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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

States Rising up against Feds - Latest Secession Petition Signature Totals

Subject: States Rising up against Feds - Latest Secession Petition Signature Totals
If you haven't seen this yet, it's worth checking out.  To sign the petition, you must sign up at the WhiteHouse.gov site.  You only need your e.mail address and name.  34 out of 50 states so far have recently started their petitions.  Don't worry about signing, because we know that big brother already knows more about us than we can imagine...Laurel

To: laurel.z@hotmail.com
From: alerts@restoretherepublic.com
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 15:07:58 -0500
Subject: States Rising up against Feds - Latest Secession Petition Signature Totals

Latest Secession Petition Totals & Videos
LIMITED TIME: No Invite Code Needed to Join the Action!


As of Tuesday morning, 34 of 50 states are petitioning President Obama for peaceful secession from the United States of America. That number was only 23 yesterday. That is more than half of the states in America.

It's unclear whether these petitions are a nod to dissatisfaction that some think may soon match Civil War proportion,or not. 

However, the utter contempt for the Obama administration indicated by this petition drive, which appears to be on its way to all fifty states, is very clear.

Below is a link to the latest signature totals, updated automaticly, and the latest video reports so you track the momentum of this developing story.

Please bookmark, share, and forward this link:

Realtime Signature Totals
and Latest Secession Videos

RTR.org - The First Action Network of the Revolution

http://RTR.org - RestoreTheRepublic
3149 Dundee Rd #176
Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA 

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