Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Empty Chair Series ends today

Well, the Empty Chair Series ends today.  Thank you all for your patience as well as for the Empty Chairs you have submitted.  In one aspect, I wish I could have put all of them in, but on the other hand, I am happy this thing is over. 

In all of my years, I have never seen a population so polarized.  Regardless of what our President did or did not do, my personal greatest regret is that this man and woman squandered a tremendous opportunity to bring the races together.  Imho and short of the riots of the 60s, our divide is even greater.

Today Begins The Process Of Healing.

The longest distance a man must travel,
is the distance across his mind to the center of his heart.
Like the Journey Of 1,000 Miles ~
It begins with the first step.



  1. VT Hacked Over Romney’s Lifting of Cuba Embargo
    81Document Below Promises Lifting Sanctions if Elected

    By Gordon Duff

    Since 1999, a team of FBI and intelligence agents from Mexico have traced Mitt Romney and his mistress, Maria, Perez Andropov, a Cuban/Russian intelligence agent, traveling in and out of Cuba on diplomatic passports.

    The memo below, received from official sources, highly classified, outlines the deal made with Raul and Fidel Castro and Mitt Romney.

    Accompanying documents reveal too much about the intelligence networks that passed this on. Their report gives dates and times of travel, intercepts phone calls from Romney while in Cuba and tracks Romney as he travels through Cuba, meets with the Castros and flies back through Canada or Mexico.

    Please download and distribute this before it is hacked. We have been under continual attack since exposing the Romney/Cuba relationship.

    Currently we are validating the one photograph of Romney and Maria getting off a plane in Havana, hand in hand, both in stripes, his collarless shirt, her very short dress.

    They make a lovely couple. (Surveillance notes below)

    The following was included with the photographs, as an excerpt:

    Location: La Vaezero Cuba

    Date: xxxxxxxxx1999

    Subjects: Willard Mitt Romney and Maria Perez (Andropov) Suspected Cuban intelligence operative

    Notes: Discussions between the aforementioned persons of interest taking place on Cuban territory in the city of La Vaezero include but are not limited to drug trafficking, money laundering and currency and human trafficking into the United States of America.

    Witnessed was a romantic encounter between the aforementioned persons.

    Records: Photographs of the romantic encounter and contemporaneous surveillance team notes. A series of audio recordings were made.


  2. Today is a new day for the American people and the people of the world, republican and democrat thing of the past.