Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama Held First Meeting After Election With Socialists & Communists - not a surprise!

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Obama Held First Meeting After Election With Socialists & Communists - not a surprise!
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Date: Wednesday, 21-Nov-2012 01:51:18

Will anyone question just why Barack Obama met with Richard Trumka and the Progressive Caucus? Why is it that he met with them first rather than meeting with the congressional delegation? We as a nation should ask these questions because behind closed doors many things can be said that have very dangerous impacts upon our national standings. Why did Obama decide to meet with these particular groups? First we must find out just what does Richard Trumka and the Progressive Caucus have to bring into any discussion with the President of the United States.
Richard Trumka, the head of most unions in the United States, was the man called to the White House to meet with President Obama to find out what he and the Progressive caucus think of the upcoming fiscal program created by an ineffective Congress. This man has close ties to socialistic ideology and it dates back to 1994.
“In 1994, Trumka was honored at the annual Eugene Debs Award Banquet in Terre Haute, Indiana; the award was named after the man who founded the Socialist Party of America and ran for U.S. President five times on the Socialist Party ticket.”
Here is the first indication that this man has close ties to the Socialist Party which indicates a man that does not have the idea of the United States Constitution in mind.
Some of these names should bring a very cold feeling into your body since they do not like the United States and they wish the United States would fail and rise from the failure as either a Socialist state or a Communist State: Names like Julian Bond, an important name among the people of the NAACP, Richard Cloward, a man that has stated several times that the United States is an evil place and needs to be “changed” to a more socialistic state, and Jesse Jackson, a name affiliated with racism. It should be mentioned here that Jesse Jackson, Jr. is a proud member of the Socialist Democrat Party as are some 75 other congressmen and women. Andrew Stern, the former President of the SEIU union until Obama asked him to join him in the White House, is another named socialist. We can never forget Van Jones who left the White House due to his very strong association and proud proclamation of being a full-fledged Communist. This man was a best friend of Obama.
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  1. Ask questions about Obumers moves and actions? Most of the sheeple don't even know what Obummer is doing let alone care. All they know is that this tyrant traitor puppet is at the helm once again, so like Bush stated after 9/11 not to worry, they had everything under control, just go back to shopping and the sheeple have.

    We will get the regime we deserve.

  2. So President Obama met with PROGRESSIVES, as in Progress, which this nation badly needs after too many years of Repub REGRESSIVE platforms and obstruction. So what if the groups were named after a Socialist, it is NOT the same as Communism, and even that particular name has been bastardized in the way that it was carried out in the old Communist Nations, like the USSR. The REAL reason, as has been detailed here on NESARA News, is that Reagan oversaw massive economic sabotage of the Soviet system, no more, no less. Yes, the way that the USSR was structured looks an awful lot like what the Repubs have been backing: a Plutarchic Oligarchy, where the extremely wealthy and the Military ruled the nation to the extreme detriment to the rest of the population.

    We are seeing the same attacks being done against The People by the right wing when they back massive increases in Military spending, cuts to the safety net that so many depend on because the Corporations and the Uber Rich have been taking money OUT of the economy, hoarding it for themselves and leaving what was once a vibrant middle class scrambling to make ends meet since their wages have stayed flat while inflation has robbed them of what value their income once provided. Toss into the mix the Bain type of predatory, over-leveraged, hostile buyouts where the buyer saddles the newly bought company with all of the over-leveraged debt from the buyout, steals the retirement funds, breaks up the company and sends the machinery and jobs overseas because they can make a greater profit than the already huge profits that the company was making. Greed is what has fueled the downfall of our economy, and it has been engineered by these same right wing regressives.

    I applaud President Obama for consulting with the PROGRESSIVES, who are in no way, shape or form the Communists or Socialists that this article describes them as. The right wing has turned our long standing and, frankly, quite successful soft social programs into dirty words using old, cold war terminology that does NOT apply today. Social programs include our Military (common defense of the Nation), Police and Fire departments, including the very successful 911 call centers, Schools (which have been defunded or the curriculum lowered so that the regressives have an uneducated, ignorant body of voters who are dependent on a media monopoly, in many places, especially the red states, that is no more than a propaganda mill for the right for their world information), Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid (which are well working programs but are at the mercy of private, for profit providers, such as the pharmaceutical sector who charge ungodly rates and have the very highest profit levels of ANY corporations in the US today, let alone the insurance companies who are the True Death Panels when they deny people for their bogus reason because sick people cut into their profits) and things like the EPA, which works to assure us of clean air and water (put in place by a Repub President, Nixon yet is attacked today by the right) FDA, which is supposed to assure us of safe food and drugs, but has been bought off by the uber rich corporations (Big Pharma and corps like Monsanto...again, right wing groups) and many many more that are funded at a mere fraction of what we pay for our bloated military.

    I MUCH prefer Progressive to Regressive, the Repubs are regressive and working for the Enemies of The People:The Cabal itself, which we rail against loudly here on this site. President Obama is Progressive, and is working for The People but too many people cannot get past their bigotry and look beyond the color of his skin or have any sort of idea of what he has REALLY been doing besides the trash screamed on Fox

    1. To Anon. 7:53 It's not the color of his skin, but the content of his character (as Martin Luther King said)

  3. Re: 7:53 P.M.
    You are mentally ill.