There is going to be the need for some sort of world federation. We all share the same oceans,
breathe the same air and live on the same fragile planet.
We cannot continue with global anarchy and gangster controlled governments.
~Ben Fulford

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Portal 2012 Conference Sint Maarten/St Martin : 30th November – 2nd December : Tickets on sale now : Limited ticket only venue:

Portal 2012 Conference Sint Maarten/St Martin : 30th November – 2nd December : Tickets on sale now : Limited ticket only venue:

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The Portal 2012 Conference SXM here in Sint Maarten with special guest host Cobra.
Tickets now on sale for those outside Sint Maarten :
Please send inquiry email requesting tickets to,
Our voluntary staff will be there to guide you in all requests, from where to stay and how to get here etc.
View from my balcony of Energies of Saint Martin
Conference details and specifics :
Friday 30th November 6 pm -9 pm 
Introduction with meditation  and meeting  Guest Host Cobra:
Saturday 1st December 10.30 am-1.00 pm.
LIBERATION OF THE PLANET-*Galactic  Wars and Atlantis-*Quarantine Earth and Archon-*Forces of Light and forces of darkness- *Resistance Movement.
Saturday afternoon 1st December 2.30 pm-7.30 pm.
THE EVENT-*The Plan-removal of the dark forces-*New financial system-*New advanced technologies-*Disclosure and First Contact-*Planetary Light body activation-*2012 Event Horizon-*Galactic super-wave .
Sunday Morning 2nd December 10.30 am to 1.00 pm.
2012 AND YOU-*Your mission: the life you were meant to live -*Joining the Light forces-*Deprogramming the masses-*Planetary liberation meditation-*Healing the timelines .
Sunday Afternoon 2nd December 2.30 pm – 7.30 pm.
RETURN OF THE GODDESS-*Experiencing Goddess energies-*Goddess Vortex meditation
Non-disclosure agreement must be signed by each participant-No photography or recording-Topics presented may be subject to change.
These are really exciting times for our Region and for those who wish to enjoy some Caribbean beaches, sunshine and breezes,
Sint Maarten’s :P rincess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) has direct flights to Paris, Amsterdam, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Canada.
We have a list of preferred and recommended hotels and guest houses depending on your requirements to suit all forms of budgets.
If you have not visited this Island of Vortex energy then we strongly recommend you do so, it is 7 miles by 6 miles and has a huge lagoon ( hurricane hole) for a vast array of ships and yachts form all over the world.
It has the Dutch side south and French side North which is a principality 97 of France:
So we are diverse in interest and languages commonly spoken is English, French, Dutch and Hispanic plus Creole and Pappamiento a mix of the all the above.
The currency is both Euro on French side and Dollar on the Dutch side.
Fruits and foods of the Caribbean will not let you down either, we have it all growing at the side of the road here, Mango Fruit Graviola Fruit ( the cancer curing Sour-Sop ) and Guava fruit plus delicious beach side fresh Coconut Palms.
We truly are delighted to be giving this opportunity to you to come here and enjoy the messages that will be offered in this conference.
You like me are delighted with our special guest and host speaker Cobra  here: 
This is a ticket only venue with limited amount of ticket for sale: $250 for full conference.
Local people for the event have the option for $30 for opening evening  and $100 per subsequent day>
Please email and ask about tickets bookings and log your name to ensure your ticket is secured.
This is more than any holiday, this is your ticket to our future.
PS :We shall see you all there for a great weekend:

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