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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poker Anyone? Land Grab in Hawaii causes Unintended Consequences, Greatly Benefits Kingdom

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

Poker Anyone? Land Grab in Hawaii causes Unintended Consequences, Greatly Benefits Kingdom
Posted By: X_Hermes [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 31-Oct-2012 21:46:03

We reported yesterday on the escalating situation where a land grab of sacred land at Kawa Beach, Hawaii, has been made, and its guardian known as Uncle Abel had been evicted illegally, along with others. It looks as if the illegal grab may now backfire on the perpetrators. The following metaphor for what is happening is a consolidation of material sent by reader Mattie.
Poker anyone? This game is...
His Majesty King Edmund Silva Jr. and the Kupunas (Hawaii’an Elders)
Obama, Governor Neil Abercrombie, Ed Olson and Mayor Billy Kenoi.
The chips are down, the players all in and going for broke; people around the world are watching this poker match as it plays out.
The King, Edmund K. Silva Jr. represents Hawaii’an Solidarity - all Kupunas are now behind him, they are together as one Nation. This has been the highly beneficial effect of the illegal land grab reported on earlier.
Obama, the governor Neil Abercrombie, Mayor Billy Kenoi and Ed Olsen represent bondage, treachery and theft of the Hawaiian lands, culture and religions.
Everyone is sitting in anticipation, awaiting the hands to be laid down...
The King and the Kupanas place their chips in the Honey Pot
Obama and his gang of thieves raise the pot to all who are in, smiling like the Cheshire cat, licking their lips, believing no one can ‘up the anti’ - for they see themselves as all powerful.
The King sits with no emotion retaining his Poker face and places all his chips in.
The dealer says ‘now show your hands’.
Obama and gang of thieves, not only show their hands but sweep up the chips, and lay down 4 aces and 1 queen.
The people gasp. And their hearts cry out in anguish, for the people see that they will never be free of oppression.
But then the King lays down his hand. 4 Kings of each suit (representing North, East, South and West) and one Queen of hearts. The People are still in anguish, feeling their Righteous King has indeed lost.
But then the dealer announces ‘King please take your chips and rise as the winner’. People look confused wondering how the King can be the winner?
The dealer then announces ‘President Obama and team, you knew the rules before you sat at the table and the cut of the cards was made, and aces were declared low card. Both you and the King were well aware of the rules of this poker tornament, so you cannot try to deceive the people to believe you have won’.
'Now give the Rightful King his win and give back the Kingdom of Hawaii!'
You see dear people, things are not always as they seem. The Kingdom is restored.
I am told that the King traveled to Kawa Beach last night; and that the outrage at the grab of sacred land means that now, whatever differences there have been in the past, all the kupunas (elders) of each island are supporting solidarity under the Kingdom and their one King. Unexpected consequences for the perpetrators!
Uncle Abel is well, and all know that the time of the Kingdom is now - it will be restored, nothing and no one will ever cause separation of them again. The tribes of the Hawaii’an islands now stand together in One Kingdom, and nations across the globe have called in support of the Kingdom and King.
There is also a message for Mayor Billy Kenoi (a Hawaii’an native) from the Ancestors: They say
“Shame, shame, shame on you Billy: you should have known better for you have sold out your ancestors and betrayed your people.
“The voices of us, your Ancestors are calling from our much disturbed graves and we demand ‘manna to our people’. Our people will now stand as one. You, Billy, will support your people or be disavowed by us, your Ancestors”.
Not a threat a native Hawaii'an will ignore, I think!
Xavier Hermes

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