Sunday, November 18, 2012

Roller Coasters and Slouch Boots


Update Nov 18: Roller Coasters and Slouch Boots

This week has been one hell of a crazy roller coaster!  Massive ups followed by quick downs as the intel geysered like an open fire hydrant one minute then dried up for endless hours at a time the next.  Smoke rolling out so thick you could walk on it all the way to the moon, followed by actual facts that left me stunned speechless.  

I was hoping to be able to tell a lot more today about what's going on, but these guys seem to think that their time schedule is far more important than mine.  The nerve, I tell ya!  Sheeeesh!!

- Orders were given last week:   

- More very important papers signed, freeing much waited upon money to go forth and spread across the world- more importantly, freeing people from the bondage of a couple of corporations that have been masquerading as something official.

- If you are one of the people that decided to "risk it" and sign up for that prosperity package that was posted on the internet last week:  Congratulations, you lucky dogs!!! For those of you who didn't trust it, don't worry, there will be more opportunities to jump on the band wagon very very soon. (I have a feeling that the post office and various other couriers are going to be awfully busy for the next little while).

-Since it's been leaked all over the various dinar "intel" sites, I guess it's not really a secret any more that certain financial institutions are showing some very interesting rates on their screens. I have received multiple confirmations on this.

- Around the world everything is being prepared. As I said last week: This is not an American thing.  When it all rolls out, you will be gob smacked by the magnitude of what has been accomplished.

- A side note to those who's greed got the better of them:  Seriously?  What? A couple of billion wasn't enough for you? You just had to have more? You had it all, and now, because of your degenerate gluttonous greed (and blatant stupidity) it's all gone gone gone.  Serves you right you pigs.

- You may notice new fashion trends amongst the elite.  I've heard that baggy pants are now all the rage- good thing that slouch boots are fashionable again for the ladies.  ... they wouldn't want the public to get jealous of those new anklets they're sporting, now would they?

And that's all I can say for now, but I'd like to leave you with a bit of musical inspiration (no more bad rap music, I promise!!)  This is sort of my theme song at the moment.

Have an awesome week my friends!!

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