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Thursday, November 22, 2012

No Gastritis or Prilosec Needed

No Gastritis or Prilosec Needed -- Brian's Thankful! 

I'm just taking a quick break from my cooking and baking to wish you
a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Even though Thanksgiving is a US holiday (thanks to President Lincoln), being grateful for our blessings should be a universal emotion every day of the year for ALL of us.
It's important to always reflect on what YOUR blessings are...and if you're feeling like you have nothing to be thankful for, read the paper or watch the headline news for about 15 minutes. You'll realize you have it better than MANY other people.
One thing I'm very grateful for (besides my family, friends and the best group of employees anyone could ask for) is the fact that I have been blessed to be able to help people all over the world feel better than they have in YEARS.
It's very gratifying to sit down at my desk and see a letter like this one:
Hi Sherry,
I'm writing in response to Valerie's letter (that you mentioned recently) in which she said her doctor told her there was no harm in staying on Prilosec indefinitely. I'd immediately change doctors if one told me that!
Count me as another victim of allopathic medicine's almost total ignorance regarding digestion and nutrition.
I was diagnosed with gastritis a little over a year ago. I was immediately put on Prilosec. I also had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. The colonoscopy found 3 tiny benign polyps which were removed, and the endoscopy showed signs of acid reflux.
I took myself off the Prilosec after 2 weeks as I already knew that stomach acid is necessary for proper digestion. My doctor wasn't happy, but I told her that the warning on the box said to only take for 14 days once every 4 months.
I also told her that I wasn't going to end up like my aunt who told me she had been on Nexium for 15 YEARS!
I started researching probiotics and digestive enzymes. Both of these turned the tide towards healing. I bought your Great Taste No Pain book when I was researching the benefits of a more alkaline diet.
I've cut out all processed foods, I've gone gluten free, rarely eat meat, and have added many more fresh greens, vegetables and fruits to my diet. I also combine foods as recommended in your book.
It took a little over 6 months, but I now feel as good as I EVER have at 60 years old. You can't expect to heal overnight what took decades of bad eating habits to cause.
Thanks for all you do. I drop your name at every opportunity as I don't want anyone else to suffer as I did.

SB: Brian, I'm thrilled to hear you're feeling so good, and I'm thankful that I was able to help in that process.
I wish so many other people out there would be like you and realize that you can't undo decades of bad eating habits overnight. Many continue to search for the "magic pill" that will instantly make their problems go away...as we know, there's no such thing.
But what a difference it makes to help your body naturally from within, and I'm so glad you're experiencing the power of that!
All my best to you.
And to ALL of you: May you and your loved ones have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.
To your health,
Sherry Brescia
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PPS: Randy's thankful too!
Hi Sherry,
Thanks so much for all your help and providing such good information.
Last year I was diagnosed with Colitis and let me tell you it was no picnic. I can't decide what was worse, the incredible urgency when needing a bathroom or waiting for the results thinking I had Colon cancer.
This was before I knew of you and your Great Taste No Pain system, so the treatment I received was drugs. The drugs were potent enough that they were worried about kidney function, and I was required to go for blood work every 3 months to monitor my kidneys.
Things improved somewhat and I was able to continue my work which has me out of town eating in restaurants and camps. Not the best of food by any stretch of the imagination. Wouldn't you know it I started to see a return of symptoms that led to the discovery of Colitis, and this has led me to you.
Just 1 day of Great Taste No Pain and instantly my stomach has stopped revolting! The bloating is already noticeably less and so is the gas.
I can't wait to get immersed in the whole program and learn how to make it work for me when I travel so much.
With the family and friends support I am getting I believe I will rid myself of digestive tract issues forever.
It's all thanks to you Sherry, you're the best.
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