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MARCH 3, 2018
Q says:  "You, the People, have ALL the POWER.  You simply forgot how to PLAY."

Qpost March 17, 2019
The evening of, March 16, 2019, I posted my recommendation on Nesara News TO "VOID THE SERVICE CONTRACT" which initially hired the foreign corporation, "United States Inc" to provide limited government services, and I recommended declaring BREACHES OF CONTRACT in the de jure courts of justice for the Republic, followed by VOIDING THE SERVICE CONTRACT, which immediately returns all assets to their original owner, WE THE PEOPLE.

  Then, the VERY NEXT DAY, 
 Trump/Qanon tweeted:

Trump tweeted: 

Qanon tweet:  "be proud patriots.  today like in 2016 you are in one united voice, RISING UP, to defend this great nation."

NOTE:  RISING UP = de jure grand jury RISING UP, (Rising up the land above the waters, and above the statutes of maritime law, as statutes are for navigable waterways only.  LAWS are for man, STATUTES are for INTERNATIONAL TRADE ONLY (but are currently being used for SLAVERY instead).


Who has the 'real control?  Answer = The People


Can you remove the top comments?

(My header comments on Nesara News, as well as my cover letter for the recommendation/proposal were very harsh of Q/Trump.  I have removed both.) 

(I believe the twitter part in the Q/Trump tweets is just for plausible deniability, Trump used the same type of plausible deniability on another tweet on March 17th, 2019 when he tweeted with a Qanon logo, but he also sent out 17 other tweets with different logos, for plausible deniability, the U.S. NDA(non-disclosure-agreement) signed by these guys must be gnarly).

Hopefully Q/Trump can set the record straight by pointing to Nesara News and our recommendation to VOID THE SERVICE CONTRACT, a fraudulent service contract executed in secret, which was allegedly executed when the Republic hired the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc" to provide limited government services (international trade only), and then the U.S. quietly mothballed the Republic.

"An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia:
(Document found at the Library of Congress, go read Sec. 17)

(please keep in mind, all U.S. government positions are PRIVATE, as the corporation is run for max profit.  Sec 17 of the above document says that the "legislative body of the United States shall not pass any laws to affect the Republic's Courts of Justice = TRUE PUBLIC OFFICES, which were stolen from us in the dead of the night, replaced with PRIVATE corporate goons to steal, rape and plunder.  The good thing though is, fraud has no laws of limitations, nor statute of limitations.  As well as, assets purloined by pirates still belong to the original owner regardless of who possesses them.)

Below is the recommendation/proposal for de jure court of justice action:


TRUMP/Qanon... Can you point to it?

If you can point to it, that would obviously change my outlook, and you will find me back in your corner, again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obama Prepares To Flee As Coup Topples Another General

November 13, 2012
Obama Prepares To Flee As Coup Topples Another General
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A grim Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin this afternoon says that President Barack Obama is preparing to leave the United States for a clandestine meeting on Diego Garcia this coming week with those top military commanders still loyal to him in an effort his regime is making to head off a growing coup-plot that today has claimed as its latest victim US Marine General John Allen [photo 2nd left], commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF).
According to this report, GRU analysts became “alarmed” after US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta departed suddenly from Washington D.C. earlier this morning on an unscheduled and unannounced flight toward Asia and whose plane issued a Force Protection Condition (FPCON) DELTA alert status signaling to all American military commands that an attack is taking place or has just occurred.
Within 4 hours of this highest of alert statuses being issued by Secretary Panetta, this report says, Obama operatives leaked to the propaganda American mainstream media that General Allen was under investigation for “inappropriate” emails thus adding this US Marine hero to the list of top American military officers to be toppled in the past 3 weeks, and which includes, Former US Army General and CIA Director David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak.
As we began reporting on these events in our 2 September report “Obama Overthrow Plot Widens As US Martial Law Fears Grow,” and continued to follow in our subsequent reports “Obama Coup Plot Slams Into Russia,” “Obama Topples Top Coup Leader After Washington Gunbattle,” and “Massive Explosion Reported After CIA Drone Targets Indianapolis,” the toppling of so many top US Military leaders by the Obama regime is unprecedented in American history.
The toppling of General Allen, this report continues, is particularly noteworthy in that he was due to take command of NATO, an appointment, however, that was suspended today by Obama.
US propaganda media reports are saying that General Allen was toppled due to his sending “thousands” of sexual emails to Jill Kelley [photo 3rd left] who is said to be the woman who initiated the FBI investigation into Paula Broadwell, the biographer of General Petraeus whom it said caused his resignation because they were having an affair.
Important to note about Kelly, GRU analysts say in this report, is that while she has only been indentified by the US propaganda media as being a “social liaison” to MacDill Air Force Base, Russian intelligence operatives have long noted that she is, in fact, a top CIA operative who has long worked with the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the United States Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT), the United States Marine Forces Central Command (MARCENT), and the United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM), all of which are headquartered at this massive Tampa, Florida military facility.
Interesting to note about Kelly, too, this report says, is that she was the “main liaison” to the many US Military leaders who secretly attended the Republican National Convention in Tampa this past August where they were hosted by some of America’s top billionaires and bankster elites where the coup-plot, Russian intelligence analysts believe, against Obama was first conceived.
GRU analysts in this report further state it was Kelly’s “electronic actions” in setting up these meetings between top US Military and business leaders which first alerted the Obama regime to the very real danger they were facing.
Fearing a repeat of the coup-plot launched against President Franklin Roosevelt in the summer of 1933 by these same fascist factions, called the Business Plot, this report says, Obama has been “swift” in his attempts to fight against it, including his announcement he would be leaving the United States for an unprecedented trip to Asia between 17-20 November.
Secretary Panetta’s “sudden trip” to Asia today, this report continues, will see him joining US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Australia whereupon both of them will meet with Obama and loyal US Military commanders later this week, thus meaning that for this period of time all of the top officials in the Obama regime will be out of the United States.
The only clue to the true events now occurring in the United States came, strangely, from Paula Broadwell’s father who said Sunday that “his daughter is the victim of character assassination and implied the bombshell story is just a smoke screen for something bigger.”
To the American people believing truth, however, instead of their really believing that their most highly trained military and intelligence commanders would be so foolish as to allow themselves to be caught up in any kind of sex scandal, let alone document their sordid deeds using emails that even the smallest child knows is the most insecure type of communication for anyone to use, there appears to be no evidence.
Most eerie to note, too, in all of these events, and in a classic case (perhaps?) of art imitating life…the 1997 movie titled Conspiracy Theory staring Mel Gibson saw his character warning anyone who would listen that the President’s life was in danger due to an “earthquake weapon” that was going to be used against him by the US military during his visit to Turkey.
So to be noted in this context, within 48 hours of Obama announcing he would become the first American President to visit Burma (Myanmar) this past week this Asian nation was struck by a powerful earthquake which left at least 38 people dead or missing.    
November 13, 2012 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.
[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth. Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?.]