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PEOPLE have POWER.<---- This is the founding basis of freedom and the will of the people.
Don't forget how to PLAY.<---- This is duplicating history and resettling our original jurisdiction.
TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG.<----- This is the people in assembly as a body politic.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012



     Today, Nov. 21, 2012, we might as well call The Ascension Day For The Confederate States of America. Today a little after 10;00 am this morning, at a witnessed cremony for the rising again of the Confederate States of America, we sent formally effective as now Confederate Documents of the National Independence of the Confederate States of America to the UN Security-General Ban Ki-Moon at the United Nations, New York, NY 10017 and to the European Union Delegation, 2300 M St., N.W., Wash., D.C. 20008. By sending our Confederate Documents by mail is a form of legal seal or certification that we officially stand behing the following documents to show that the Confederate Government "has crossed the Rubicon" as Julius Caesar called it when crossing the Rubicon River to decide who would lead the Roman Government and Roman nation or not. Our sent documents were previously posted with Nesara News due to their widespready national and worldwide internet audience. This included intelligence agencies of a number of foreign governments as well as U.S. intelligence agencies due to unique news items constantly getting posted to the Nesara News national and international blog. 0ur sent Confederate legal reports were: "Nov. 16, 2012 - Legal Notice To The United Nations From The Government Of The Confederate States Of America," "Land Claims Of Virginia Now In Legal Force. Wash., D.C. Given Legal Eviction Order As It Is Located On Land Belonging To Confederate Virginia," "Nov. 19, 2012 - The Plan Of God Versus Law In America Today" (The main reason we used this report was the heavy legal coverage why what was called The Northwest Territory plus much of the land of Wash., D.C. legally belongs to the Confederate States of America now, not to Wash., D.C. This real estate includes Illinois, Indiana, etc. The Confederacy owns the land these states were established on. We show under international law why this is so!)," "Anniversary Of The Nuremberg War Trials Of Nazis War Criminals Starting On Novbember 20, 2012" which shows how the Confederate Government is going to operate under law once back in effective power. and our ace up our sleeve to force the UN to back us instead of Wash., D.C.- "Nov. 9, 2012 - Genocide Report To The United Nations From The Provisional Government Of The Confederate States Of America." This shows that the Confederacy alone possesses the Vatican endorsed trade secret food industrial process and food discovery that decides whether the human race survives on this earth or else goes extinct soon like the dinosaurs of old.
     As Wash., D.C. under Obama and Eric Holder showed by repeated acts would never give any of the federally stolen money they stole from me back to me which would have reestablished my father's Vatican endorsed food discovery and industrial process nor make any deal to get my proposed Omni Law passed which would have enabled me to set up a giant world food industry with this Vatican endorsed food discovery. And this would greatly benefit either the American or else Confederate economy depending on which side is now the national government for America in 2013 and afterwards, Obama and Eric Holder would gladly have killed off the entire American race and all races and nations on earth if allowed to and not opposed by the Confederate Government of the Confederate States of America. It showed how criminal their nature was that they secretly backed a man from Wash., D.C. four times threatening me with murder in the name of Obama in the White House if I tried to reestablish my father's Vatican endorsed food process in America. As they refused to arrest him though four murder threats over the internet and recorded by us as his murder threats were public legally means that either he was actually speaking in the legal name of Obama that he had been authorized and ordered by Obama to murder me or else even if quite legally insane, still by letting him 4 times threaten me with murder has to legally mean they wanted him to murder me. This is why they allowed him to commit 4 criminal felonies under federal law and 4 criminal felonies under state law as murder threats over the internet are felonies each time the murder threat is issued. I several times posted his murder threats over the internet after he issued them to legally trap Obama and Eric Holder that they very willingly wanted to commit mass genocide against the American race and all other races and nations on earth. This is not theory but documented legal fact as to their proven intent as these national reports of mine exposed these murder threats were by their will and legal approval. Also, never making any move to return $4,400,000 to me of money federally stolen from me and witnesses to these acts of federal robbery from me despite repeated national reports of mine over Nesara News saying I would need this money as a minimum to reestablish my father's Vatican endorsed food process which decides whether the human race lives or else dies according to university tests of years ago and according to medical lab reports from all over the world in the science book which Al Gore wrote the foreward to while in Wash., D.C. Obama and Eric Holder are 100% legally guilty of planned genocide of the entire American race and all races and nations on earth. How could anyone be that evil? People so loving corruption and evil lose their consciences and after that no longer care about anyone but themselves is part of the answer, but not all the answer. On this legal evidence alone, UN arrest warrants against them should be issued and they arrested for genocide conspiracy to kill off the entire American race and all races and nations on the earth including all member nations of the UN. Legal case is already airtight against them for arrogantly and mockingly defying the Genocide Treaty and its terms as legally signed by President Ronald Reagan while in office at the White House.
     A little legal note for the UN. The KGB of Moscow, Russia had if I am correct massive intelligence files on the Confederate Government authority I publicly raised in the 1960's in America. My mother appealed to me not to push the Confederate cause all the way while the Cold War existed between America and the Soviet Union. She said don't divide America then and give the Soviet Union potential world victory. For that reason, I postponed this legal drive to reestablish the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America back into power in America. Let Moscow share their Cold War files on the Confederate Government in America during the Cold War and if Soviet intelligence was as good as I assume they were, Moscow will have all the legal documentation needed so there is no reason to delay for the UN to legally recognize the Confederate Government of the Confederate States of America and enforce our legal reports we just sent by formal mail (diplomatic mail since involving communications of a national government of the Confederacy) to the UN and to the European Union Delegation.I gave Wash., D.C. one last chance to straighten out under President Ronald Reagan. If he had restored legal integrity to obedience to the U.S. Constitution, I might have let the Confederate Government remain dormant in America. But under Obama especially, I see such an evil and corrupt leader in the White House now, I was forced to resurrect the Confederate authority all the way or else America dies as a race and nation and also Obama having no real conscience but I give him credit for being a clever con artist to pretend a conscience, he cares nothing if he kills off all races and nations on earth. So for the sake of the American people and all races and nations on earth, I have no choice but to go all the way and now push the Confederate Government to be the replacement government for the federal government of Wash., D.C. now having gone totally criminal and totally insane from moral values so will kill off the entire human race on earth if not stopped now by the Confederate cause and Confederate Government of the Confederate States of America. I now look for total support from all UN member nations. Let Obama politically survive and he will kill off all the races of the human race on earth. I have no choice and neither does the UN except for us united to stop Obama before he ends the human race and all nations on earth.
     UN member nations feel free to read my 80 plus national reports posted with Nesara News for the last 7 plus months. Look at their search box at the top left of their website and put in my pen name of Erasmus of America. This list of all these reports will be shown and then read as many or all as you want and you will know where I and the Confederate cause stands on law and other issues affecting all mankind on earth. Also, look up my proposed Omni Law in this searchbox. If Obama had agreed to back this into law in America, I would have let him survive but not because I supported him which I firmly did not. My Omni Law forces a government to represent the people of a nation and versions of this would be good for all governments on earth. So know I stand for the rights of the people, good common sense to live under style laws, and booming national economies for those willing to practice sound, historically proven principles of national economics for their nations. I am not the enemy of the American people and people all over the world, but Obama is. He is a would-be Hitler of America and if you let him, he wants to end up Dictator of the world. I have a heavy military intelligence background, and I know Obama like a blueprint what he really stands for. That is why I had to stand against him and resurrect the Confederate cause to save all the American people and all the people across the world. Other people may also look up my many national reports posted with Nesara News with the same searchbox on Nesara News I told UN nations to use.
     Now American folks, copy and pass this report all over America and abroad. Might as well have all people know what is happening in America today. America knows what is going on in Wash., D.C. now and Obama will have to flee America like Marcos of the Phillippines had to flee when all the nation went to the street to show they didn't support him any longer. Not a shot was fired and he fled for his life from the Phillippines. And his wife was upset losing that huge collection of shoes she had whenher husband was in power!
     Can still use financial backing from the people of America. Send any financial support to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. When we get heavy money as we will both nationally and internationally, we should be able to pay you back any financial backing now. And smart to get yourself listed as a friend of the Confederate cause in America. We will generate a huge new wave of industralization for America and probably abroad. And for our friends, we will see they have either first option or else only option on technology, etc. we will bring forth blessing America and all the world. I have a strong background in engineering used to create the new invented processes that will create new industries in the world. And I know how to bring the genius out in those with God-given talents in inventing. The Confederacy will, I predict, become the industrial leader of the world once we release the genius of our people and without a suffocating bureaucracy from Wash., D.C. blocking them so they can't create these wonderful new industries in America and generate millions of good, high paying jobs for all wanting to work in America. And we will have a ring of prosperity spreading out from us and blessing nations all over the world! Well harnessed genius generates prosperity and booming economies for nations using this genius and prosperity for other nations as well.
     Those wanting to get on our list for coming national and world reports, send your name and email address to fastboomamericaneconomy@gmail.com and say "Add to List."
     Yours for God and the Confederate States of America, Erasmus of America (pen name. Actual legal name is Martin Hunter, though in the '60's had another name as a young man named after my father, but 6 federal murder attempts on my life then meant either change my name or I would have been murdered long ago by the traitors in Wash., D.C.)


  1. Funny. Not seeing this anywhere except in Erasmus' report. You'd think the South rising again would make for potential news, but I guess not.

  2. "Send us your money and we'll pay you back when we get ours both nationally and internationally." Yeah, right! Erasmus, you need to crawl back in your hole and disappear!

  3. Reading some of the articles and comments tonight is a hoot. We need to remember that any agency from the UN to the Congress, to the Supreme court to the World court is part of te CABAL, and they are not going to rule against their own corporation... SO ALL THIS SO CALLED LEGAL THIS, AND LEGAL THAT, IS NOTHING BUT BS TO THE THUGS AND CROOKS THAT STOLE OUR COUNTRY, AND HELD US IN PRISON OUR WHOLE LIFETIME... ARREST THE BASTARDS N O W !!!!

  4. Said it before, this guy is on some serious drugs. This schitt he writes is fotter for the greatest fiction novel ever written. lol

    1. To anyone who reads these responses like from this person, know that this is your federal operative in their psychological operation trying to sway you away from supporting Erasmus of America, but your alternative to listening to these guys is: death and martial law, and everything you own taken from you. Say good-bye to your life in America, as you have known it in the past, if you listen to these guys instead of Erasmus.