Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Greetings To The Patriots

I wanted to send a Thanksgiving greeting to few Patriots I know that I admire for their stance to Restore Our Republic. I am thankful that you are out their, doing your own individual specific work  to fight Tyranny and help restore our Country back to lawful governance.  Joseph Campbell was one of America's most modern celebrated philosophers. One of his greatest contribution was his interpretations of "The Hero's Journey"  Joseph Campbell wrote and spoke about that one pathway to enlightenment and spiritual growth was taking upon our own shoulders the weight of the world and to become the Hero in our own lives that we need to transform the injustice we see in our world. It is from here that we discover the attributes of courage, honor, and vigilance. On my own path to self hood and personal responsibility I have become a activist of sort, and it led me be introduced to the Freedom Movement and I am learning what it means to be a Patriot in this day and age. This Thanksgiving I am grateful for the honorable Patriots out there in our United States Military and Intelligence Agencies that are fighting the good fight, that I will never meet, never know, or shake their hand and thank them for their sacrifice, their service, the spilling of their own blood great or small, to Restore our Republic. I am also thankful to the Patriots that have touched my life personally and have been a part of the same battles I have fought, and will continue to fight , until our last breath is drawn, God Bless us all, and God Bless the united/United States of America!.  

Michael Considine  

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