Monday, November 19, 2012

The Grand Deception (Video)!

Subj: FW: The Grand Deception (Video)!

Dear Patriots (1,400 bcc herein w/permission to forward)




Thus, America has been made a Mecca for Mediocrity thanks to the One-World Academia’s who have been spewing this CRAP for as long as I can remember.

They would have you believe that every entity represented by a either a Hitler or a Stalin type NO longer exists thanks to them & their ‘brilliant’ teachings & resulting influence.

Their scholarly insight has provided the wisdom & insight that has ‘eradicated’ the BAD GUYS of ‘yesteryear’…AND LET OUR KIDS SO BE TOLD AND FOREVER MORE ‘ADVANCE’.

Thus, you now can & should walk with them, as one, in advancing the nobility associated with their self-described
Mission of Global Tolerance.

This same thinking has been applied within the Corridors of America’s Poltical Infrastructure!

Everyone owes ‘Someone’ something and as long as we recognize this, WE (They) can save the world together.


I liken this thinking to that of the Trojan Horse!

You cannot throw Rose Petals at ANY enemy whose Mission is YOUR ELIMINATION!
Never could, Never Will,

I wish it were different Folks but we haven’t gotten to that time and place yet.

The fact is, the World today is far less safe & NOT a better place they would have you believe exists, but a far more Dangerous Place.

Sorry to Burst your Collegiate Bubble of Enlightenment.

Take a LOOK around YOU America-

The Pillars of Strength associated with the Defenses of this Once Impregnable Fortress have been Weakened- NOT Strengthened.

Y’all are like babies with exposed bottoms and Y’all have drank the KOOL AID once too often.

You forgot what our Ancestors, Parents & Family Members Fought & Died FOR so you would be Protected from CRAP like this!

You instead have become a Nation of BellyAchers, Whiners & Complainers succumbing to every grievance & gripe that every incoherent & maladjusted parasite could concoct that would justify their sorry position.

As a result, YOU willingly allowed yourselves to be conscripted in a virtue suggesting those who gave YOU everything were somehow Guilty or Responsible for the Gross Failures of Every Malcontent this Republic had the Grace to ever allow to enter into its halls.

As a Result, You have become a self-entitled & conceited bunch hell bent on blaming everyone other than yourselves for your Individual Malady.

And what’s worse, YOUR Enlightened Professors have advanced this malarkey that excuses this degenerative behavior.

Every One has a Right, except those who would argue that your behavior is as pathetic as it is indecent because it calls you out and reveals that truth to which YOU have become so Intolerant of !

You have become FULL of YOURSELVES and the Enemy NOW at our Gates is anxiously awaiting to feast upon YOUR failed thesis of Righteous Indignation.

See how far YOUR ‘collective wisdom of enlightenment’ goes with them?

I assure YOU, it will NOT go far at all!

See who is standing outside YOUR Gates as evidenced by the People in this VIDEO.

YOUR Elected Deceptor in Chief would have YOU believe they do NOT exist or too such an extent, HE HAS THEM ON THE RUN!

This is the man to Whom YOU just gave the Republic to for another FOUR YEARS.

YOU are about to be served up Big Time and the Hordes from Within as well as those from Without are eagerly awaiting for their Trojan Horse to enter our ramparts.

What wisdom I wonder will YOU impart to them just before their Spears of Hatred are driven into your body?

You know, the same Spears that your Elected Deceptor in Chief said:

We Warned YOU… but YOU were to egotistically SMART to ever listen because YOU were told that you were Smarter than any of us.

How MANY of YOUR enlightened Professors I wonder ever wore the Uniform of our Military who could always Understand and See…..

The Forest from the Trees as well as the ENEMY FROM WITHIN?

Did your ‘education’ ever suggest that YOU should have ever asked?

Once Again, Those of US Within those Red Areas will again be asked to Repel that which you created & allowed to Enter Upon OUR Gates!


A Country that Knows NOT of Its Origin is like a Ship without a Rudder- Sooner or Later It WILL Destroy Itself on the Reef of Stupidity- c. maus

Restoration of the Republic of the Confederation is the ONLY thing that can save us Now….always was matter of fact!

Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America

Deo Vindice!

(Thanks J for the forward)
Subject: Grand Deception


Since the late 1990's, I have been firing shots over the bow as a warning to folks and elected officials about the below. Still, we have Americans who are too naive regarding Islam - which is damn irresponsible - or who have been so mesmerized by the election and subsequent reelection of the Muslim Mole that they actually embrace Islam.

Too bad - if and when these rabid ragheads take over, these so-called people of compassion will be the first to either convert (as a survival measure) submit to slavery, or be killed.


    By: Michael Silverhawk
    National Refounders Empowerment Center

    In 1994 I was the crafter of a new proposed amendment to the constitution called the REFOUNDING AMENDMENT whereby if adopted by 38 states, the super majority necessary to ratify an amendment, then the Federal Government would have been dissolved and a new one formed without all the usurpation of power and tyranny. This move of power was backed up by the Declaration of Independence. You know, when government becomes our enemy we have the right and the “duty” to dissolve said government and establish new guards for our future security? We were desperately trying to warn the people that there was a monster on the loose and got our heads into the noose. You know that now, don't you.
    That being understood one must realize that the Federal Government is the creature of the state republics not the other way around. The several states in 1789 were very wary of the proposed new central government and would not ratify it until Jefferson installed the Bill of Rights that further clarified the rights and powers of the several states and the people, who, by divine right “are” the government. This contract included their right to secede if they didn't like the way things were going. IE: The South. This brings to mind the statement made by Mel Gibson in “The Patriot” film. “Why should I exchange one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away.”
    It is a silly joke for the states to ask “permission????” of the federal government to secede? You don’t need permission you silly geese. We the several states have all the power period. We have all the wealth, all the money, all the people, all the land and all the guns. We are the sovereigns if we so choose to exercise it. The federal government should be on its knees begging for forgiveness. “Oh please masters, give me one more chance, I promise to shape up and be good.” What a windfall of wealth and power for the state governments. We can form a new Federal Reserve-free treasury to boot and shit-can the income tax.
    What do they, the federal government actually command, after all? Ten square miles of thieving tyrants, traitors and criminals. They have forts and ports in the states that the states can handily take back into their dominion, period. Whoa, is this treason talk? No, “they” are guilty of treason. My talk is as American and as patriotic as apple pie. This is the talk and action that founded and established the country in the first place and inspired freedom all over the world. All kings and queens had been given their notice. Times up.

    Cozying up to Sharia law and such? What treason is this? What happened to Common Law? That went away in 1871 when all government became corporate profit centers under Admiralty and commercial law and we the people were aced out of the deal. Want to secede and re-boot the organic republic? Here’s how we do it. 38 states join and form a confederacy and issue a two-word statement to the feds. “YOU’RE FIRED.” At that point the other 12 states will follow, believe me. We’ll take if from here, thank you. People joined the military to defend us, not you and your crimes. And let us not forget the 26 million man milita. They ARE us. So. “Do you feel lucky?

    Why not have the new capital in say, RICHMOND, Virginia? DC could become a national park and museum. A lesson in eternal vigilance being the price of liberty.

  2. What a bunch of crap. When was the US ever an "impregnable fortress?" Was it when Freemason George Washington took the oath of office in full regalia? Was it when Zachary Taylor was murdered because he opposed the extremely divisive Fugitive Slave Act and it was swept under the rug?

    Perhaps it was when Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act on Christmas Eve when no one who opposed it was still in DC. Or maybe it was when Freemason FDR let Pearl Harbor happen to bring us into World War II. Or maybe it was when the powers that were killed JFK in broad daylight just because they knew that they could get away with it.

    This ridiculous lecture is rooted in condescension and unrealistic, blissful nostalgia.

    1. Dear Christian Lightworer, I respectfully disagree with what you just said here. For one thing that stands out...were you aware that the original freemasons were infiltrated by the illuminati? Here is a link that has articles re: this ===>,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=f917b8a6c409c35c&bpcl=38625945&biw=1024&bih=456
      I guess Jesus would have to say Oh, ye of little faith who hath bewitched you? or something like that. The South Shall Rise Again!! Obama cannot be legally elected P resident because he was NOT born here.

  3. Regarding the video. Can you really believe that we the people of planet earth, who are going from the space age to the Golden Age now, are going to allow ourselves to be subjugated by a bunch of 6th century religious fanatics? With e mail, cell-phones new technology streaming across the globe? America, with the most well-armed militia in the world? All of Europe? All of Catholic South America? Russia, India, China? Japan?
    We're all going to bow down on a PRAYER RUG? They and whose army is going to pull that off? Oh no. Our tolerance is at an end. Here's the real scenario. We make it against the law to organize and promote against our nations and expel any who do immediately. Free energy is coming fast and oil will soon be obsolete as fuel.
    What other income do they have? So if you in the Middle East wish to survive and prosper you WILL play nice with the other kids, join the 21's century or go back to camels and caravans. Yes, pray any way you wish but do not ram it down our throats. Furthermore we no longer treat our women like dogs nor do we marry 6,7 and 8 year old girls. We are the civilized world. Get with it or be shunned by all. End of story.