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Proven Infection-Fighting Power

Proven Infection-Fighting Power

Right up there with fears of public speaking, death and snakes is the
fear of bacteria.

Because since the discovery of antibiotics in 1928, "war" has been waged against theses miniature monsters that are capable of wreaking havoc of colossal proportions with your health.
But has victory been achieved on the battlefield?
Well, not really.
Here's why not:
Destroy the enemy
Over the last 50 years or so, we as a society have become increasingly confrontational when it comes to bacteria.
Now, it's not like we haven't had valid concerns.
Bacteria are responsible for many a health woe, including bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections, bladder and vaginal infections, gastroenteritis (stomach bug), ulcers, C-diff and meningitis, and can even result in life-threatening sepsis.
In addition to antibiotics, our arsenal has been expanded to include antibacterial soaps, lotions, skin wipes, hand sanitizer, spray deodorizers and detergents.
But in our fight to destroy the evil microscopic enemy, we've failed to focus on two very important things:
1- Enemy intelligence and
2- Homeland security
Read on...

Survival of the deadliest
Although we've killed off many weaker strains of bacteria with our antibiotics and antibacterial-everything, what's happened is that we've left untouched the MOST dangerous, deadly bacterial strains -- many of which have grown more and more resistant to stronger and stronger medications.
At the same time, between our antibiotic use and our modern diets of fast food, processed food, soda and refined carbs, we've basically obliterated our internal army--otherwise known as our friendly flora.
That means it's only a matter of time before the enemy marches in victoriously...
...And you get very, very sick.

Chronic infections and then some
The first-level symptoms of this harmful bacterial "victory" comes out as chronic infections. admittances for infections are at an all time high. (Odd, isn't it, with all the antibiotics and antibacterial stuff we use?)
But that's just the beginning, my friend.
You see, 70-80% of your immune system happens to reside in your gut flora, so if you are like so many other people today, you are without its full protection against diseases like cancer, and may be more vulnerable to "mixed-up" immune responses otherwise known as autoimmune diseases.
In addition, without your friendly flora's protection of your gut wall, your intestines can become too porous (known as leaky gut).
When your gut is leaky, harmful toxins and bacteria can seep out into your bloodstream and encourage the development of chronic inflammation just about anywhere in your body.
Inflammation can manifest itself as conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies, migraines and atherosclerosis--certainly nothing to take lightly.
Got any of these? If so, your gut is probably leaky.

Let's rethink our strategy
The promising news here is that experts are starting to take note and rethink the typical battle strategy against bacteria.
For example, Susan Lynch, an associate professor of medicine in the division of gastroenterology at the University of California San Francisco recently conducted a study showing that people with chronic sinus infections had less diversity in their friendly bacterial "communities" than healthy people.
Dr. Lynch also stated that, "Over time, this (bacterial war) results in highly unstable communities that are perhaps more vulnerable to infection or chronic inflammation."
Promoting "bacterial diversity" may therefore be a better way to fight disease than (merely) prescribing antibiotics that blast both the good and bad bacteria, she said.

The new (smarter) battle plan against infection
While it can be helpful to avoid exposure to bacteria, and certainly to use antibiotics ONLY when absolutely necessary (garlic is usually more effective), arguably even more important is to keep your population of friendly flora both strong AND "diverse."
You see, the stronger your internal army, the more effective it is at overcoming whatever harmful bacteria may invade your territory.
Plus, since different types of beneficial bacteria have their own unique "specialty" in how they fight the bad guys, the more diverse your "soldiers" are, the better protected YOU are.
Here are two very effective ways to make sure your army is strong and effective:
Army recruitment strategy #1 - Supplementation
A medical-grade multi-strain probiotic formula like Super Shield
can help beef up your population of beneficial bacteria in these three different ways:

1. Selective nutrition
Super Shield contains FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) which are a fiber that is nourishment for friendly (probiotic) bacteria, but cannot be digested by harmful bacteria.
2. Smarter antibiotics
Many probiotic bacteria produce their own "natural" antibiotics.
Now, these are NOT the typical antibiotics you're used to--they inhibit the growth of, and can actually kill, many harmful bacteria, while leaving the good guys untouched.
Also, as probiotics digest their food, their metabolic by-products can have negative effects on harmful competitors.
For example, when probiotics digest fiber, they release acids that are like vinegar. And yeasts (like Candida) don't grow well in the presence of these acids.
3. Line 'em up!
In addition to probiotics killing harmful bacteria, after they do, the probiotic bacteria in Super Shield march onto the spaces along your intestinal wall formerly occupied by bad bacteria.
If bacteria aren't snugly attached to your intestinal wall, they can get swept away by peristalsis (the muscle contractions during digestion that move your wastes along).
So the more probiotics you can get to occupy your intestinal wall, the greater the chance of harmful bacteria getting swept away when you have a bowel movement.
Learn more about Super Shield and all the ways it can help you here.

Army recruitment strategy #2 - Eat the right stuff
Probiotic supplements are great, but too often they're not enough.
Because you can undo their victories in a SNAP with the wrong foods.
You see, whatever you eat, your gut microbes eat too. But different types of bacteria have different food preferences.
Depending on your food choices, certain bacteria will feast while others go hungry. So your diet is a HUGE factor in controlling the microflora balance in your intestines and thus your immune system.
Harmful bacteria LOVE processed food, fast food and sugar. They gorge and multiply like rabbits, while your beneficial bacteria (that are nourished by real foods like vegetables and whole grains) starve and die.
So to help keep your beneficial gut bacteria fed and happy, it's crucial to follow my advice in the Great Taste No Pain system.
Great Taste No Pain is not a diet--it is an eating lifestyle that stresses real foods (that your friendly flora loves) and shows you how to combine your foods for efficient digestion (so you nourish your flora AND say goodbye to gas, bloating, constipation, etc.).
And Great Taste No Pain delivers on the "Great Taste" promise. All of the dishes in the recipe book are delicious so your tongue will be happy too!

Bacteria are an ever-present health-wrecking enemy that is not going to retreat anytime soon.
But if you focus on not only fighting the enemy but keeping YOUR internal army of probiotic bacteria strong, you are FAR less likely to suffer the consequences of harmful bacteria...
Or if you do happen to get sick, you'll be more likely to bounce back MUCH faster!
To your health,
Sherry Brescia
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