Saturday, November 3, 2012



     "Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants." - Benjamin Franklin
     "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects something that cannot be." - Thomas Jefferson
     "The greater the power, the most dangerous the abuse." - Sir Edmond Burke
     ""But as for me, give me liberty or give me death." - Patrick Henry, March, 1776
     Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, 1956: "We live in apocalytic times. We should sacrifice so that the love of God may spread to all people, before the Day of Wrath. We of the Western World, presently suffer from receiving Christ halfway...Our Western World has not denied Christianity, it has refused Christianity. We are not Christians, but post-Christians."

     Vladimir Lenin: "Destroy the family and the society will collapse."

     Reported words of the Virgin Mary apparition at Fatima, Portugal in Oct. 13, 1917: "Men must offend our Lord no more, and they must ask pardon for their sins, for He(Jesus) is already much offended."

     When J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the F.B.I., was alive, I contacted him and said that I could crack the security of any government on earth. To prove this I had removed the files of three of us leading my military intelligence group from his own private office. However, I understood that he had duplicate files in St. Louis, Mo if I recall the city correctly so the files were not lost to him. Also, I told him I knew the top secret scandal of the F.B.I. that the F.B.I. had rigged the election of 1990 by putting in John F. Kennedy as President when Richard Nixon had won the election by carrying Illinois, but the F.B.I. two investigating teams in Illinois suppressed this leal evidence under orders of J. Edgar Hoover. J. Edgar Hoover later got word back to me that I made a nervous wreck of him with my tactics in military intelligence, but I got the results and he couldn't argue with that. Because J. Edgar Hoover did not correct his security weakness I had found and used to show him this glaring security weakness of the F.B.I., the Communists were able to regularly spy on the F.B.I. and knew many to most of the secrets of the F.B.I. The weakness was that too many of the top officials of the F.B.I. were homosexuals and that made them weak security risks for the F.B.I.
     When I many years ago met one of the top Rothschilds at Camp Springs, MD a little distance outside of Wash., D.C. as a ret. Col. of the U.S. Air Force arranged this meeting, this Rothschild was frank and told me that he checked me out with the U.S. Justice Dept. before meeting with me. They had told him that I was a maverick in military intelligence, but very good at it. And if ever I said I had the answer, then you could count that I had the answer I claimed.  
     These opening remarks are to show that I am not to be underestimated in military intelligence and do have the answers I claim to have. For starters, one to show the stupidity of a likely federal plant saying how stupid I must be to think that electricity could be generated by gravity driven machinery, I already knew that scientific and engineering answer I gave was correct before I ever put it into print over the internet with Nesara News. One community in Europe has been generating their local electricity by gravity driven machinery for decades, but with censorship of news and the power elite controlling Wash., D.C. and other key foreign capitals, the public has never heard that gravity is already being used successfully to generate electricity as needed by one community in Europe. I deliberately did not say what community and in what country this is in and has been used for decades with success.  I like to set up traps on the other side so when they say how stupid I am, suddenly I turn the tables on them and they are the obvious idiots and I am the obvious smart guy in the involved field. After that, I have credibility with the public as a bright person who knows what he is talking about and those trying to say I couldn't be right in what I said are probably idiots in reality. My critics lose their public credibility by sticking their foot in their mouth and chewing on their foot in their sudden display of obvious stupidity for the involved issue.
     I have been steadily picking up more and more pieces of intelligence information on colossal corruption in the U.S. Justice Dept. founded by Congress in 1870 A.D. But I couldn't find the key missing element that tied all this secret corruption together as to how big corruption was really in the U.S. Justice Dept. And a federally backed guy named deep knight made a colossal mistake by attracting my attention. He was the key that tied together this massive amount of corruption I was finding in the U.S. Justice Dept. When the U.S. Justice Dept. made no legal moves to arrest him or stop him after he had publicly over the internet twice threatened my life with murder which he indicated he would love to murder  me, I had him secretly checked out. The report on him I got the other day is a bombshell. He was the key that tied together all the mass corruption now going on in the U.S. Justice Dept. I didn't even know how big this corruption in the U.S. Justice Dept. actually was. Now I know! He was the key that unlocked how big is corruption in the U.S. Justice Dept. I am now in control and will tell the U.S. Justice Dept. how you win a little goodwill with me so I don't decide to close you down as a federal agency. Congress created you and if the whole nation wants to hang you, then Congress can abolish the U.S. Justice Dept. also! If I report what all I have uncovered on the U.S. Justice Dept., the American public will demand that the U.S. Justice Dept. be promptly abolished by Congress. I will not state this legally the way the U.S. Justice Dept. would want it stated, but state it in plain words so the public gets a little flavor of how corrupt and criminal the U.S. Justice Dept. actually is. The U.S. Justice Dept. has been running the biggest grand larceny theft ring in American history, maybe even world history, and once legal actions are filed by 50 state attorney generals for the 50 states to put the officials of the U.S. Justice Dept. into state prisons for life in 50 states, this will be national and world headlines and the biggest scandal of Wash., D.C. since the U.S. Republic was founded in 1776. Thank you deep knight! Without you I might not have had a good enough hand to force the fast passage of the Omni Law! This scandal once investigated by state grand juries of 50 states will almost for sure also lead to some key members of Congress being implicated in this and as the old statement goes, "Heads will roll!" It cannot be proven yet that Obama knew the U.S. Justice Dept. was running the biggest criminal racket in America outside of maybe C.I.A., but for Obama to not know from the White House what the U.S. Justice Dept. was doing to mass steal money from the American people is an insult to intelligence. It will merely be the formality of state and federal grand juries to wade through the huge volume of witnesses, documents, etc. and Obama will surely hang with Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General. If Obama wins the election, this will yank him back out of the White House with impeachment after he is indicted by maybe even up to 50 state grand juries. If I go further legally on this, Eric Holder legally hangs for sure with lifetime imprisonment, other Justice Dept. officials will be panic stricken trying to figure some way to distance themselves from Eric Holder so they don't go to prison for life with him. I have started talking to associates about this U.S. Justice Dept. scandal and how deep knight gave me victory to crack this scandal of Wash., D.C. First feedback coming back to me is that this looks airtight to prove how corrupt the U.S. Justice Dept. really is and it is will be a miracle if all officials of the U.S.Justice Dept. do not end up in prison for life with Eric Holder.
     I think it was back in or around 1906 the Attorney General organized some investigators from the U.S. Justice Dept. and formed the beginning of what later became the F.B.I. I plan to push that the F.B.I. be spared being legally abolished by this colossal Justice Dept. scandal. When the Omni Law is passed which will be automatic if I release this colossal scandal by filings in courts any time now. the F.B.I. can then operate for the 10 American Civil Tribunes created under the Omni Law authority and be an investigating arm of the 10 American Civil Tribunes. Also, I will want then the federal marshals assigned to serve under the 10 American Civil Tribunes created by the Omni Law. As the U.S. Justice Dept. was formed by transferring from other federal agencies legal functions they handled, these legal functions can be returned to these federal agencies and no need for a U.S. Justice Dept. after that. My interest in the F.B.I. is they would be useful in tracking down all the money swindled from the American people using Wash., D.C. as the front to get this swindled money to secret sources of America and abroad. And if it checks out right, I would want to recover the Wanta Fund to pay off the national debt of America which would automatically lower all federal taxes in America. It might be a novelty for the F.B.I. to work for honest national leaders instead of dishonest national leaders.
     The easiest way to start the total collapse of the U.S. Justice Dept. is to file in courts in America and abroad for recovery of the federally stolen $525,000 from me about 8 years ago. I was scheduled to double this to about $1,050,000 by maybe two months later, so the actual cash return I expect the U.S. Justice Dept. to pay me back is $1,050,000.00 The U.S. Justice Dept. will pay me by next Friday or I begin my collection process by releasing the colossal scandal of the U.S. Justice Dept. and invite several million Americans to join me as co-plaintiffs once they realized how the U.S. Justice Dept. massively stole from them also. All co-plaintiffs with pay me $20 to help build up the legal filing money to massively pay for all legal actions we decide to do against the U.S. Justice Dept., against its officials, and against personnel of the U.S. Justice Dept. who were involved in these grand larceny thefts from the American people. Also, I will invite people from all over the world to join me as co-plaintiffs to recover money that the U.S. Justice Dept. stole from them also and figured they were too dumb abroad to know that Wash., D.C. stole this money from them. If I file, this will be the legal Pandora Box that releases to the world all the colossal scandals of the U.S. Justice Dept. that it has been hiding from America and the world. 
     This legal notice is posted so all of America and the world can potentially see it is the first move of my collection process to either collect out-of-court or else in-court the $1,050,000 in actual cash the U.S. Justice Dept. is supposed to pay me as they handle the financial settlements in legal actions for Wash., D.C. at this time.  I am very sharp at law and will advise the U.S. Justice Dept. so they can pay me without admission of guilt in law to pay me a U.S. Justice Dept. check in the name of NIFI and can be delivered to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. I will have to see this delivered to this postal address by next Friday morning or else as soon as Friday afternoon I will post my collection notice for all the world to see my legal grounds for this amount of money and since this theft of my money was part of the U.S. Justice Dept. grand larceny theft ring they have operated for a long time, I will to win this lawsuit in court file all the evidence on the U.S. Justice Dept. showing them to be the biggest criminal racket agency in America outside of C.I.A. Now C.I.A. may get exposed in what happens. This depends on how testimony from witnesses and documentation lead us. We will follow the money in court wherever it leads us. And once this is filed, probably governments of various foreign nations will want to also file their legal actions for civil damages to be paid back to their citizens and for criminal actions to put into prison probably all of the officials of the U.S. Justice Dept. alive both in active office or else retired. Also, Obama will I predict find that he will be found by many courts to have known of this federal grand larceny theft going on and they will want to collect from him also and also put him in prison for life.
     There are small animals in the woods and jungles who other bigger animals know to stay away from as these smaller guys are afraid of no one in the woods or jungles and will tear them up to pieces if a fight starts. We have wolverines, badgers, and others the bigger guys know to avoid fights with. I am one of these fierce smaller guys who won't let any big bullies push me around. I intend to attack and destroy the U.S. Justice Dept. if I am not paid this $1,050,000.00 in actual cash damages stolen from me in a federal operation that also involved the U.S. Justice Dept. This payment can be marked as a federal grant for research and engineering by me with no strings attached, no conditions imposed, and in no way settles any other financial legal claims I have against Wash., D.C. as of this time. This is no admission of civil and criminal guilt by Wash., D.C. by how the check is made out. It is made out to NIFI and I will accept it as settlement for this one claim and no other. I still intend to shortly afterwards have the Omni Law passed which will win with or without this financial settlement from the U.S. Justice Dept. I have a good track record in law. I win where others would not. This is one of these legal situations where I know I will win if this goes to court. If the U.S. Justice Dept. underestimates me how strong of a legal hand I really hold now, officials of the U.S. Justice Dept. will want to vomit their guts out if they force me to a fight and then find out how deadly at law I really am! Like Mahatma Gandhi of India, I understand the power to win with moral force on my side. Since I will be so brutal at law with you if once you force me to fight you, I am required by moral force to warn you in advance that I will fight like like a legal sledgehammer hit you if you force me to legally fight you. When all the dust settles, I will have my Omni Law passed as all of America will be colossally disgusted with Wash., D.C. if you force all these federal scandals to go public. 
     And my murder will not stop these federal scandals from going public, but then insure that all of America and the world will know them in depth and judge my murder is legal admission by Wash., D.C. that my legal charges against Wash., D.C. must be true. Like Gandhi of India, I am not afraid of death so you have no leverage there in trying to threaten me with murder as claimed mouthpiece for you deep knight has as of now issued 4 murder attempts. Two latest I am to be murdered in November by him and murdered in December by him. By the way, Justice Dept., my associate who had their expensive labtop computer destroyed by threatened computer hacking attack deep knight said he would do (hit the wrong target by error however!), you apparently owe this person up to $4,000 additional damage as a $1,000 business software program and other expensive software in the computer was apparently all destroyed. As you refused to legally stop deep knight from apparently destroying this computer and software as he threatened to do and stated when he would do this, you U.S. Justice Dept. for sanctioning criminal acts intended aimed at me need to also include a $5,000 check made out to NIFI and also delivered at the postal address by Friday or you face my legal wrath then as I was intended to be the target of that attack, but someone else was attacked by the assailant by error not knowing that it was not me that they had targeted. I have already informed some associates of the U.S. Justice Dept. scandal and they can legally file the whole scandal regardless if I am alive or else dead. 
      I win! You lose!
      I guess they are federal operatives who planted false claims what the Omni Law was and would do under law. They were trying to trick the American people by likely federal con tactics. You don't need to push or provoke me. I lose my temper and the gigantic U.S. Justice Dept. scandal automatically goes public for all of America and the world to see. Learn from nature. When a hurricane gale wind blows, the trees bend or else will be broken by the fierce wind. Don't push me to show you how I can blow you away by non-stop federal scandals until I totally break you.
     American people, feel free to copy and push this report all over America. While you were scared and weak before intended federal tyranny, I was strong as steel and the other side does not know how to handle a strong, resolute American people who will not tolerate their legal rights overthrown and their lives trampled upon by would-be intended federal tyranny. Rally around me and become like steel yourselves in showing this nation belongs to the American people, not would-be Antichrist masters and dictators  from Wash., D.C.
      As stated before, read copies of my Omni Law in the search box at the top left of Nesara News and put in Omni Law to read a copy. Put in Erasmus of America (my pen name) and read over 70 national reports I posted with Nesara News over the last 7 months.  If you want to win back real freedom and legal rights in America, back me in my Omni Law drive. Send checks, etc. to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Want to see some later reports or materials from me sent to you, send your email address, etc. to  and say "Add me to list!" 
     U.S. Justice Dept. you want to know your biggest mistake with me? You should have legally shut up deep knight while you could. After two murder threats from him he indicated were on behalf of Obama at the White House and then two murder threats that he would murder me in November and if not then, he would murder me in December, 2012 and you remained silent in legal approval of his murder threats, you lighted the fuse to me and now I am ready to explode in your face releasing federal scandals of giant proportions unless Congress says enough and passes my proposed Omni Law. If most Americans are too scared to stand up to intended federal tyranny, I am not. And as Americans decide it is time to be patriots instead of cowards in America, the people will rally around me until the nation is behind me and would-be federal tyranny from Wash., D.C. melts in the sun of public wrath at Wash., D.C. for hating the American people and their legal rights so fiercely. 
      And one loaded legal question for Wash., D.C. If your FEMA had not been so busy building FEMA concentration camps all over America and digging graves for millions of Americans intended to be killed when Obama militarily took over America in October only I sabotaged this from happening by military intelligence tactics, and if you had not been buying enough ammo to kill the American people as to nearly fight a world war with, would FEMA then have had the money, resources, etc. so they could have promptly aided the people of New York City and elsewhere with their homes washed away in the flood of Superstorm Sandy and fed them with water and food then, not nearly a week before FEMA help came? Why was FEMA nearly a week late in helping the desperate victims left by Superstorm Sandy?
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name. I always tried to be the pacifist in schools. I was not afraid to fight, just believed we should settle problems with decency and reason, not trying to knock the daylights out of the other guy. But always the bullies miscalculated me and pushed me until I struck back with fury that they were determined to push me to fight them. Every time I ended up beating the daylights out of the would-be bully and then everyone after that learned to respect my rights and no one wanted to fight me after that. Wash., D.C. was dumb enough to push me to where I would fight them. Now they have bitten off more than they can chew! People, you needed a tough leader who would stand up for you! Now you have your national leader who will stand up for you all the way!)



  1. LOL, Erasmus, you're a little obsessed with Deep Knight, aren't you?

  2. Erasmus must be a legend in his own mind. This guy is full of himself. Just another con artist begging for money. Let's see the books Erasmus on NIFI! Bet it will never happen.

  3. Erasmus of America DIES of suicide as he could NOT handle the pressure of this case!

    Or is it one of those stories that the Cabal brings out that they know for a fact as they know Erasmus of America!

    Is it Superstorm Sandy that stops this case, yet the election goes on only in areas outside of the Northeast, which then Obama is guaranteed to win!

    Maybe Benghazi is related to this as well as Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. is involved in the cover-up for failing to take actions on the crimes committed by Federal Officials on the Libya gunrunning, as why do Libyan terrorists have American made weapons?

    Or maybe we should go after all the Military for NOT having the proper security to prohibit the thefts of American made Military weapons which foreign terrorists receive!

  4. The irony.
    Either you do this, or I'm going to do that!
    We see those tactics all over the place. Either pay your taxes or we'll take your property, do your job, or you'll be fired. Work with these banks to keep your home or they will steal it.

    The One making the demand usually has the upper hand in the situation, but the difference here is they words cannot be denied.

    This system doesn't have to read the entire 30 pages of a suit to choose what aspect is a threat to them.

    These words "I am one of these fierce smaller guys who won't let any big bullies push me around. I intend to attack and destroy the U.S. Justice Dept."

    In war, the peaceful should be protected.
    Erasmus, are you peaceful?

    Once the white flag comes down, no one cares whether each side is equally armed, trained, and prepared. It's all bets off in their system when one says they will fight.

    The program of the system is to protect itself from enemies foreign or domestic, but there are controls written in their rules to not trespass if you get to the right people who enforces those controls.

    Much love and peace to you Erasmus.

  5. Correction: the election year was 1960, "rigged the election of 1990 by putting in John F. Kennedy as President when Richard Nixon had won the election by carrying Illinois,"

  6. Erasamus, you may mean well but this is born of angry reaction and not sensible thought process which is what gets things done and is most needed.

    For example, you speak so fast that you don't see the flaws in your own logic. Hastily passing a law like the Omni Law, does not bode well for Americans if they wind up being forced to take their legal matters before 10 Civil Tribunals.

    Tribunals have historically been open and ripe for abuse, fraud and malfesceance and also don't work as claimed in injured party disputes.

    We need no further proof of this than just a glance at the United Nations, Ron Paul is right.

    Its like tossing out rhetoric that isn't substantiated by the evidence. Someone saying "Abolish FEMA" because FEMA might one day be used to imprison Americans, isn't an answer...

    It creates a worse problem because what we should be examining instead, is why agencies like FEMA exist and what do they service.

    For example, Ron Paul would advocate FEMA is mandatory for natural disasters - thereby he would study the program. He would examine why it is there, then begin splitting up this organization with various governors entrusting the leadership of the National Guard with the levers that F.E.M.A performs, so the bureaocracy, abuse and fraud stops.

    Contrast that to how a politician like Romney deals with the problem - by shutting down F.E.M.A & assigning all its responsibilities to a worse agency like the Department of Defense. Likewise, Obama rather than splitting it up and dealing with it will simply fire everybody and hire new employees. None of it is sustainable.

    What you are saying is a very radical belief, because we can't just simply abolish the U.S. Justice Department and assign it to the Military. We should not be taking such rash, radical actions as they are dangerous.
    Tribunals historically have been one of the most fraud ridden programs to exist, so we really need to step away....we ought to study how that Justice Department is setup, not end it and slap a bandaid on.
    According to Maxim of Law rules, we have had courts for more than 30 years which can deal with crime more harshly & easily than the U.S. Supreme Court. These are called Article III courts and their bylaws, which we abandoned.

    These Article 3 courts need to be reactivated across America as most of them are staffed with Judges, Police, and Marshals. Reactivating these courts across the board, would afford us the luxury to shut down illegal squads, police badges, Islamic militants and also the entire United States Fraternal Order of Police Pension Board, which is what starts all the abuse in Police Departments to begin with(and then arrest every general commisar).

    The Fraternal Order of Police is in the first place, a private agency which protects & serves only the cops and not the citizens. It hands out exclusive benefits, pensions and bonuses to Police who meet their quotas - thus inviting the entire system to be abused for personal gain. This agenda then has nothing to do with protecting the public anymore, because of the centralized control.

    The Order of Police is no different than the Federal Reserve, the SEC, CFTC, the ICE and countless other corporations that serve no other function except to obstruct legal justice. They need to be all cut away and go away, with absolutely no question, but before they go on the chopping block States need to enforce their motions to split each agency up.

    There is no need for any of these agencies, absolutely none of them and they create fraud. However in order for that to occur, States and those within need to wake up and recognize the need to not have these entities by cutting off.

  7. For example, all states should now draft legislaion to outlaw merc squads, privatized squads or federal squads anywhere within since they proved illegal. None of these things are of benefit and should be outlawed. All Americans have the 2nd amendment, so keep well stocked and supplied. Dealing with problems like that, are to begin with our personal responsibility so the laws should reflect these things are not welcome.

    Then when/if those things happen, the problems are swiftly removed & finished off. Then if/when the Federal Reserve finally falls, nobody will notice it fell, and will carry on.
    I agree with the notion that all 50 states need to enforce RICO violations on the Justice Dept, just not in tribunals. In Article 3 courts which have always had actual jurisdiction.

    To be accurate the U.S. Justice Department needs to be not abolished, but in totality the agency needs to be split into sections so that all State Attorney Generals can sign R.I.C.O suits in every sovereign's name. Because yes, the Justice Department/SEC is all part of the Federal Reserve and until people are firmly awake of this we cannot toss it in the trash.

  8. If this guy or gal that wrote this really knew what I am about to say, he would have convinced me that he / she really is spot on, BUT Obabamama cannot be Impeached as he is the Corporate CEO. Do you recall Clinton and Bush were both suppose to have been Impeached.....WELL nothing happened.... WHY?? THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO ARREST THESE FOLKS FOR MANY DIFFERENT CRIMES, AND DO IT NOW... WHAT THE HELL ARE WE WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING FOR???? MY CONCERN MORE THAN ALL OF WHAT YOU JUST READ,IS WHAT ARE THEY PREPARING THE CHEMTRAIL BOMBERS FOR RIGHT NOW??? IF YOU WERE ALIVE WHEN SO-DAM-INSANE WAS RULLING IRAQ, JUST REMEMBER WHAT HE DID TO THE KURDS....

    1. Why don't you give Drake a call and find out why Obamamama hasn't been arrested. You can volunteer your services and join Drake and his militia and Getter Done. Whoopee!

  9. Maybe submit to the judge that the Federal Government commits Fraud for Collection Actions on the general public when it is actually a crime for them to do so, as paragraph (a) is missing from the back of the Notice of Levy as it applies ONLY to government employees, so THE UNITED STATES, INC. is willing to commit felonies;
    26 USC § 6331 - Levy and distraint
    (a) Authority of Secretary
    Levy may be made upon the accrued salary or wages of any officer, employee, or elected official, of the United States, the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of the United States or the District of Columbia, by serving a notice of levy on the employer (as defined in section 3401(d)) of such officer, employee, or elected official.

    Regarding a "Notice Of Levy"
    This letter written by Congressman Dennis Hertel when he was representing the 14th District of Michigan is worth a look:

  10. Maybe investigate all the judges that might take the case and ask them if they made any decision on Section 6331 and allowed the THEFT by the IRS!

    If so then ask to have them removed as well as file criminal charges against them for NOT knowing it was a crime as they didn't know paragraph (a) is missing!

  11. $1,050,000.00 will be given out, but then the IRS will claim a profit and for failure to pay the taxes over the last 8 years so the judge will allow the penalties of $10,000,000, so Erasmus of America can go to prison for failing to pay the income tax!

  12. Dan, these actions should be filed in Article 3 courts because then we actively enforce those actions and arrest sitting judges, barristers and other ABA lackeys who are protecting the roost.

    Look at it this way, Article 3 courts have existed as long as one can remember but we abandoned them in favor of this phony, corporate tax system designed by the Federal Reserve.

    By making use of these courts again we re-seize all legal authority, proving that we aren't lemmings and further proving we won't accept any judgments from Admiralty Courts.

    As it is well known all those courts are designed to settle in terms of debt notes, which is illegal, and which Article 3 courts have further charged them with fraud.

    This thing starts unwinding a lot quicker when we simply assert our legal, lawful rights and charge them plus the CAFR with crimes and presentments. The very value of legal processes -

    i.e.: "To accept things for value" is to send them back their own remittance, acknowledging their jurisdiction is now gone. By sending back all official phony debt bills and so on, for value, we further demonstrate that they have no standing anymore.

    With all the Gold assets reportedly now back inside the vaults, the Federal Reserve's leverage is limited. They are living on borrowed time. So commence our Article 3 Courts again, make the charge RICO up-standing fraud with false instrunments and topple them case by case.

    What we have so far is fakes and self-proclaimed gurus doing things that are illegal and don't work, filing trillion dollar lawsuits and saying they will "solve" the problem. Right none of this will do anything to solve the problem. It is time we do it ourselves, right up through each court and toss out the trash.