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Monday, November 19, 2012


     JOHN 10:16 "And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I (Jesus) must bring, and they will hear My Voice, and there will be one flock and one shepherd."

     George Washington was sent by the Governor of Virginia with part of the Army of Virginia to claim lands west of Virginia from French occupation. George Washington with command of his soldiers of the Army of Virginia marched west claiming all land not already occupied as belonging to Virginia. They ended up at the crossing of two main rivers and founded their military fort there at what  is called Pittsburgh, PA today. They claimed all land they had crossed as belonging now to Virginia. This was later called the Northwest Territory out of which was later carved Illinois, Indiana and several other states later claimed as belonging to Wash., D.C. Virginia in order to persuade Maryland to join the Articles of Confederation for the forming of the new nation of America agreed under the terms of the Articles of Confederation to cede this land over to the new national government being formed upon  legal conditions or terms.  For this land grant of the Northwest Territory from Virginia that this new government perpetually honor the legal terms of the Articles of Confederation as to totally respected states' rights for all states joining this new Union of States of the United States and to be a limited government in claimed powers. It was never to become what they called a "consolidated government" meaning a government claiming all powers over a nation and therefore a legal tyranny under legal definition of 1776 by the Founding Fathers of America. 
     When the legal switch was later proposed to write up the U.S. Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation, the Southern States under legal warning of Patrick Henry of Virginia refused to ratify the U.S. Constitution. Patrick Henry had warned that better to set up a constitutional monarch for this newly formed America rather than trust this proposed new government for America. If the constitutional king ever betrayed the national constitution, by old English tradition the Americans could chop off his head for high treason and then set up a new king of America who would obey the terms of the national convention. Patrick Henry warned that if the Southern States did ratify this new U.S. Constitution, the government created by it would later betray the Southern States, crush them, destroy the Southern way of life, and overthrow states' rights which had been the legal agreement for founding of America with a confederation of states in 1776. After this warning by Patrick Henry to the Southern States, James Madison, "father of the U.S. Constitution," and other authors of the U.S. Constitution had to send to the Southern States an oral legal rider binding on the U.S. Constitution as national law that if the Southern States agreed to legally ratify this proposed U.S. Constitution, then it would never be used to overthrow states' rights in the South, never become a "consolidated government" meaning gathering of all power to it instead of a "federal government" meaning power shared between the national government and state governments upon terms agreed by both sides in this U.S. Constitution.  This legal agreement was binding towards the states founding this federal government with the states maintaining the legal powers granted by the national charter called the U.S. Constitution. And it was legally promised as an oral riding legal contract to the U.S. Constitution that the federal government to be created by this would never be used to crush the South and the Southern way of life if the Southern States ratified the formation of this proposed national government under the written terms for the U.S. Constitution. Upon agreement to the oral legal rider attached to the proposed U.S. Constitution, the Southern States agreed to ratify the U.S. Constitution and creation of the U.S. Republic. 
     If George Washington had not turned down the offer to make him the first King of America, then American would have been a constitutional monarchy instead of a constitutional republic. He refused saying we already had a King of America who was Jesus Christ, but he would agree to become President of America. That is why we have a republic instead of a monarch for the national government of America today. Personally I think George Washington should have agreed to become the first King of America, but swearing allegiance in turn to Jesus Christ as Supreme King of America. Old law was where a lesser king swears allegiance to a higher king in authority and so rules under the higher king in authority. George Washington had the Conventional Convention pass the resolution where at the end of the U.S. Constitution Jesus Christ was called "Lord" meaning King of America in the calendar reference and when the U.S. Constitution was ratified, it was under law at that time also legally ratifying that Jesus Christ was the legally declared King of the U.S. Constitution, America as a nation, and King of the American people.  If Jesus had been treated as our lawful King of America as also proposed by Thomas Paine in Common Sense as the main reason why the Thirteen Colonies should fight the American Revolution of 1776 to achieve, then we would not have this moral cesspool of government which does not obey the legal terms of the U.S. Constitution and so is not legally at this time the valid U.S. Republic set up by the U.S. Constitution, but an impostor substitute government operating without any legal authority at all to be the valid national government of America. So how do we get out of this mess created by colossal betrayal, corruption, and total high treason done by the impostors calling themselves falsely as "The U.S. Republic?"
     As Wash., D.C. totally betrayed the legal agreements by which Virginia turned over its land claims to the Northwest Territory to Wash., D.C., the land deal is null and void and all this land legally reverted back in legal title to Virginia and the Confederate States of America formally in 1861 and afterwards.  The Southern States legally divorced themselves from this legal partner that was a con artist government and mockingly  did not keep its legal terms agreed to in order to make this marriage to create a nation and national government with.
      Mitt Romney served the interests of the Southern States in showing that the U.S. Constitution was no longer in legal force and therefore the Confederate Government is the only lawful government for the 50 states as of now. Obama of Kenya could not legally run for President and yet since Wash., D.C. had no legal integrity to obey the U.S. Constitution in the national election of 2012, it is obvious that we had no shred of lawful national government left in Wash., D.C. Obama was also on a second count not allowed to run for the White House in 2012 and also in 2018! He was not a "natural born citizen" which meant at the writing of the U.S. Constitution that he had to have a father and a mother who were both U.S. citizens. His father he claimed for legal reasons as his father was a British subject from Kenya and never became an American citizen. 
     By the way, federal operatives. Your computer hacking talents are good having switched my legal reference to Obama having had to have a father and mother both who were U.S. citizens to   Obama had to have a father and a father who were U.S. citizens. Your sense of humor is sick and shows there is no serious reason now to delay the cancellation of Wash., D.C. as the claimed national government of America and instead raise up now the Confederate Government of the Confederate States of America as the only lawful government for America now. By the way, your second joke of changing the spelling of Freeh to Free was not funny in my eyes and means you have cut the throat of your claimed federal government to have any basis for compromise so the Confederate Government does not execute its asserted lien of $100 trillion on all remaining federal lands left to the claimed title of Wash., D.C. And such lien to be collected on within 60 days or else like a foreclosed mortgage, the Confederate Government now owes the lands used for the remaining 50 states of America. By the way, Americans of all 50 states, thank God that we have outmaneuvered Wash., D.C. and will soon have legal claim to all land which composed the prior claimed 50 states of America. Our legal move on all land in America kills the basis for Agenda 21 and other legal angles Obama was going to use to turn over 50% or more of all American land to the UN and then you kicked out of all your homes in the remaining land of America to anthill settlement communities run as Communist societies in prior America. We of the South have no wish to end your states, kick you out of your own homes, destroy your businesses, jobs, or even social security as we will not hurt the senior citizens while this transfer of legal government occurs from the unlawful fake federal government now to a Confederate Government that gets ratified by the remaining 50 states to now be their national government as well. Everyone has their rights under us. We are not out to hurt anyone and instead when we bring in $50 trillion or more net into the American economy under Confederate leadership, industry booms, jobs boom, business booms, etc. And we create a jump-start to the economy of the nations of Europe as money we obtain by lawful and sound means also starts booming their economies also. And Russia suddenly finding her economy booming with $10 trillion to $20 trillion we intend to see she gets is suddenly going to end up the best friend of America and there will be no World War III between us as goodwill replaces mistrust and hostility between us. I know the secrets of the Pentagon and the secrets of the Russian military having been trained long ago to be the equivalent of a Soviet general in nuclear warfare tactics by a defector from the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies. Each side has some clever military brains but why not use our joint brains for peace and good instead of a terrible nuclear world where no one ends up a winner from it and maybe end of the human race on earth from a nuclear winter over all the earth? 
      Americans, I am maybe more clever than you give me credit for! By the Confederate States now laying claim to all of the land of the 50 states plus legal debts and obligations publicly and secretly owed Wash., D.C., Russia has no nuclear target left to attack due to Wash., D.C.! Russia will respect the legal rights of the Confederacy and we save the world from a pending nuclear War World III at this time! If the people do not stop being so fascinated and won over by corruption and evil in the world, there may yet be a World War III later on, but for now, we buy time for world peace instead of world war over Israel and Muslim terrorists at this time or some other issue that cannot be solved by peaceful means. And if we give Russia a colossal increase of financial muscle when she least expected it to happen, Russia starts booming in new industries and agriculture skyrocketing as it is modernized all over Russia. Russia suddenly booming so much, the Ukraine will want to rejoin Russia as a monster like Stalin no longer exists wanting to kill off tens of millions of the people of the Ukraine. Instead by rejoining with the rest of Russia, the Ukraine also participates in the super booming Russian economy caused by the clever Confederate economist now running the Confederate Government and also as a descendant of the royal line of Russia (minor branch!), I have never wanted any harm to come to the Russian people and I believe if the American people and Russian people learn to really work together, we have tremendous talent and genius in our two races. Together, we can lead the world to a bright future instead of a nuclear World War III no sane man on earth wants to happen.
      I spent eleven calendar years in military academies and have a heavy background in military intelligence, so I know how to play the military game well. But to me I only wanted to understand the military field well so we could prevent war, not start major wars across the world. I have always loved peace and only consider war when no other realistic choice is available for survival of my people and nation. If once in war, I play to win and it would be as foolish to underestimate me in war as Wash., D.C. under Obama underestimated me and now Wash., D.C. is in a deadly legal ambush of international law that the UN will want to enforce, and Obama and Eric Holder in dumb amazement wondering, "How did this happen? We knew we couldn't lose and now we have lost!" As the old saying goes, "Save your Confederate money boys! The South is going to arise again!"
      Changing the subject. Yesterday I watched  a one hour TV broadcast of The Ernest Angley Hour out of Akron, Ohio. I have a much more friendly attitude towards genuine Christian evangelists who pray for stunning Miracles of God in the Name of Jesus and actually get results than maybe most Christian scholars and leaders too jealous of petty denominational territories they govern to admit that real servants of God have arisen all across Christianity and not just in some circles. I estimate that Rev. Ernest Angley has successfully obtained probably at least over 2 million to 3 million people healed of often incredibly incurable ailments and diseases in the Name of Jesus Christ. I notice that those who have the blessing of Miracles of God of spectacular miracles normally have a powerful message with them. If the Roman Catholic Church tries to hold back called by Jesus to pray and receive stunning Miracle of God evangelists, then they will pop up independent or else in another church as the called servants of God won't be held back by any church leaders. Same message for Greek Orthodox Church and its branch of the Russian Orthodox Church, and same message for Protestant churches when they try to hold back those who have special gifts given them by God. I admit many can be fakes but it is impressive to see those who are truly blessed by God with great gifts for stunning Miracles of God. I used the quote by Jesus Christ in John 10:16 to show that Jesus has His sheep scattered in various folds. I want to bring together His sheep from the various folds and let all of us who truly love Jesus finally join together as one fold under Jesus as I know that Jesus wants. 
      I have never seen him but I have heard of a Brother David Terrell of Texas who apparently has quite an impressive background in stunning Miracles of God. Of course, I know well of St. Padre Pio of San Foggia, Italy who for 50 years while bearing the wounds of Jesus Christ on his body had constant Miracles of God occur in the Name of Jesus Christ. I think it was the Catholic Council of 1215 ruled that people of other religions and even atheists could baptize someone a Christian if they followed the procedure of baptism correctly. And the baptized person could be saved by Jesus even if not officially joining the official Church if they lived the right life of a Christian and repented correctly of their sins before they died. We could be saved outside of the official Church but not outside of Jesus Christ. Of course, common sense here! Odds are colossal that it would be far smarter to join the church that instructs you well in the teachings of Jesus and how to correctly live the life of a Christian rather than gamble that you are so smart of a scholar that you don't need anyone to teach you correctly the teachings of Jesus or the right way to live as a Christian in this life. Also, the New Testament does instruct us to join in worship services with our fellow Christians so that points to going to a church to do this weekly! Logic says that if we were marooned on an island for life with no one with us and left a Bible for us to study, we aren't going to lose salvation in Jesus just because there is no church on that island for us to attend!
     The God I know of from the Bible wants mankind won by free will, not by a sword over their head telling them to convert or else they die with their head chopped off. We mean nothing to God if we are not won over by free will, not by force of the sword. Islam believes in the main way of converting man to Allah is chop off his head if he does not convert. I do not believe that this is the God of the Bible which backs His people with constant Miracles of God worldwide. I do not see this in Islam. I agree with one statement of Sir Aldous Huxley and many statements of his I do not agree with. "I am too much of a skeptic to deny the possibility of anything." What that means I will listen to nearly anything that might prove to be true, but also skeptic enough to want to see sound logic and proof before I am going to judge that this might well be true. I am the Christian won by science, not by blind faith, and with my science, I am likely a stronger Christian than 99% of the Christians won by blind faith. My faith is built upon hard rock, not soft sand and will weather the strong storms intact.
       As the scientist I offer the following as interesting proofs of the supernatural. And then if the supernatural really exists, then we choose whether God or else Satan is behind them. One quick comment first. I love fair, impartial scholarship in any field. In the religious field, I have a favorite author who discussed the 16th Century Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter Reformation. This field of study was brilliantly covered in "The Age Of Reformation" by E, Harris Harbison and copyrighted 1955 by Cornell University. He picks no side, just reports the positions correctly all sides and shows all the political factors, economic, cultural, etc. which affected what happened in 16th Century Europe in the field of religion. I always love sound, brilliant and fair scholarship in any field. As movies can in two hours or whatever convey often as clear an idea what supernaturally happened as a book taking much longer to read, three movies intrigued me as they clearly showed the supernatural and the supernatural then points either to God or else Satan being behind the supernatural. But the point I am after is that the supernatural proves the existence of God and this wipes out the atheists in a nation!
      First movie about real story of the supernatural. "The Song of Bernadette" which won 4 Oscars in 1943. Great performance of Bernadette Soubirous by Jennifer Jones. Story of the reported Apparition of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, France in 1858. This apparition called herself  "The Immaculate Conception" which I by cross referencing noticed was officially pronounced as a dogma of the Roman Catholic Church 3 years earlier. I was intrigued by the rapid appearance of reported "Miracles of God" which occurred as these 15 appearances of this apparition occurred. "The Miracle of Fatima" in 1917 produced as Warner Bros. movie in or around 1952 as I recall. Excellent produced version of the biggest supernatural event witnessed in the 20th century on earth. Around 70,000 to 100,000 witnesses watched this stunning supernatural event probably biggest witnessed on earth since the parting of the Red Sea by Moses. And "Betania - Land of Grace (Venezuela)" narrated by Ricardo Montalban and copyrighted in 1993. While event was not as big as Lourdes and certainly not as big as Fatima, powerful religious message is released that mankind either returns to God or else we face a World War III more horrible than human imagination can imagine and entire nations will be annihilated because they loved sin rather than God for their nations.
     By publicizing Rev. Ernest Angley earlier and Brother Terrell earlier, I state that supernatural events have occurred both Catholic and Protestant side which tells all but the dummies and those born morons that God exists for real! After that, we are on our own whether we by free will choose God or else Satan for our lives. and Rev. Ernest Angley who healed my wife many years ago of a large tumor on her face and a much larger tumor inside her after he prayed for her in the Name of Jesus Christ and healed me of a serious back injury I had for maybe 15 years had interesting comments on his national TV broadcast yesterday. He said the Plan of God was for all of mankind to be saved through Jesus Christ. Only by allowing Satan to control us instead of God through Jesus Christ, then we had sicknesses, early deaths, evil government such as we have in Wash., D.C. trying to make America morally an evil nation, wars, bad economies, etc. We turn to God which is the Plan of God and then God can bless America and the world. But we have to do this out of Free Will as God will not force us to choose good rather than evil. That is our choice.
      The Confederate Government by vote of all delegates at Hot Springs, Arkansas years ago voted as legally binding on the Confederate Government that Jesus Christ was legally declared the King of the Confederate States of America. We stand for good for mankind through Jesus Christ our King and Lord of the Confederate States pf America. Wash., D.C. under Obama stands for Satan and world evil towards all mankind on earth as Wash., D.C. is the would-be false prophet of Revelation to deceive all the world and Obama wants to be the Antichrist of Revelation. But I expect us to win, give Jesus His peculiar people zealous of good works, give Jesus His militant church which will be His Bride for when He returns as our King and Lord, and give Jesus a nation which is truly loyal to Jesus Christ and loves Jesus as all Christians should on earth.
       Matthew 10:40-41 teaches that he that backs a prophet or servant of the Lord shares for eternity in the reward of the prophet or servant of the Lord that he or she backs. I was given three supernatural signs and messages in my life that Jesus wanted me to raise up the Christian people of the Confederacy to save the world from Antichrist Wash., D.C. which hates good and will lead the world to world death if not stopped in time. Even one of the three children of Fatima said in 1917 that part of the Fatima message was that God would end the human race on earth, not just permit World War III, if mankind did not stop loving sin as a way of life. Mankind must return to God as ruler over the life of mankind on earth to prevent this punishment from God for mankind. The third supernatural sign and message I received was the spectacular physical healing of Lane Brewer in 1990 by what may have been the most spectacular physical Miracle of God publicly witnessed in America since America was founded as a nation in 1776. I did not do the Miracle of Jesus. Jesus did! But this was to show all America that Jesus backs me in my drive to make America once more a Christian nation!
      Make copies of this report all over America. Read 80 plus national reports of mine posted with Nesara News for over 7 months now with Nesara News. Put my pen name of Erasmus of America in their search box at the top left of their website and see the reports of mine listed to be read by you. Send any financial backing for those that want a Christian future for America instead of Antichrist America to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. We will pass the Omni Law under the Confederate Constitution instead of the U.S. Constitution if required. Proof that Obama, Eric Holder, etc. were too dumb to be the national leaders for America include they sat there like hypnotized zombies instead of paying me the federally $4,400,000 back to me and making peace moves with me before the Confederate Government cancelled forever any pretense that the U.S. Constitution was any longer authority for the usurper government in Wash., D.C. acting now with no legal authority left to it. 
      Send your names with your emails and say "Add To List" to fastboomamericaneconomy@gmail.com . We want to know who all is for making America Christian and Free once more as a people and nation.
     Yours for God and Confederate States of America (pen name. Gave regular name in some earlier reports. Many Christian saints over the centuries predicted this Christian movement outside of Europe and even pointed to where it would arise on the world map. We meet all their stated prophesied marks as being the movement they said Jesus would back shortly before His return to earth. When we finish pushing the Gospel all over the world, then those who know prophecy know what happens next! Brothers and Sisters in Christ, time to arise and join with me. We now march for Jesus across America and then the world. We will win as the Christian saints have repeatedly predicted for close to 2,000 years of Christianity. We of the Confederate cause are those who will end up being the Camp of the Saints prophesied in Revelation. We of the Confederacy have been given the greatest honor from Jesus of any race in history! Jesus fiercely likes us and Jesus fiercely loves us because Jesus knows that we will not fail Jesus! We are His peculiar people zealous of good works! We are a race and a nation now!)


  1. FOR THE RECORD - I John MacHaffie, am one of the LORD's humble servants and support this message.

    What say you?

  2. The question IS....WHO is Erasmus? WHY isn't he writing for the Washington Times or WorldNetDaily or have his own blog?

  3. The history is wrong as usual!

    George Washington tried his darndest to become the King of America. He even started a special society that catered to the wealthy members of the American Republic but try as he may, George couldn't swing the influence.

    George did allot more than this and is the father of the corruption that the Republic is now faced with! There is two of everything in America! If you can research something its because that represents what the Royal and Elite Cabal want you to find!!!!!

    The books on World and American History has been cooked for years by Cabal paid journalists. You need to be on the inside; worked on the inside or have friends on the inside to uncover the TRUTH!

  4. "Pursuant to the "Law of the Flag", a flag does result in jurisdictional implication when flown. The Plaintiff cites the following: "Under what is called international law, the law of the flag, a shipowner who sends his vessel into a foreign port gives notice by his flag to all who enter into contracts with the shipmaster that he intends the law of the flag to regulate those contracts with the shipmaster that he either submit to its operation or not contract with him or his agent at all." - Ruhstrat v. People, 57 N.E. 41, 45, 185 ILL. 133, 49 LRA 181, 76 AM.

    If he was born in Illinois at a time when the flag above the state or his mother's hospital was NOT the flag of Virginia, then how could it have been in the state of Virginia?

    Also, show me one reference or map where Virginia claimed Illinois during the War Between the States! You can't!

    Illinois is the land of Lincoln, arch traitor to the Confederacy, not part of it. Go paddle your fake history elsewhere.

  5. If he is for real then I am all for it but what proof do we have. Is he like Drake who tells us that the military are going to step in and then he turns around and says that we have to do it ourselves? Or is he like Teri Hinkle who tells everyone to "GET OFF OF THEIR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING" which does not set well with too many of us FYI. As if following her suggestion of going to the city counsel of your city and telling them not to implement agenda 21 like that is going to save us all. I hope he is for real because "WE THE PEOPLE" have truly had it at least the one's who realize the truth. I would love to donate to this purpose but I am not blindly giving someone money without some type of confirmation. John you sound as if you really believe in this guy. What makes you believe that he is real. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT UNDER THIS POSTING SO AS TO GIVE OTHERS A LITTLE HOPE AND MAKE THEM WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAUSE. YOU HAVE INSIDER INFO CAN YOU PLEASE COMMENT. THANK YOU.

    1. I have had private conversations with him and given my experience in intel gathering ---- he does check out. He is the real deal.

      And my travels with Our LOVING LORD have led me to build this crazy blog and being introduced to some wonderful, gifted souls.

      He better not be another Drake ---- geeeeeeeeee! LOL!

    2. That makes me feel a little better. Please tell him to do what he has to do As Soon As Possible. The people in TENT CITY are freezing; hungry and cold and the American people are unaware of what is really happening to those people. WE NEED HIM TO ACT NOW PLEASE. THANK YOU!

  6. Well as long as we feel better..... Like the other versions of the bible through dynamic equivalence. As long as we feel better in our sin we need not see the creator or our need for him this never will bring anyone to Cognitive Dissonance pinging our conscience into repentance and turning over freewill offerings to the creator and receiving liberty of conscience to see the Kingdom of heaven is at hand 1 John 4;3 KJV