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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Removing The Shackles - Nov 3rd Update


Update: Nov 3rd, and a warm up to some extremely important info

I've been extremely busy for the past 48 hours and haven't really had time to touch base here with everyone. No time to write an actual article, so I am going to post some videos and links below for everyone to take a look at.

 I just called 732-793-8000 which is the sheriff dep. in Seaside Heights NJ. She said YES they ARE under Martial Law. People have been FORCIBLY REMOVED, and so forth.


THIS TOTALLY LIT MY ASS UP! This BLATANT Geo-engineering/ HAARP Activity is BEYOND RIDICULOUS! Young & Old, including Pets, are dying due to Chemtrails & the microwaving of EVERYTHING! HOW DARE these Hypocrites campaign stating the welfare of Americans comes FIRST while doing this to us? Even a FOOL can SEE the damned HAARP activity here. As stated herein, I have had my fill of all the deception & betrayal. It's TIME to awaken the masses & to become PRO-ACTIVE. PULL THE PLUG ON HAARP & HOLD THESE TREASONOUS BASS-TURDS ACCOUNTABLE!

....Pay particular attention to the cloud formations at 1 minute 5 seconds and 1 minute 20 seconds.

Finally, I recommend reading this article from Project Camelot. I do not agree with everything in this report, but it touches on some VITALLY important information. One of my close friends, whom you all know here, and I are working together on a project to bring information that he has been given, that is of immense importance,  to the public.  We are currently discussing and planning the best way to bring this information forward.  In the mean time, this article I think will give a bit more background in some areas that we will be discussing.



  1. Maybe someone should be watching as banks are coming in and seizing the properties because payments are NOT being made even a few days late!

    The Sheriff is allowing to have the properties seized so the Sheriff should be arrested for GRAND THEFT!

    The banks ordered Martial Law to be Declared!

  2. PLEASE REPOST - cant read it - its being blocked?