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The Keshe Foundation – MT Keshe – Our Invitation To US Government – 6 November 2012

The Keshe Foundation – MT Keshe – Our Invitation To US Government – 6 November 2012

Posted on November 6, 2012 by lucas2012infos 

GFP Comment: Unlike what happened to the Italian Embassy, this time we have no direct confirmation of the following statements.
In the past 72 hours I have personally submitted letter to United State of America ambassador to Belgium through the embassy e-mail system for the delivery of the USB stick of the full technology to US government, which we have been given this e-mail address by the office of the ambassador and it was confirmed by his secretary that the e-mail was received and the response of His Excellency Ambassador H. Gutman’s secretary after consultation with him while I was on the Phone is as follows:
The ambassador himself has no time for ever and the embassy of USA has no one to receive the USB stick as they are all too busy.
I think the embassy in Brussel employees easily over 500 people.
The embassy has No one and No one has time for less than one minute to accept from the Keshe Foundation a simple key which contains a gift from a friend and with free patents and blueprints of space reactor of the most advance technology known to man.
We can post the letter to your ambassador if this does not become an embarrassment for the Keshe Foundation that we have to do real hard work to get world scientists to collaborate for the better of the mankind.
Strange enough less than three weeks ago the consul of the embassy had time for more than an hour to talk to me in the same building for me to give a presentation in US to NASA on their request and I am still waiting for visa confirmation.
We can post all correspondences in respect to this matter too.
May be they will find time soon, we pray that man will mature oneday.
Friends always have time for friends and we can wait until maturity of thoughts and action become consensuses among the race of the man.

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  1. I AM Prince Sirki, International Ambassador of Light, and independent sovereign spokesperson on behalf of the awakened masses of humanity, and in whose behalf I gracefully and humbly accept this invitation to receive the abundance and prosperity of this new scientific technology for the benefit of all forms of intelligent life on Mother Earth, and also in the vast reaches of infinite galactic creation. I WILL the total annihilation and complete destruction of any negative energy in the form of man--be it individual state, government, world leader, religion, corporation, financial or other corrupt entity or organization--who DARES to deny humanity, or who in any way attempts to PREVENT the release of, and/or, the voluntary acceptance of this technology by those for whom it is intended, effective IMMEDIATELY! I WILL, this as a DIVINE AND SOVEREIGN EDICT from the I AM THAT I AM, that supercedes any all "executive orders" from your OBAMA-NABLE, impotent, fraudulent, lawless, arrogant, rebellious and reprehensible, newly re-elected prince of darkness! LET THERE BE LIGHT! FOR MY PEOPLE OF THE LIGHT!