me off from helping America to a bright future, Wash., D.C. as a barbarian government, not civilized, saw that my personal library close to Wash., D.C. was destroyed. I had given to me by six top economists I had studied under many exclusive economic documents, books, etc. from these six were six of  the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including a German economist endorsed by Albert Einstein to be teaching the only true economic science in the world in the 20th century. This economic library all destroyed by Wash., D.C. and I had already then been written up by a prestigious international organization as "The Einstein of American Economics." My father with his Vatican endorsed food process Pope Pius XII had contacted 23,000 Catholic priests and all Catholic bishops in the world telling them this was so important to world health that it must be publicized in all nations of the world, my father's engineering reports, lab reports, correspondence from the Vatican, leading health experts in the world, etc., all this destroyed by Wash., D.C. They did not want me to show America how you boom the American economy beyond imagination with non-stop prosperity. This broke the power of the Satanist bankers to constantly confiscate much of the national wealth each cycle of boom and bust secretly engineered by them upon the gullible American people who know next to zero about how national economics really works. And the great health the American people would enjoy for life, Satanist controlled Wash., D.C. could not tolerate, so used Wash., D.C. as their front to use all dirty tricks of Wash., D.C. to block me from reestablishing my father's Vatican endorsed food product for the American people and people of the world. After all, Pope Pius XII upon advice of his science advisers had endorsed this as potentially the greatest news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world. By constantly blocking me with all sorts of criminal and dirty tricks since I left the university as a history major, Wash., D.C. under Satanist secret control  and influence has murdered maybe even 3 billion humans worldwide by constant suppression of this Vatican endorsed food process from America and the world. 
     By the way, speaking of dirty tricks, unless you American people are really dumb as they think you are, you pretty well know that these militant critics who attack my reports and invent nonsense arguments why not to back me are mostly to all of them secret operatives for federal intelligence operations of Wash., D.C., thought a few independent operatives of the Satanist Illuminati might also be mixed in with them. However likely, they are all united in apparent secret loyalty to Satan as their planned coming world god to replace Jesus Christ and of course others including Allah and other gods of religions. They use nonsense con arguments since they think you are dumb enough to fall for nonsense arguments instead of honest and good arguments and scholarship. They use trickery on you. I use truth on you!
     My sources of information to spy on the Satanists used to report that they using Wash., D.C. as their front wanted to use tricks on mankind to wipe out all of mankind but 500 million left alive on earth and all ruled in their planned Satanist worldwide Global Plantation as the slaves of the Satanists rulers and masters over the earth now. Later their figure dropped to 200 million humans left alive on earth to be their slaves for their planned Global Plantation. Latest figure I was recently told they now want only maybe 20 million humans left alive on earth as automated manufacturing equipment, computers, etc. make unnecessary more humans than that to be their slaves and keep them in great comfort and pleasure as the Satanic rulers of the tiny part of the human race left alive by them.
     In this national report I have been using moral force in the form of truth to damage and destroy the power base of the great deceivers running Wash., D.C. today. I don't have to be perfect before God nor do you! God looks at our heart and what is in our heart is far more important than being "perfect" in public appearance but little or no genuine charity or love in your heart for your fellow man on earth. Because of the truth and justice I stand for and not due to my personal merits as far as I know, God did a public display in 1990 that I am backed by God and enemies of God foam at the mouth when I bring this up. How they hate God and spit in the face of God all they can by their attempted cunning words to try and overthrow the Cause of God on earth called Christianity which they savagely hate as you can see clearly in comments acid in comment when I state support for Christianity in my reports. 
     Quick item first as they think I am vulnerable for stating that I descend from the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great who legalized and championed Christianity in the Roman Empire when alive. Rome had intrigue and conspiracy in top power circles. Part of the family of Constantine the Great due to divided loyalties had to be arrested and executed as the Roman Empire would have suffered a civil war otherwise. I assume he did not want to do this, but either sacrifice part of his family or the Roman Empire would suffer bloody civil war otherwise. He could not do this to his own Roman people. The same story in effect occurred when Czar Peter the Great of Russia loved dearly his son and yet eventually had to order the arrest of his own son who hated him for modernizing the society of Russia so it could compete against the far more advanced Western Europe then. Peter the Great could not let his own son be used to overthrow the future of Russia as a nation and so he had to let his own son die for high treason against Holy Mother Russia. Sometimes great monarchs of the past had to put down traitors in their own families. Such was the painful reality Constantine the Great faced and so saved the Roman Empire by sacrificing any traitors in his own family. He was a great patriot of Rome, not a villain, for saving Rome from would-be civil war if he had not been willing to sacrifice even his beloved in his own family to save Rome from mass bloodshed. This is like the story of the Roman general who found that two sons of his had left their military camp in violation of his orders. He ordered their death the same as required for any other soldiers for desertion of post under his command. Romans had honor and kept their word of honor including to hold political office or military command with integrity. Wash. politicians don't know what legal integrity is to the U.S. Constitution or U.S. Bill of Rights. They are not Roman in character. That is why Jesus Christ came to make the Roman Empire his chosen main people to found Christianity with. They made great Christians as they had honor in their Roman character. They made Christianity a world power with their greatness. If Jesus had started with Americans instead, would you have been willing to stand up for Christ against tyranny in government and been so strong in character, you would have ended up leading Christianity to storm the known world then as a major world power? The Romans did!
          In 1990, Lane Brewer of the Seneca Police in Seneca, SC was mass smashed to pieces in a car accident.. The car door to his police car as he was coming out from it was hit hard at high speed by a car smashing into it. His body was crushed behind the door and much of his body received terminal injuries. He was rushed by ambulance to the emergency ward at Oconee Memorial Hospital then since renamed Oconee Medical Center. The local hospital told the secretary at the local newspaper that he would not live through the day. If somehow he did, then he would be paralyzed for life. I was contacted about him as I attended church with him. We formed a church  prayer group after the very bad report from the hospital to pray that he did not die that day. And that contrary to the hospital report, he would live and not be paralyzed for life as the medical staff predicted if he somehow lived. Then what I would call a revelation, not an audible voice, indicated that Jesus would give me his life if I asked Jesus and heal him. I prayed and with a prayer different than I had planned. Since Jesus was returning to earth soon, let Lane Brewer live and be healed until His return. It was apparently almost immediately after that Lane Brewer arose from his hospital bed with all injuries instantly healed with only bruise marks remaining where they had been. He put on his police uniform and began walking out of the hospital. The started chief surgeon Dr. Nimmons who knew him personally mumbled to him as he walked out, "I don't understand this." My local church was shocked over this obvious Miracle of God. Also, two other local churches. But sad commentary on the churches. They are so American in character instead of Roman like the early Christians and never reported to other churches and publicized across America this stunning Miracle of God that had happened in Seneca, SC in 1990.  The youth of America is being swayed away from Christianity because the "politically correct" churches of America are ashamed or else afraid to publicize stunning Miracles of God that would win the youth of America back to Christ and Christianity. I later understood that Jesus gave me this Miracle of God to endorse me as backed by Jesus Christ since I stood for the truths and justice that real Christianity stands for, but the "politically correct" churches in America have Wash., D.C. and Obama as head of their churches since they take orders from Wash., D.C. instead of Jesus Christ. An encouraging item for Christians in America. I am good at heart but certainly not perfect. Jesus is willing to use us as we are and not wait until we are perfect or else Jesus might have no one to use for serious Christian work in America or elsewhere! It is far more important to Jesus that we show by deed and not idle non-backed words that we really love Jesus and our fellow man on earth. What is in our hearts is what really matters most to Jesus, not waiting for us to become perfect which might have to wait until the life hereafter to achieve.If Jesus can put up with me despite any shortcomings in character, Jesus can surely put up with you also and Jesus welcomes all of us to come to him as we are. He will improve our characters as we let him take over our hearts and souls in our lives. 
     Give me a lot of relevant material in some field and with my scientifically inclined mind, I may well figure out scientific formulas or governing principles with the involved subject matter. I think from scientific observation, to some extent I know what moral force is that Sir Winston Churchill sometimes referred to and which Gandhi of India used but never defined. Conscience is the subtle voice of God telling us when we have done wrong and need to do good instead. But conscience appeals to the hidden moral code God has put into all of us and we have in us regardless of teachings from our schools, societies, governments, or even our own local churches. Watch cats, dogs, or other animals you give food to and then another animal wants to take that food away from them. They know by moral force installed in their character that this food was given to them and is their property. They therefore are prepared to growl at the other animal to tell them that this food is theirs and does not belong to the other animal. The other animal having moral force installed in its character from birth on recognizes the claim of the one animal that this food belongs to it and unless much stronger or driven by wrong instincts will respect the right of the first animal to that food that it is its food. Regardless of formal church instruction or not, husbands know that they have wronged their wives when they cheat on them and commit adultery. The wife knows the same thing when she cheats and commits adultery against her covenant of marriage with her husband. You steal from someone and you know it is wrong regardless if raised as a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist or whatever. It is not education but God instilled moral values in you that you have and this code of moral force is what gives force to and makes valid the laws and policies of a nation. As Justin Martyr around 130 years after Christ with a debate with a Jewish scholar about Christianity mentioned, he said the Jews had to have the 10 Commandments given in formal written law to them because spending so long in carnal Egypt had deadened the moral code God had already put in their hearts, so needed a formal written law given to them to substitute for the moral law they had known in their heart but got silenced  by living too deeply in a carnal world around them which was Egypt in this case.
      Ten Commandments or not, we know in our hearts that it is wrong to steal from others, to lie to others, to become obsessed with jealously that someone else had more possessions than you in life so you want to steal it from them in jealousy of them. We know that adultery in marriage betrays the trust of the other partner to the marriage covenant between us. We know that children should respect the authority and wisdom of their parents who love them and want to raise them right so they reach their potential when they are grown up. It is natural to believe in God and basically unnatural to be an atheist. That is why atheists have to turn Nazism or Communism, Evolution or Politically Correct, etc. into religions to replace the religions our religious nature by moral force wants to be our religion to govern our natural lives with. We know that it is right to not murder ordinary citizens. Yet in our inner being we know that it is also right to defend our families from deadly enemies out to kill them or defend our nation when an enemy wants to war against us and wipe us out as a nation and race if possible. This moral force within us is not there because of education but we are born with this regardless of nation, race, culture, religion, etc. It is sad that the 10 Commandments says that we should honor God at least once a week. That is stated for a people not very grateful to God for giving them life, talents, opportunities, a society and nation to live in. A grateful people at least informally would honor God daily in their lives with their conduct and deeds and words in society, and would likely even be motivated to pray daily to this God we are grateful to and love for our many blessings from this God.
      I have identified many of the items in this moral force I find in people of all races and nations. Moral force also controls public opinion worldwide. Laws and policies worldwide may be evil or conspiratorial in intent but the leaders trying to trick the people know by instinct that they have to put forward what sounds like moral force as justification for this law or policy. For example, Hitler or Obama sets up these laws to officially protect you. Translation, I am setting up a national police state to imprison you in, but I want you to think this is to protect you. Then you will not resist by the moral force code you are born with and nothing to do with the values taught you by society. 
     I let Wash., D.C. victimize me by only paying me $4,400,000 short term for the huge amount of money they stole from me and this amount of money is a drop in the bucket to what they really owe me. Moral force overwhelmingly says that I am supposed to be paid at least this $4,400,000 and now or else Wash., D.C. is a total jackass, criminal government, etc. as obvious to all the people. I am way too reasonable and even then they shine through as total jackasses, criminal, etc. as a national govenment. I make them frame themselves under moral force by letting them prove to the American people how really jackass, criminal, etc. they are by being too decent and reasonable for them to have any reason why they do not meet with me on my $4,400,000 terms so I don't legally chop off the heads of all the key people in the U.S. Justice Dept. later on. If later on, I play my key legal aces against them, the people approve as they would feel justified under moral force to do the same if I later legally chop off their federal heads symbolically speaking. Now that the game has been played, I  used Nesara News to become a national and world court of law appealing to moral force which is the basis of all law in America and the world. The people judge according to the standards of moral force God installed in their hearts when born. If I later legally hit Wash., D.C. like a sledgehammer or the Wrath of God let loose on earth, no one is sorry for Wash., D.C. They judge Wash., D.C. deserved the legal nuclear bombs I explode under it hitting upon federal scandal after federal scandal to launch my legal attacks to end the tyranny of Wash., D.C. and establish truly a free and God centered government in Wash., D.C. to replace the moral cesspool government now in power there. 
      I have not told Wash., D.C. how I hit them legally if I don't see at least $4,400,000 of my federally stolen money returned to me by then and also the other person now paid $80,000 which is a justified figure for them under involved circumstances of moral force approving the settlement against injustice under moral force done against me and associate. And if I file a $100 trillion claim against Wash., D.C. to be paid to the people and states of the South, the whole world will approve and back me as moral force is on my side and not that of Wash., D.C. Of course, if the $100 trillion claim is filed under international law, then the South forms the new national government of America with all states elsewhere as security against the $100 trillion claim which will be valid under international law and moral force backing this. When the South forms the new national government of America to replace the financially defaulted upon Obama government, of course the South will be Christian and generous. The North ends up with a great new national government, great national prosperity, freedom, and a nation under God and blessed by God in the process.
     Pass this report all over America. Look up other national reports of mine in the search box at the top left side of Nesara News. Should be about 80 national reports I have posted with them in the last 7 months or so. Put in my pen name of Erasmus of America to read them. Also, put in Omni Law and read my proposed national law based upon moral force where moral good and the national will run the national government, not corrupt and cowardly politicians.
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name. With my pen name I aim to be the author of a free, prosperous, and God blessed nation of America. As a wise French intellectual said of America after visiting us in the early part of the 19th Century, "America is great because America is Christian. If America ceases to be Christian, then America will cease to be great." I plan to make America truly great as is supposed to be its destiny by making it a Christian nation once more. The evil side is not the only side with brains. We also have a lot of smart Christians in the Christian side. And I bet we win!)



  1. Fun fact: the 'wise French intellectual' Erasmus is referencing is Alexis de Tocqueville, as some readers must have guessed, and the "America is great..." quote is a famous false attribution. No line like this has ever been found in de Tocqueville's work. On top of that, Erasmus actually changed the wording of an already unverified quote by replacing 'good,' with 'Christian.'

    Tsk, tsk.

    Erasmus seems to have a penchant for throwing around false attributions and spurious quotes. He really needs to vet his work better before publishing. Silly mistakes like this cheapen his message.

    (PS, wasn't it Abe Lincoln who once said, "The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it's difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine." ???)

  2. The CSA Constitution specifies only natural born citizens as president. Erasmus is neither, yet complains about Kenyan Obama?