Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Now What? by Drake

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Now What?

by Drake
And here we sit all broken hearted...come to...and 'IT' got matter which.
Oh, what to do?...what to do?
Are we lost and gone forever Clementine?
Is it the 'winter of my soul to which we are doomed'?
Do ya think that this was taken into consideration, AND good old plan B just might be ready?
I think NOT!!! Never let a perfectly good Crisis go to waste...and we ain't.
At least not one of my contacts has given
I'm posting several things dealing with all this on several levels...
Then too, am checkin with contacts in order to help facilitate changing everything.
As I get info I can share, it will be outed.
This is far from a done deal or over with, as all will see.
Other 'things' are and have been in motion all along, just in case, see plan B...
Those couple of things to take place are well on their way...I can only imagine the impacts these will have.
I refuse to wait, but have no choice...So now what...?
Evidences will be coming out very soon that will blow it all wide open.
-Just as my Oath of Service has no expiration date, neither do my efforts to attain FREEDOM for all of us.
Question then becomes...Are you ready? And just how ready are you? To what extent does each of us need to go in order that 'We The People' can offer others the same things we are striving to achieve?
-What is the 'price' of Freedom?
A cost that can not be measured in terms other than Heart, Dedication, and the Tenacity that never gives up...
>My request is for ALL those who believe in FREEDOM to stand together...those who take issue with me will find I am not going away, that when unified by hope and efforts, 'WE' can do the impossible, Together.
Who cares IF someone disagrees with me? Is that the all important question?
OR might it just be that were we all to go in the right direction, WE (together), might be the immovable force that makes things go on down the line?
>Today too many people think 'they' can not survive without our big brother government...Really?
-Question...Who's slave are you? How much is paid for you?
Do you believe your Honor and Integrity, your very Soul is worth what you are being paid? Welfare check, Cell phone, having to put up with 'others' making your decisions for you, telling you what to do...?
>Chains were that your new style of jewelry?
OR do We The People have the old fashioned 'pride' of being your own man/person?
Being able to stand on your own feet is an awesome idea, just think of making your own choices?
The Nanny State is waiting on your decision...waiting to take even more control and what little you have left. Want that? OR something better?
This has little to do with either candidate, elected or not.
This has Everything to do with turning out the criminals who are still steeling from ALL of us.
One add that ALL should listen to is the one about everyone getting poorer. Think how hard it is to just make it hard would it be When more is taken???
>ALL those things you just barely get by on now are just about to get CUT! ALL of them...WHY?
Because 'They' want more of what you other reason than GREED.
Lots of work to do to stop this.
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  1. Biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard here is a tip Drake go to Colorado they just legallized what it is you must be smoking. I will listen to your radio disinformation show tonight so I will know just what will not happen.

  2. Drake you had your chance; you and all your high level sources and your green lights and action alerts, etc. Well you just couldn't agree to actually get something started except get your guns and food ready but no one ever took any action. So shut the hell up and quit hollering "Get-er-Done," like you have some kind of actual intel for the highest good of mankind. I listen to you once in awhile just to get a few chuckles at how dumb you can make yourself sound until I cant take it anymore and then I shut you off. I'll probably listen for awhile today just to hear you babble about what happened. At this point you're just getting to be good for a few laughs and that's about it. I don't think many people are listening now just to hear you run off at the mouth.

  3. Keeping entitlements and having our wealth released from the Federal Reserve (or whoever is holding); is like that lottery winner who won a million dollars and stayed on welfare.

    You can't do both.
    One has to go to get the other.
    One has to be let go in order to keep the other.

    If folks want their wealth and entitlements, then they can pay for it with their wealth.

    I'm looking forward to the future I am co-creating with my thoughts. Thoughts are creative energy focused. You get what you put out.

    "I have never been more hopeful about America. And I ask you to sustain that hope. I’m not talking about blind optimism, the kind of hope that just ignores the enormity of the tasks ahead or the roadblocks that stand in our path. I’m not talking about the wishful idealism that allows us to just sit on the sidelines or shirk from a fight.

    I have always believed that hope is that stubborn thing inside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us so long as we have the courage to keep reaching, to keep working, to keep fighting." Barack Obama 2012

    Is Drake going forward with a plan? The post seems to state it didn't matter who won the election, this was going to happen. Lots of people are 'in/enlisted'.

    I'll be watching.
    I participate in the change I want to see in other ways. I am already seeing change from what I'm doing.

  4. Satan creates the problem and then the solution. Great, more freemasons and lizards to replace the old ones. Send your Plan B to Lucifer, Drake, for we have the best plan ever: Our God Jesus Christ and Everlasting life. Some of us are not falling for the fallen ones anymore, Drake. It looks like Lucifer and his fallen ones have to regroup and try again with Plan C.

  5. To Drake,

    We have been a wating and a waiting since April.... you were to be a spokes person for the good military...... where are they? From what we have been seeing the military is all but on our side... ALL the things week after week after week never seem to happen. WHY? Are you being mislead by your so called military contacts. Seems rather strange doesn't it. The arrests by them were to have happened in April May, are they that incompetant or are they the cabals boys?

  6. Drake, you have been nothing but mouth. It seems that for all the time you spend at the mike, the only thing you have accomplished is to harvest the names of patriots. The question is why? Take your plan B and stick it up your open portal.

  7. Sorry bud - no more credibility with me.

  8. Mr. Mouth obviously could not figure out how to tell his radio audiance he has NO idea what is next becaue he NEVER had any inside info as he has been claiming. Drake why no show tonight? Did you move to another venue? Mr. all talk and NO action has no idea what "Get er done" means!

  9. I stand corrected Drake the Fake did have a program last night Wed 11/07 he is now on He still just said much of nothing just enough to make people tune in for the next show but eventually people will begin to turn him off.