Saturday, November 3, 2012

Obama—Resign or Be Impeached, Tried, Convicted, Removed from Office, and Imprisoned

Obama—Resign or Be Impeached, Tried, Convicted, Removed from Office, and Imprisoned
Be Prepared for Chaos in the United States

“Either we flush him down the drain or he will flush the country down the drain”

By Bob Uda, PhD, USAF veteran
Thursday, November 1, 2012 2:51

                 Obama in Cairo, Egypt smiling and waving during his speech

The rogue president of the United States (POTUS) must be impeached, convicted, and removed from office ASAP.  This Hussein Obama is a traitor through and through.  All good generals should get together and remove this rogue president from the White House before he causes Russia and China to attack the United States.  We have been the weakest as a national military power since the close of World War II.  We cannot have this incompetent commander-in-chief (CINC) in that position any longer.
I cannot believe we have nothing but a bunch of criminals and traitors running our country.  Rise up everyone!  This cannot stand.  After Mitt Romney wins, he should appoint General Carter Ham as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the first task of cleaning the military house of all of these general-officer traitors who support this rogue administration.  So let it be written; so let it be done!
Because of my advanced age (70), I am a person who will say it and write it like it is.  I pull no punches in my written pieces, publications, “Before It’s News” blog pieces, and Facebook postings.  I know there are millions of people who feel exactly like I do but fear speaking out and letting others know exactly how they feel.  I do not know if it is personal fear or they just do not want to go out on a limb.  However, I would like to encourage all of you timid souls to start speaking out—particularly during the last week before D-Day (Decision Day) on November 6, 2012.
Eric Holder is nothing but a cheap criminal who should be behind bars.  Holder has made the Department of Justice (DOJ) nothing but a joke.  He is the top law-enforcement officer in the land, yet he is the worst criminal of them all.  We should have fired him a long time ago.  However, the person responsible to fire him is even a worse criminal.  Our country is in bad shape.  There is an absence of law and order.  Shameful!
Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is totally unqualified to be in his current position.  That is what happens when we place people in important positions as political appointments.  Same reasoning goes for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Furthermore, what about Obama?  It was a huge mistake made by over 50% of the voters in 2008 to elect him as the POTUS.  All of these incompetent, corrupt idiots must go on November 6, 2012.
I am so proud of our military officers and Special Forces personnel who are beginning to speak out against their CINC who is destroying our Armed Forces and weakening our country for possible defeat in the near future.  The good generals in the military will not let Obama to get away with the treason he is committing.  Let us not allow Obama to screw us for another four more years.  He must go now!
Obama is a treasonous POTUS for striking secret deals with an enemy (Iran) to help him get re-elected president.  This man lacks morals, ethics, and integrity.  Either we flush him down the drain or he will flush the country down the drain.  He should be impeached immediately!
Romney would not accept the challenge if he had any doubts that he could do it.  He will not be like Obama who continuously blamed his predecessor instead of going to work to solve the problems.  Instead, Obama exacerbated the problems and created more new problems.  This is a very sad situation, indeed.
Obama and his band of criminals are doing everything possible to win a second term.  They have fixed the voting machines to switch Romney votes to Obama votes.  For those of you who do not care, I hope you have a good life starting in 2013.
The down-to-earth Blacks are wising up.  They are beginning to realize that the White Democrat and union massas (masters) are keeping them on the virtual plantation and the Black Democrat leaders are the Massa’s hey boys and hey girls who keep the rank-and-file Blacks in line and voting for Democrat candidates like robots.  Look what they have done for them in the past 100 years.  Nothing, for they are still virtual slaves on the virtual plantations.  However, those Blacks who study and learn usually understand.  Those people who function only on left-wing sound bites are the perfect Obama supporters.
Remember, Nixon won his second term, and then the Watergate Affair blew up…and he was forced to resign or be impeached, tried, convicted, removed from office, and imprisoned.  If Obama wins a second term, I see this process being repeated—except Obama will not resign…so we would need to go through the nightmare of the impeachment and trial proceedings.  Either way it goes, our country will be destroyed.  Democrat television commercials now claim they will burn down the country should Obama lose.  What have our country turned into just because Obama was the first Black elected as POTUS?  Sad times will be ahead of us.  Hang onto your seats.
The Benghazi-gate Affair is much, much bigger than the Watergate Affair.  Obama will be better off if he loses on November 6, 2012.  If he wins, he will go through the same sad process that Richard “I’m not a crook” Nixon went through after he won his second term.  If Obama loses, everything will be swept under the rug by the lame-stream media and forgotten.  However, if he wins, there will be no way that the lame-stream media could whitewash the sad cover-up that has been committed by the Obama administration.
The Benghazi-gate investigation will pre-occupy Congress for the first two years of Obama’s second term and will bring down his sorry administration in impeachment proceedings in the House and trial in the Senate.  If the Republicans win majorities of both houses of Congress, it will be a slam-dunk.  The corrupt Democrat Party would fight it tooth-and-nail, and the complicit and corrupt lame-stream media will continue to support the corrupt POTUS and his corrupt administration.  However, justice will prevail in the end.

Robert T. (Bob) Uda, PhD, CM, CHSP, ILO, is a "strict constructionist" constitutional conservative, cyber-commentator, grass-roots activist, writer and author, engineer, philosopher, churchman, educator, businessman, entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, and counterterrorist. He has authored over 50 publications including 17 books. Internationally recognized in community service, Dr. Uda has served as a member of over 75 boards of directors and regents, foundations, trusteeships, executive and operations committees, councils, panels, and senate. A lifelong learner, he has earned five college and advanced degrees. Dr. Uda, a veteran, served in the USAF for over eight years and worked in the aerospace and defense industries for over a quarter century. Parents of three children and eight grandchildren, he and his wife of 44 years live in San Marcos, California. His latest book is Obama's Agenda: Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America. You can contact Bob at


  1. Hello Bob,

    You said "I cannot believe we have nothing but a bunch of criminals and traitors running our country". Then why would you allow Romney that is a known murder, theif, thug, cheater, coward, and a ROTTEN TRAITOR to be Prez? he should be HUNG...Besides...we need to replace the Corporation with a REAL Government including a REAL President.

    P.S. You cannot Impeach the CEO of a Corporation. It was tried against Clinton and Bush, and nothing happened. Obama needs to be arrested!!

  2. You better keep your mouth shut or Obama will use the LAW, the NDAA, to have you Bob Uda Arrested and Executed for NOT being a Obama supporter.

    However, you better influence Drake to get the US Military to make those arrests like he's been talking about for months.

  3. Maybe you can look at it this way that the Good Guys US Military in their stalling to make the arrests of the Cabal had those persons in Benghazi executed, so the blame doesn't just go on the Cabal!

    Every time the Good Guys US Military allows an execution to be made and Deaths to occur due to hurricane Sandy, which a long delay would be rioting to take place and Martial Law to be Declared, the blame can go to the US Military!

    The US Military can allow the removal of command of the Good Guys US Military and let the Evil Dictator to remain in office when the US Constitution forbids it!

  4. Have either of you read all the military officers who have been arrested or relieved of their posts for no real reason? Has it not dawned on you that this could be the cause of a delay in the plan.

  5. Anonymous, you do not have the courage and integrity to post your name. You are not worth responding to.