Friday, November 9, 2012

SaLuSa 9-November-2012

Hello All:
           Salusa says we are own our way to seeing the changes that have been talked about. I hope one of the first things is the medical For all of us that need it. Then the financial part. We wait to see as things unfold.  God Bless  Love to all Smile Red rose Red heart
SaLuSa 9-November-2012
The long wait is over and Obama is aware of what is expected of him, and is the man for the job. Like every other soul he has been working towards this time in his life, to achieve the main objective of his soul plan. He will soon be set up and able to go ahead with changes that he knows are necessary to take humankind forward. We have been in constant touch with him and he has been frequently briefed as to what his role is. Several legal actions are about to be taken that will see the real start of the removal of the top members of the Illuminati. That will effectively remove the last vestiges of power that they hold, and put paid to their last hopes of holding on. It will then allow a more general clear out of the dark Ones at the lower levels.
We ask you not to let up with your efforts to spread the Light, as the collective consciousness of Man still needs every support and encouragement to expand. To say the least, there will be quite an awakening when the truth starts to come out and we want it to have a positive affect and not cause fear. Human Beings do not like change feeling that it threatens their stability and comfort with what they know and are used to. However, it should not be very long before we can play our part and openly communicate with you. It is one thing to channel our messages to you, but we want to be seen for what we are. Our presence will soon overcome any fears about us, as it will be seen that we come as Ambassadors of Peace.
We still require that your Military are ordered not to fire upon us, if we are to move more freely in your skies. Although we can avoid danger we wish to be able to move closer to you and make contact without any risk of harm to you. Those of you who are psychic will have noted that we appear more often where there are gatherings of those spreading the Light, and so it shall continue. It is our way of not only protecting you, but also enfolding you in more Light so that all involved are lifted up even further. This was your experience at the Sedona Conference, and some of you were overwhelmed by it. Just imagine if each day was the same, because very soon that will become your normal day to day experience. You have touched the higher vibrations and realize what a wonderful feeling it is.
This month and of course the next one will be one continuous round of energetic inputs that will successively raise your vibrations even higher. Every soul will feel the affect in one way or another, and those of you who are already way along the path of Ascension will absorb them quite easily. For others who have not yet opened up to them, it can be a difficult experience as the body is not yet prepared to receive them. It is likely to leave them confused and unable to comprehend what is taking place. It is a time to centre yourselves and relax, as stress is your worst enemy when trying to prepare for upliftment. Your eventual release from the clutches of the dark Ones should help to release any tension or negative feelings, so that the Light can come flooding in.
Our allies are now more motivated than ever, and can go ahead with there plans that have long been held up. They can as it were, do the paperwork that will allow us to move everything forward. Like you we have eagerly awaited this time when the action can commence. We have to thank all of the Lightworkers for their dedication to their individual tasks, as without you matters would not be where they are today. You now deserve to reap the benefits of your work, and soon you will enjoy becoming part of the changes in which you can take an active role. Duality is fading away to be replaced by freedom and peace for all people.
At the moment it is a case of "wait and see" how things develop from hereon. Our focus is upon the governmental changes to allow our chosen representatives to be identified and speed ahead with their work. That will result in the foundation of a new authority that has your best interests at heart. Soon you will be able to trust those who are given the power to make decisions on your behalf. No longer will there be double dealing and false promises. You have attracted so much Light to Earth that you have quite rightly set up a high vibration, that no longer allows the people of the lower vibration to take charge. It is for this reason that it is in order to have them removed.
In the future when you elect your leaders they will be from those who are highly spiritually evolved. Wise heads will rule by consent and decisions will be based upon love and all that brings you joy and happiness. Not one soul will have an ulterior motive in their hearts or mind, as at the higher level all is pure and of the Light. In the company of other loving souls life is ecstatic and whole, and a continual celebration of the deity. Absolutely everything you could desire is available to you, and with your own power of creation you will need for nothing at all. After living in duality for so long the changes will be literally out of this world. Life will be unlike anything you have experienced so far, and greatly exceed your expectations.
So Dear Ones, rest easy and enjoy what is about to take place. Any inconvenience while the changes take place will be short lived, and with us in support we will ensure that you are looked after. There are obviously massive changes coming up and we will be more than equal to the task. We already have hundreds and hundreds of craft within your atmosphere, and massive Motherships just beyond that can provide whatever you need in very short time. Many of you have visited us in your dream state, and when we can freely meet you will remember the contacts that you made. Our Galactic Federation of Light comprises those Star Nations that most of you originally came from. So there will be some very emotional reunions once we get together, as you meet your true family.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that the different members of our Federation look upon each other as One. On Earth you tend to keep to your own clan and do not readily mix as we do. Be ready to cast aside such feelings and rejoice in the knowledge that you are All One. Until we meet we continue to send you our unlimited Love for your well being.
Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.
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  1. Of all the highly suspect chanellers Mike Quincy makes me the most nervous, his style of writing is like going thru a covert lobotomy with words,he tries to remove all the readers internal discernment ,this writer in my judgement is very dangerous I call him a cosmic communist,and a subliminal terrorist I'm just aware .

    1. And you are probably a "shill" for why would you even say anything if it were not to make a very negative point and try to change a perspective around. Most people that are in the know just "observe" and make their own decisions. Right now is the time to go with the flow as the old slowly becomes the new.

  2. Sorry but you lose me the second you say barry odumbo is good !

    1. Hi Anonymous.
      Part 1 of 2
      Have you ever spoken on a phone to someone who was mad at you?
      When you heard their voice, did you smile while talking to them on the phone or did you change your mood to match theirs.

      We create our reality. The bad guy to one, will always be the bad guy until you see something different in them. Sort of like telling someone, man I always thought you were and a-hole, but I see you are alright.
      Many of us have had people we disliked and found out our perceptions were 'changeable'.

      I know a lot of us can get a lot of reports and negative info and great films that are against Obama on this internet. As many things that consider him bad, there is as many that consider him good. It's how we are looking at it and what we experience from it. Movie where someone is robbing a clerk, and looking the clerk in the face and saying, 'I'm sorry', but still robbing them. Later on, they are able to do something that breaks up the gang that robbed that clerk. The clerk will never know. All they remember is being robbed, the I'm sorry didn't matter, why didn't they just die on the spot if they were sorry would be the clerk's point of view.
      Well if they died on the spot, they could not do what they did later, that saved even more people from the gang.
      I know nothing of Obama, but in the darkest of places and in the darkest of people who have a soul, is the divine spark of light. That light however bright or dim is there. When around what it needs, it will shine bright, and when denied the properties it needs to shine bright it shines dim and darkness seems to have the power.

      Barack's cabinet cannot tell America every move they make. Half the people want to know so they can complain about the direction being wrong, and the other half trust in the leadership and will allow them to move forward and make mistakes in uncharted territory.

      There is nothing wrong with anyone created by the Creator.
      The connection from a quantum physics level is amazing. What one particle does can affect another particle that is many distances away.

      You are a particle and how you see Obama is how he affects you many distances away.

      I am a particle and I have the utmost freedoms and the worst of the oppressors of the system has come after me, and I've been able to reach into the system and let them know to 'leave me be, leave me free'.
      This is the same administration where people fear NDAA as if it was written for them.
      It's written for anyone who gets in the way of the direction the rest of us want to go, and that is up and out of this darkness, separation, war, hatred, divide, discrimination, oppression.

      I see who's retiring or leaving office. I see a cleaning of sorts.
      Holder, AG
      Geithner, Sec of Treas
      Shulman, Comm of IRS

    2. Part 2 of 2
      A bureau for consumers, consumer financial protection bureau, FSPB is expanding January 2013 and will go after all debt collectors who are garnishing wages and were not owed any money. IF they are third party debt collectors they had no right to take wages, but they did take it, and FTC was powerless to do things under it's 'powers delegated', this new bureau will clean what was messed up by the bureaucracy of the rules binding the FTC into partial action or no action.
      The mortgage fraud bureau he created has those bankers running around trying to get valid contracts to foreclose on. People are getting their modification contracts which supercede the Deed of Trust even if they weren't your original lender and that's what they foreclose on now, instead of the original Deed of Trust where they had no right or power or standing to foreclose.
      IRS is under scrutiny. They have dropped their frivolous filing penalty from $5000 to $500, see Congress in 2006 increased the amount of the penalty for frivolous tax returns from $500 to $5,000.
      After reelection Obama pledge to reform the tax code, but I doubt he does it by executive order, so Congress will be needed for this to work.

      There's more but I can't get into all the changes around us. People see what they want to see and believe what they choose to believe.

      This really is your reality. You can see whatever you want, and there are many who know how it works and they can show you what you want to see. Behind your eyes is an empty space as vast as the universe. You can see it when you close your eyes. That's where reality really is. It's what you want to see, what you project, you get back in return.

      In the darkest of places, spaces, and people, there is light if you want to see it, you can, if you don't want to see it, that's fine too, because you'll see darkness but you'll see what you want to see.

  3. I agree with the othes. Quinsey or Salusa as he calls his disinfo alter ego has never provided any truth yet. And no we cannot see any progress that aliens have made nor have we ever seen an alien. They always turn out to be a fourth grade fake.

  4. I am glad to see that not everyone lacks discernment and will not be deceived by this channeling stuff.. as for bathhouse lobotomy..yes shall know them by there fruits...what I see is evil empty eyes similar to Hitler. Along with h Reid little Hitler punks..val jar , Michelle the beard . These animals murdered our seal team 6, the ambassador and 3 others, and Andrew Breitbart. AB had proof of the 10 mil votes stolen in 08, and was trying to stop the 30 plus years of voter fraud. d

  5. Remember the movie Fright Night, or the show True Blood, or any number of 'clues' presented to you in movies, not necessarily scary ones? If you invite them without knowing the consequences of your actions, that does not mean you can plead ignorance and un-invite them. Our planet has gone through some changes due to other worlders that were invited or allowed to come here for a stated purpose, and they extended their stay and twisted the rules of the planet for their purposes and desires.

    Salusa 'never' tells everything. Only enough for you to 'put in the pieces you wanted to hear' so that you get an idea of who they are and want them to be here.

    This is a horrible example, so just take it as a horrible example to show you the art of redaction.

    Original intent (example)
    I want to visit your planet and show you the marvels of the universe, so you will worship me and think I am your God, after all we are brothers and sisters and the ultimate goal is light and love, as long as you love me and only me after all I will show you that was shown by no other. We must get rid of the dark cabal, and if you don't follow the program of seeing us as your saviors we will label you as dark cabal and get rid of you too, because this planet has had enough separation, and needs to move closer to Loving one another, and it's conditional if you choose not to love us, we will remove you.

    A Salusa type channeling: (example)
    I want to visit your planet and show you the marvels of the universe, after all we are brothers and sisters and the ultimate goal is light and love. We must get rid of the dark cabal, because this planet has had enough separation, and needs to move closer to Loving one another.

    The message comes with some restraint as if there is a lot more unspoken than spoken is the point I'm trying to make. There are a lot of ways to lead someone astray and one of the easiest is through omission.

    Since the channeling is one way, it's like watching an infomercial, you take their word the product does what they say it does, you take their word on the guarantee, and after you've chosen the product of your free will, you find out that it doesn't perform as you expected and getting your money back has caveats you didn't know about when you ordered it.

    In the infomercial world, what you don't know won't hurt you or you should have asked before you bought it.

    I have always said No to Salusa, so even if they arrive on someone else's whim, I speak for me and this is still a Free Will planet, and no one will put me into any agreement as a collective. If Salusa wants to be here, let them be born here like we were and then keep the retain the knowledge through their birth here and introduce it that way. They are not our saviors, and we are who we are looking for.

    The Creator in Salusa is the same Creator in me.
    I say No!, to you Salusa.


  6. The one thing we've been waiting for .. some of us 20 years of our lives .. are the packies.

    Our socialist president will never allow that to happen. He can't.

    Obama has repeatedly said that he is going to take from the rich and give their money to the poor. He is going to make everyone equal. That's socialism. During his campaign, when going for the black vote, he said "it is time to get even". What do you think he meant by that ?

    1. Corporations were always supposed to pay the taxes and somehow it got shifted to the people. Did you see the report where "Apple paid less than 2% corporation tax on its profits outside the US, its filing with US regulators has shown."
      He's United States of America's president, he knew the country was diverse before he took the job. If he discriminated, he'd be violating their own Corporate codes.

      United - not divided.
      He can make us equal in many ways, including making sure "if" you get the packets, they are stolen by some automatic trading program or some computer glitch that causes your bank to be inaccessible on the internet, or ATMs to fail.

      Or maybe he should just open the flood gates for those that are ready for their money, let all this happen, then let them get mad at him for opening the flood gates without having everything safe before he did.

      Six in one hand, half a dozen in another.
      Damned if he did, damned if he didn't.

      I guarantee you, the majority of the people who get their hands on money will try to increase it's value through some ponzi like the stock market, and there's a lot of computers waiting to trade. It's been discovered some computers have a few seconds jump to get in on a trade before yours goes in, and they know you are buying, they can buy bring up the price and then sell to you, and make a profit in the middle.

      It's been known the Fed has been trying to debase the currency. Imagine a millionaire seeing his money go down to thousandaire in a day. How happy and celebrating will you be when you've entered contracts that expect you to have a million dollars and not a thousand.

      Patience is a virtue, not many people have virtues these days.