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Saturday, November 10, 2012

OPC - What's the Real Deal?

OPC - What's the Real Deal?

There have been several postings here about other parties opening up applications for Grants from the Germaine Trust and the Omega Trust. These are the 'core' sources for the Prosperity Funds. 

In short the trust beneficiaries get there gifting s and in turn distribute them to others.

OPC, Operation Compassion was formed by some wonderful souls who have BIG Hearts. That's why they are labeled OPC Angels, and deserving so. 

OPC will assist in the distribution of these blessings to the needy. 

OPC and OPC angels do not participate in the money transactions and DO NOT COLLECT COMMISSIONS. 

We just make the connection between the donors and the needy ones.

OPC now has over 7000 applicants, A team of nearly 100 angels and a large group of good hearted donors ready to go.

WE ARE AWAITING FOR THE PROGRAMS BLOCKAGE TO END BY THE BAD GUYS. When The RV is announced and the prosperity programs go out --- we start.
This blockage is out of my control.  

GOD Bless You & Yours

John MacHaffie  HIS humble servant and a Light Worker



  1. Who are the Trust beneficiaries? How many are there? How were they put in that position? Was this a "buy posiitions" program and that is how they became Trust beneficiaries? Sorry I am just ignorant of how all this works and who is in charge.

    1. Trust beneficiaries are from years ago and already signed up. They will be the future bankers of the world. Cannot confirm how they were chosen.

      Don't know who is in charge --- IT IS A SECRET.

      Do a search on the blog (left side of blog).

  2. this was a question for John!

  3. John
    How do we get in this program??

    Pls respond