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Monday, November 5, 2012

Slick Willy

Slick Willy

From a show on Canadian TV, where a black comedian said he misses Bill Clinton.

"Yep, that's right - I miss Bill Clinton! He was the closest thing we ever got to having a real black man, as President.

# 1 - He played the sax.

# 2 - He smoked weed.

# 3 - He had his way with ugly, white women.

Even now? Look at him ... his wife works, and he doesn't!

And, he gets a check from the government every month.

Manufacturers announced today that, they will be stocking Americas' shelves this week with "Clinton Soup", in honor of one of the nations' distinguished men. It consists, primarily, of a weenie in hot water.
Of course, as usual, the public will have to provide the 'heat'.

Chrysler Corporation is adding a new car to its line, to honor Bill Clinton. The "Dodge Drafter" will be built in Canada.

When asked what he thought about foreign affairs, Clinton replied, "I don't know; I never had one".

The Clinton revised judicial oath: "I solemnly swear to tell the truth as I know it, the whole truth as I believe it to be and nothing but what I think you need to know".

Clinton will be recorded in history as the only President to do Hanky Panky between the Bushes".

... ya' gotta' love it!

The skunk has replaced the Eagle as the symbol for the President.

It is half black, half white, and everything it does, stinks.

2 days to "nobama"

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