Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taking a break . . .

Taking a break . . .

Posted on by Jean
Friends, Family,
I’m taking a break from my blog, whose purpose at the moment seems lost to you all. It is NOT about whether or not this sounds like Ben Fulford. It is not about the events in the Middle East, not really. It is about simply watching these events as we move towards Ascension, about which no one seems to have any interest at all. 
You can focus on this stuff, if you choose, but I can’t involve myself in it. For me, my blog has become a drain on my energy, and I simply haven’t got anymore to give. I don’t know when or if I will be back. It is not my job to lead you toward the Light. It is up to you to get yourselves there, and as far as I can figure out, except for a few specific people, you simply aren’t interested.
The only way you are going to get anywhere in the future is if you do your inner work now, and you can’t be doing your inner work if all you are doing is focusing on things like ‘it doesn’t sound like Ben Fulford’ here, etc., etc, etc. If you would take more than a passing look at Drunvalo’s recent book, you would realize there is far more at stake than such conversations. The sort of things he discusses is what is important to me, and it seems you have little interest in his words; therefore, there isn’t much more I can say to you.
I’ve had several other important projects developing in the background, and it seems it is time for me to focus on them – at least for the time being. Maybe I’ll be back, but I just don’t know now. I didn’t intend my blog to become a place for news addicts, when life on the planet hangs in the balance. . . 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be sure to count your blessings!
Love and hugs,



  1. John, please know that everything you do is loved and appreciated, if not by all at least by some. This blog and your communications perform a vital task for the enlightened community, of which I count myself as one. Even though I cannot focus every day on things like Ascension, I still love and appreciate that you do, and what you bring into my life through this very special blog. If you choose not to continue it would leave a large gap in my knowledge and awareness that I have not been able to fulfill elsewhere. Again, please know that you are loved and appreciated and everything you do brings a blessing to me personally.

    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. - Dave B.

    1. It's not John taking a break. It's Jean (follow link).

    2. Dittos Thank you for all your great work. time and efforts and if you do not come back I pray that you have a great life ahead.

      Rod S.

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