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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Economy & Dinar Chats

[Retchie08] The Fed ( CabaL ) is Dead... The IRS isnt a LegaL Govnmnt Agency ( OnLy pertains to D.C., Govnmnt empLoyees,Puerta Rico,& Virgin isLands )... the US is mereLy a Corporation & iT iz Broke.. the Fiat System..as any Ponzi Scheme has come to an End.

 [wheezer2] Do you really think o'b and group will acually permit and ENCOURAGE that? they have NOT BEEN SUPPORTIVE OF O & G

 [deb2blessed] Retchie08 sure hope you are right!

 [BigB] wheezer2 It is all catching up with them. Look at the top people in the world that have been remove in the last year.

 [flashing] German investor confidence unexpectedly declined in November as the sovereign debt crisis curbs growth in Europe’s largest economy. The ZEW Center for European Economic Research in Mannheim said its index of investor and analyst expectations, which aims to predict economic developments six months in advance, fell to minus 15.7 from minus 11.5 in October. That’s the first drop since August. Economists forecast an increase to minus 10, according to the median of 43 estimates in a Bloomberg News survey.
[BigB] flashing It is all falling into place. There is nothing they can do to fix the world finances short of the RV. They have been trying.

[BigB] flashing You have been digging this morning - thanks!

[flashing] . Today’s report is the latest to suggest that the debt crisis is finally taking its toll on Germany. Exports, factory orders and industrial production all fell more than forecast in September. Growth ground to a near standstill in the third quarter, according to a Bloomberg survey of economists, and the Bundesbank says the deterioration probably continued in the fourth.

 [captaincaveman] flashing Germany is in a full blown recession. Which put the whole EU in big big trouble
[BigB] Retchie08 We have all been chosen. And we need to ask ourselves on a regular basis - "Why were we chosen?"

[flashing] captaincaveman agreed

[flashing] As i told before there is a rumor that O want it to be done before year end

[cisco411] ok what I have been hearing has NOTHING to do with speeches

 [cisco411] flashing is correct

[cisco411] each one sees it from his own perspective

[cisco411] it is like a weather forecaster

[cisco411] he sees the right signs for rain but he has no control of the weather

 [cisco411] he sees perfect conditions for a tornadoe but can't tell where it will hit and when

[cisco411] I am like that weather man

[cisco411] there are multiple countries involved

 [deb2blessed] cisco411 sounds like the whole world

 [cisco411] I just stated that US and china are ready and these speeches are not some secret way to inform dinarians it is coming it is for the masses that don't even have dinar.  they want answers too!!!!!

 [cisco411] they have no clue or idea of what lies ahead

[ready4riches] cisco411 what do you see as the hold up?

[cisco411] ready4riches your guess is as good as mine. i am on the banking side of things not the politics behind it

[captaincaveman] ready4riches no holdups or delays... moving thru the process

[cisco411] as far as i know they are trying to protect all who cash in from losing their money

[cisco411] sorry I am at work and had to step in real quick because there is a misconseption that these speeches will make the RV come in. This RV will have NO fanfare no warning

[ready4riches] cisco411 that wasn't the right question. i mean do you work in banking?
BigB] cisco411 Our biggest loss appears will be our own government thru taxes and tax increases.

[cisco411] BigB yes taxes are an issue but like everyone else is saying i would rather be taxed 43% on something than 0% of nothing

[BigB] cisco411 Could not have said it better myself!


[hmoob76] Cisco411 ... I guess I just don't get it but if u could explain .. If I go exchange my Dongs or Dinar at an airport right now, there's no taxes for the exchange, why would it be any different after the RV?

 [ready4riches] hmoob76 i would like to know how that works too.

[pastored] hmoob, its the amount the airport can pay u millions if u cash n and the gov. has set a limit on how much thats why IMO

[jamajacks] hmoob76 I believe that is because the value of that currency has not changed thus no tax.

Jester] hmoob76 do you honestly believe the airport will have a bazillion dollars in the kiosk to cash you out?

 [hmoob76] Jester I was just giving a example

 [Jester] and that they wont pull out a form for you to sign if it is over $10,000

[Jester] just answering...

[pastored] we need to think about this do we really think the gov. is going to let u get millions and not pay taxes I dont think so IMO

[nolaspice] nothing of this magnitude has transpired before - so we are just gonna have to take it one step at a time. And do the best we can, with the guideance of eachother and trained professionals - just breathe and remain calm!!

[bailey2..] pastored your right, NO WAY

[BigB] hmoob76 That is why you have been told to exchange VND in one account and dinar in another. Our Gov will tell you what you have to pay in each.

 [Jester] pastored that will depend on how much THEY have and if they want to pay the taxes themselves... or if they figure out a way to tax us and exempt themselves...

cisco411] but I still do expect it this week but it has nothing to do with the speeches so stop looking for a magic announcement

BigB] cisco411 They can not release the real info on Dinar. Just think when/if the average person finds out that with $1000.00, they could have become a millinaire. They are going to come totally unglued!

[woodguy 6250] BigB no kidding, would be mass riots,linchings

 [ready4riches] BigB yes, it's gonna be bad enough when the people we tried to tell about this find out we were right and they didn't listen thud

[BigB]  I feel I have been chosen to come into this site and help people to understand things and to open their eyes. However, I an helping many others I brought into the investment to understand the same things. It is my responsibility to make sure they Exchange correctly and keep their blessing

hmoob76] This talks about China and USA

hmoob76] New York times- The US/China Reset:  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/14/opinion/the-us-china-reset.html?_r=0

[BigB] I suggest that everyone read the Post RV safety suggestions on OOM's forum if you haven;t already. I have downloaded it and printed it out. A lot of great info there for your own protection.

[flashing] imo the big change that this event will bring to our country will be the substantial increase in jobs, mass production and new leaders with new perspectives about life and future of our generations.

[okrocks] speaking of being asset backed - U.S. to overtake Saudi as top oil producer: http://news.yahoo.com/u-overtake-saudi-top-oil-producer-iea-132331660.html


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