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Date: Tuesday, 6-Nov-2012 17:37:36

Saturday November 10, 2012


  1. Nathan Peachey was one of Tim Turner's guys. I question if this is real or more of the same false crap.

  2. Peachy. Is a snake. These people just don't get it. Let them spin their wheels of confusion and be blown away in the whirlwind they have created for themselves.
    The ones that remain are known criminals with criminal backgrounds.let's see....Wis. group has several felons, so does Cali...media boy,
    The Il gov is a known fraud who defrauded banking institutions with an psychotic immoral scheme that will eventually land her in prison. Several of the gov are disgusting slobs.

    It is the good few that will get hurt and those who hurt them will reap the evil they have done. This group is not good and don't waste your efforts and allow yourself to be deceived by this plan. Sow your patriotic seeds into good groups like the tea party. Oh and I intend on getting word to the higher ups in the tea groups ...giving them a heads up on Rusa.

    1. I don't understand you. Peachey is a good man with an honorable agenda. Your freedom and mine. Existing freedoms that are trying to be encroached by the Federal/Marxist corporation that poses as a government. I just want what Peachey wants, to be left alone. To live, let live and pursue happiness. Is that too much to ask for?

  3. Is this for real? WOW!

  4. On some level, I am pleased with the elections because I was able to watch this debate.


    I didn't vote, but the debate above really opened my mind to a lot of things. Eyes on the ground show that our current policy is unsustainable, and both heads of the hydra are controlled by the evil Democratic cabal.

    Make no mistake, citizens. Gary Johnson is absolutely correct regarding their agenda. The current policies enacted will bankrupt us, destroying the back of our economy.

    This nation would be far better off, if not the best off if there were virtually no Democrats holding all offices or governorships. Why?

    Because, their polices are ass backwards and part of a ZERO tolerance to "debate" agenda that started under FDR & Truman and got worse as years went to decades.

    Democrats for the most part are an evil, scheming party who is always looking for how to enrich & enlarge government. When I say Democrats should be booted, I mean for example the Cheney family, and all the executives of Lockheed Martin who are also Democrats.

    As well as Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and John McCain who are likewise Democrats. Along with Bush Senior, Lyndon Johnson, Rahm Emanuel, Martin Indyk, Paul Ryan, Harry Reid, Rothschild, George Soros and Donald Rumsfeld who are likewise Democrats.

    Does this fact surprise you? It shouldn't. These same traitors also allowed corporations to run amok by raising/pilfering the corporate tax rate, as ways to reward their stooge cronies who covered up the bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty which murdered over 48 sailors.

    The men or women serving on that ship don't forget, and neither do most Americans. When our alleged Ally Israel blew the Liberty to smithereens, those wounds tend to never heal up right. FDR gave them a medal, I give them **.

    One major problem has run through Israel and Bahrain since their founding, that is both parties are joined at the hip. To live there you either vote to racially colonize the east, or racially colonize the west half instead. Being your only choice is which side of the Nazi genocide you want to enjoy. Henceforth, Israel is destined to be bankrupt. (like Bahrain)

    Tax breaks to major corporations, freeloading money to politicians and their corporate sponsors and about the only thing you get to "change"....is who heads up the new Czars. This is because their entire economy is built off loopholes, a frivolous moral hazard that U.S. has no business with. Their government is always getting larger, because the people in Israel especially, only know the way of socialism!

    If I was in charge of some 3rd rate dictatorship, I would make money laundering illegal & close all the loopholes for business. Especially in Israel or Bahrain. I would let people live how they wish, not stuck to an ideology but able to choose their own towns and borders that all people would share. Militants would be relegated to the fringes and cast out to make their bones elsewhere. Especially Islam and Israeli weapons contractors.

  5. Unfortunately, that type of reality is never going to set forth in those countries. Not in this decade due to a hundred years of Democratic sabotage. To make you understand why I'm picking on them, Martin Indyk, a Democrat, helped found the Green Party. They likewise founded the Constitution party, again for the sake of enlarging government. Through proxy, they took lead of the Republican party.

    So the very idea that these out of control people called 'Democrats' are only in the Democratic party, IS THE OLDEST MYTH IN THE BOOK. If we need anything, its a massive reduction of government & free choice balanced from what Gary Johnson and Stein says. Paying out of pocket for all our services gets us nowhere, as is the case in Israel's healthcare law.

    In fact, if we need any kind of "Deals" it shouldn't be from the Federal government. That is what scares the tar out of me about Jill Stein, she has no idea how false that is, and how much that line is parroted out of FDR's lips. You cannot force an "economic" revival through pillaging everyone's pocket! If any "New Deal", it needs to be the Sovereign State enforced new deals. As these are the only "Deals" we can pay for, and still protect borders to which Gary Johnson is on target.

    Although there may be some room for Federal intervention, it is very limited in scope. Its power must likewise be MUTED or its no benefit. While Jill Stein doesn't know it yet, her ideals for Government Utopia don't work in practice - and were used by Rothschild. She slips dangerously close to Rothschild ideology by always believing government solves it. Reality dictates government rarely ever solves it! If you cannot pay for a program, building those jobs should definitely be left locally.

    States should decide their own wages, granting limited excise to the Federal Government and for that matter kicking most Democrats out of office. Except for a few like Leahy. The idea is to keep the Government's nose out of places it fails - Stein gets that - yet she still insists it must control cap & trade?
    She is very conservative - but brainwashed.

    Josef Stalin also figured we should "cap" taxes.
    Russ Feingold should study his party's dark history. He might find himself better served switching to Independent.

    Overall, I view our path as unsustainable and Obama's reelection as a necessary thing. I agree that he will get rid of the Federal Reserve, and overthrow the democratic cabal. He'll let his libertarian streak shine. But I fear that he will also later go the Stein route, thinking for the greater good we need "more" censorship. And Islam is a very radical religion, so if prophecy is true, his allowing this evil religion to flourish & Israel to get worse is disturbing.

    But I believe he was meant to take office, so whatever comes out of it is better than what we had. I will forever disagree though, in that Ron Paul was a far wiser choice. He would've destroyed the Federal Reserve, tossed them in jail and done away with Islam. Whereas this man, based on what's known, will allow Islam to reach boiling point & flood the Middle East.

    While getting rid of these people is commendable, Islam is not any saner than Jerusalem nor does it bear better fruit. Both Israel and Bahrain are proof of that; democracy is a two edged sword. It cuts off your nose & all your industries you figured you controlled, while bankrupting you at the same time. Nothing good ever comes of it - a big federal government is never a "good" federal government.

  6. Thanks John for posting. I can no longer just believe in something that sounds too good to be true. Who is really behind this information? Why do I feel this could just be another wild goose chase after yet another dangling carrot? Still hope it could be true.... but ?

  7. They sounds real peachy but forget about it.

  8. The choice seems, to me, apparent. 1) we come together in Republic as a government of the people, for the people, & by the people. 2) we quit complaining and live with our choice. Should we choose #1 then the Republic is a representation of who we are. What is being promoted is the organized effort to achieve #1. Law can be changed or amended as the people decide in Republic. Peachey and others are NOT dictating, only offering a vehicle for all of us to come into Republic as a representation of who we (the ones who choose to do so) are. My personal fear is that we will be so divided, while we argue and find fault, the opportunity slips from our grasp.
    Please, come and stand together and own the Republic.

  9. Peachy was one of Tim Turner (NOW INCARCERATED) right men, this is all a bunch of BS, this people NEVER accomplish ANYTHING!!!! their ego is too big and their knowledge too little.

    People a word of caution, do your due diligence before getting involved with this group.

  10. Common sense and principals must be applied here. If you ,the critic, stepped up and stood in Republic with others of like mind, then it will become your Republic and you can contribute to solving the problem. As it stands you want to encourage division and total failure of our country as we know it, this is D-Day for us. Wake UP! You are effectively on one side or the other, defacto or Constitutional Republic. The choice is yours, LIVE BY YOUR DECISIONS!