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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Armored Car Driver; The Cosmic Grand Plan...

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The Armored Car Driver; The Cosmic Grand Plan...
Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 17-Nov-2012 20:32:34

Received via email from Dragon
"The staff meeting has been canceled? Why?"
That was Joe on the phone. Joe is Ol' Joe Clark, the driver of the armored car that comes by on Monday and Thursday to pick up Z-Force Group's receipts.
"Not enough prior notice. I couldn't get everyone here in time for a meeting. LD50 is in Rome snooping around at the Bilderberger meeting. I told him that it was O.K. for him to go. He might find out something, but I really think that he just likes Italian women. When I told everyone to prepare for civilian life, he got with the program right away. A couple of others begged off for personal reasons. So here we are.
I'm going to send an e-mail out to all our operatives and let them read what I was going to say. That way, they'll be able to read and absorb it at their own pace. I've already written down what I wanted to say. Just notes. I guess I should use a teleprompter. So many public figures use them now."
That got a chuckle from Joe. Teleprompters as a campaign issue. Four years of campaigning against Obama and labeling him as telepromper user was the worst thing they had to throw at him. Amazing.
"Bring your ice chest with you Monday and I'll send you home with some turnip greens."
Joe said that was a great idea. We hung up the phone and then I sent him and all our operatives this e-mail message:
Let's get started with a background briefing to get us all on the same page. Some of you already know this background material. Even so, now's a good time to refresh your memories because what I'm going to say builds on the background information.
On or about July of 2005 we were made aware that there had been a decision made among certain powers, the powers that are able to make such decisions with finality, that earth now has its very own Archangel. I cannot remember his name and no, he doesn't have a web site! For no telling how many hundreds of years, earth has been sort of like Arizona was before it became a state. Earth, just like Arizona, was a territory with minimum law enforcement. Earth was open for settlement, exploration and exploitation.
Arizona was admitted to the Union in 1912. Then the law moved in. The rules changed.
Earth now has its own Archangel diplomatic representative to the cosmic equivalent of the "Union", or the "Council" or whatever name you find most comfortable. And, just as it was in Arizona, the law moved in. The rules changed.
The Council members do not share their thoughts with me. I could tell you what I think about why this happened, but it would be pure speculation and have value only as speculation. And this is not the occasion for that, anyway. So let's move on and deal with the situation as we know it.
If we accept that there's literally a new sheriff in town and that he and his friends are going to clean up this planet, then that would explain some of the otherwise unexplainable events, outcomes and changes that we see around us nearly every day. There have been changes, positive changes, that go counter to expectations based on personal experience and hundreds of years of history. This is not the time nor place to list or discuss them, so we won't devote any time to that exercise. Y'all are familiar with the big ones, anyway.
In the western movies, the new sheriff or the Lone Ranger or some other heroic personality comes into town and vanquishes the bad guys. And the townspeople are all delighted and go about their business in safety after that. That makes for a good story, and the plot works well on the micro level. One town, one sheriff, a few vanquished bad guys.
Try to imagine if that were to happen on a global level, or even on a national level. Let's use the United States as an example. What would happen if suddenly a sufficiently large force of Cosmic Marshals swooped down on Wall Street and other places and took away all the bad guys? Beam them up, de-materialize them on the spot, arrest them for crimes; whatever scenario entertains you. What would happen?
That's what would happen. Panic, uncertainty, and an end to the continuity of government. People would be out of money, out of food and water, and devoid of leadership. A power vacuum would occur, and someone would fill it. And then you'd have another whole long list of bad guys to be de-materialized, arrested, deported, or whatever. The government and the economic system has its faults, granted. But it is always there and pretty much stable. How can the marshal put the bad guys on trial if there's no government with which to do that? There has to be a better way.
Let's use Sheldon Adelson as the poster boy of the bad guy crowd. Find a photo of him and you'll know right away that he's the perfect guy for that honor. Adelson is unquestionably one of the "bad guys". Perhaps those who surround him are conscious participants, too. But somewhere on down the chain of command you come to a point where you find people who work for him because they need a job. Somewhere between that person and Adelson himself are people who know that what they are doing is wrong but they're there for lack of a better choice, or because Adelson holds them by some sort of coercion. Use your imagination on that one. These are people who, given the chance, would switch sides in a minute and go to work for the "good guys", the marshal or his deputies.
Now, with that in mind, we go to what I am proposing as an explanation, a plan, an anticipated outcome of the events that swarm around us right now.
We've known for years that the top of the Illuminati pyramid was off-planet and maybe other-dimensional. This off-planet force was what kept earth-bound competing interests working toward the same goal. That negatively charged off-planet force was challenged by forces on the ground, and in 2005 obtained the assistance of a positively charged force when the Archangels came to our assistance. This is what I think has happened:
The Archangels sat down with the Dark Ones and made a deal. The Dark Ones know that their time is up. Best thing they can do is salvage what they can and retreat. The Archangels have the power to obliterate the earthlings who are serving the Dark Ones' agenda here on this planet. It is not to their advantage to do so, for reasons stated above.
Some of the non-natives, those not born on this planet, were forcibly removed a few years ago. The non-natives who were born on this planet were given a choice; either leave and go to their parents' home planet, or stay here and work for the greater good of this planet. Some left, some stayed and got with the new program. Some, probably the majority, have stalled while waiting to see which side will win. There is no longer any doubt about the outcome.
What appears to be happening is that the Archangels have read Sun Tzu's book, The Art Of War. In that book, Sun Tzu counsels the military men to always leave a way for their enemies to exit with dignity. We are seeing the Dark Ones lose control as those who serve the Dark Ones' agenda have their power taken from them. Those Dark Side agents are learning that what has worked for them for hundreds of years no longer works. And they do not know how to deal with the new reality. They did not get the war they wanted. They did not get the president they wanted. There's more that could be added to the list.
Now, y'all remember that I referenced The Lone Ranger and some other western movie heroes earlier? Hey, there was a bunch of them! Tom Mix. Hopalong Cassidy. Roy Rogers. Gene Autry. Gary Cooper. Paladin. Marshal Dillon. Feel free to add other names that you remember. Anyone here know what it was that they all had in common?
The M.O. was the same in all those movies. Only the names changed. The townspeople were being oppressed and exploited by the bad guys. And along comes one hero who takes them all down. High Noon was probably the most acclaimed of all western movies, and the most typical, too. Gary Cooper had to do it all by himself, but he did clean up the town. Then he rode off with the pretty lady. Remember? Remember how the hotel owner actually wanted the gang to stay in town because it was good for business? In today's America he'd be a defense contractor.
So what did the people learn after the Lone Ranger or Gary Cooper had cleaned up the town? They learned that they should go find someone else to fix it the next time it went bad. It has ever been thus for all of Western Civilization. Find a king, or a queen, or a warrior; a rich man, a prophet or a movie star! and let that person fix what's wrong. We can do better than that.
Y'see, the human race is being upgraded. A whole new upgraded version of the human race is being born, and this has been going on for years. With the Archangel in charge, this is no longer a prison planet. No use telling Alex Jones, he's like that hotel owner in High Noon. It's bad for business if the people find out that they're no longer prisoners of this planet. So don't bother with Alex. He'll come around. Or maybe just go bankrupt. As a burnt out star, he might just go supernova. The next stage after supernova is a black hole. He's already qualified for that.
An upgraded human race needs skills and confidence that the enslaved race didn't have, didn't need. And so it is that we are being led, or driven, or gifted [take your choice] into learning these skills and experiencing the confidence that comes with them. We're establishing patterns, habits, expectations that will be continued by those who come after us, by those who were born to do this.
Look around you and take note of the people who are spontaneously coming together when confronted with a problem. Case in point is the Occupy Wall Street movement, or just Occupy for short. They raised funds and got people together and started feeding and helping the hurricane victims. So successful were they, and so capable were they, that they actually fed the FEMA workers whose job it is to take care of the storm victims.
There's another group that is raising funds to buy off old debt for pennies on the dollar and set the debtors free. Maybe you can add to the list. People are doing things individually and collectively and it's all spontaneous and it is all empowering. Not at all like the attitude of the townspeople in High Noon. People are fighting the Dark Ones wherever they find the opportunity. The move to label GMO foods didn't make it, but the momentum is still there. The move to legalize marijuana is winning, and the outcome is no longer in doubt. Monsanto lost a big court case in Canada. This is all good for a big hallelujah! and high fives all around. It's not moving fast enough for the crowds that want all the loose ends tied up in 90 minutes as they did in the western movies. So you'll hear some grumping from them. Pay them no mind. They are not looking for solutions, and they're not contributing to solving the problems.
We all know that the government needs to be cleaned up. Alan Grayson won, and so did Elizabeth Warren. Those are the big names. There are others. Politics has long been dominated by those who served the moneyed interests. Politics is beginning to attract more people who are interested in public service. The old ways are losing, their power is eroding. And this is all good, all part of what I see as a larger plan unfolding. The people are learning to think and do for themselves. We all win when the masses perceive that they have the power to make positive changes and the power to prevent negative outcomes.
Part of the reason that the plan for war against Iran failed is because the people are tired of war, and they never bought into the hype about the threat from Iran. The people have the internet now in a way that they didn't have back when Bush let the WTC event happen. Now everyone has access to information. Most people have a video camera and can photograph a cop beating someone. People are organizing and sharing information and the Dark Ones don't have the power of the press that they once monopolized. They are doing surveillance on us with their everywhere cameras and spy drones. We're doing surveillance on them with photo phones and reporting misdeeds on forums.
This, I think, is part of the Grand Plan. People are getting things done, making changes, taking charge. This is far better than in the old days when Gary Cooper had to do it all. What's next?
Look for the rotten money system to go down. It won't go down with a big crash. The doomsday prophets will tell you differently, but remember, you heard it here first. The economic system will go down and be re-structured as a more equitable system. That's all part of the deal the Archangels made with the Dark Ones in the big sit-down meeting. Money power is how they hold us all in slavery. They'll be relinquishing that power very soon. Could be right after Christmas. It will be a crash, but a controlled crash. If it is not controlled, then we'll have that word to deal with:
A new economic system will very likely include a new currency. Much of the old currency will go to Money Heaven. It will be de-monetized. That will weaken the power of the drug lords. That will also weaken the power of the CIA. The organization has already begun to spiral out of control. Look for that to continue all the way to self-destruction. If they lose enough of what the Orientals call "face", Congress may just cut off funding for them. Then all they'll have is their drug money with which to operate, and they'll be completely exposed as the criminals they are.
The military. There's housecleaning going on in there, too. One assassination attempt and one coup attempt are screaming announcements that something is wrong. Keep watching the Petraeus and John Allen drama. There's more, lots more, to be revealed. For those of you who remember when Truman fired General MacArthur and think there's a comparison, I've retrieved for you what Truman had to say about that.
" I fired [General MacArthur] because he wouldn't respect the authority of the President. That's the answer to that. I didn't fire him because he was a dumb son of a bitch, although he was, but that's not against the law for generals. If it was, half to three-quarters of them would be in jail “- Harry S Truman
The military has always been infested with political appointees, incompetents [Custer, et al], grandstanders, ambitious men and self-serving opportunists. I don't even want to speculate about how many men have lost their lives because of these types of people. Petraeus is the most recent example and he may be the one that began the process that brings it all out in the open for the people to deal with. Had he been only a military man when he was exposed, that would have been enough to put the whole military establishment under scrutiny. But, gift from the gods, maybe? He is now exposing the CIA to the same public scrutiny. This is history in the making, and you were there!
To summarize. Planet Earth has its own Archangel representative on the 'Council', for want of a better word. He's cleaning up the place, replacing the old parasitic leadership with service-oriented leaders. One has to assume that this is being done with the full approval of the 'Council'. Indeed, as a prerequisite to full membership. The population of the country, including its present leadership, is being triaged, divided into three groups of people according to their level of ability and understanding.
1st Group. These are the ones who are already willing to work to improve the quality of life for everyone on this planet. All they need is to be told that it is all right now, it is possible to do that, and then provide them with leadership or the opportunity to become leaders in this collective effort.
2nd Group. They're the ones whose hearts are in the right place, but they've been brainwashed to view the world as a fearful place. It will take some time to clear the fog out of their minds and ease them into the new reality. Individuals and groups will spontaneously form to do that.
3rd Group. These are the equivalent to a battlefield casualty when it is obvious that the soldier will not survive. All that can be done is make them as comfortable as possible until they pass on. With this 3rd Group, all that can be done with them is to keep them out of harm's way. Keep them from harming themselves or intefering with the reconstruction and restoration of Planet Earth. In time they will pass on. Their replacements are already being born.
The world is transitioning into a new era. The old institutions and the old ways are being replaced. There is a hidden hand behind all this. We are being trained to do things on our own, and as the old systems go down it will be seen as natural events and something that the people demanded and arranged on their own. As the new arrivals, the ones being born to do this work lay their hands on the levers of power, the time will come when we won't need an Archangel to serve as training wheels.
If there's a problem, the people will handle it. Gary Cooper won't have to leave his pretty lady and go back into town and do it all over again.
When that day comes, maybe the Cosmic Brotherhood, or Council, or whatever they call themselves will establish embassies here on earth.
What about those who have not had their fill of adventure and wish to continue to engage the Dark Side in combat?
"There are", as Merlin said to King Arthur, "other worlds."

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