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Thursday, November 1, 2012


"Knowledge Without God Only Produces Intellectual Barbarism." - Erasmus Of America
     Gandhi of India once said of Christians, "If you Christians lived that faith you preach, I would have become a Christian." And maybe with Gandhi won over to Christianity, he might have won India over to Christianity also. We lose so many opportunities to win much or all of a nation because too many Christians will not pay the price to win a nation or most of the world to Christ. The Muslims say they will win the world to Islam because they say they are serious about their religion and the Christians are not serious about Christianity. Lenin though an atheist was practical in many ways and once commented if the Communists had had 12 as dedicated to Communism as the 12 Apostles were dedicated to Christ, then Communism could have stormed the world. Four of us are likely as dedicated to the victory of Christianity as the first Apostles of Jesus Christ. When we have up to eight more as dedicated to Christianity as us, Jesus will likely have His 12 Latter-Day Apostles to storm America and the world. We have a respectable number of people who want to back us for coming victory of Christianity in America, but we need more Apostolic quality leaders and more militant soldiers for Christ ready to storm and overwhelm any obstacles the enemies of Christ to try in our pathway trying to stop us or slow us down from winning America today and then the world tomorrow! But the birth of the symbolic Army of the Lord is already a reality in America and our numbers and strength are growing. 
     Having spent eleven calendar years in military academies and with a heavy background in military intelligence, I have a very practical military mind and have laid many traps for the enemies of Christ in the federal government and outside. The enemies outside are not my main concern. It is trapping the enemies of Christianity within the federal government so suddenly to their shock, our disguised power tactics have won the nation and they in bewilderment wonder how this has happened. No one has played more into our hands to set up our coming victory over the traitors in the federal government who want to wipe out Christianity in America, wipe out the U.S. Bill of Rights, and wipe out millions to most of the American people than the self-named deep knight operating out of Wash., D.C. At latest count he has issued over the internet 4 murder threats against me that he indicates is ordered by Obama and coached how to do it by the F.B.I. Now I think the F.B.I. is too smart to put the entire survival of their federal agency on the line to be destroyed as a federal agency by backing him, so his implication that the F.B.I. has been coaching him how to murder me at my home, I don't buy this story at this time! However, by posting that he is now up to 4 federal murder attempt threats against me as he tries to imply that he is a federal assassin under federal authority, he puts the U.S. Justice Dept. and its auxiliary agency the F.B.I. in colossal peril of being closed down as federal agencies if they don't arrest him soon for issuing 4 murder threats against me over the internet!  We with two computers on the internet recorded all his threats so he can't hide later on and deny that he issued these murder threats. 
     If the U.S. Justice Dept. and auxiliary branch the F.B.I. let him continue on with these murder threats over the internet and don't legally stop him now, then to world opinion it will look credible that he must be working for Obama in threatening me with federal murder 4 times as he lets this be known he will murder me by federal order. His latest threats are to murder me in November or else December, 2012. I needed a fool in Wash., D.C. who would pull the rug from under the Obama Administration and he played the role of the fool beautiful enough to win an Oscar for his performance! Every hour the U.S. Justice Dept. does not now openly denounce him and every hour the F.B.I. does not prepare to arrest him for at latest count issuing 4 murder threats against me that he indicates are on behalf of Obama in the White House, he is piling legal criminal charges on you as you legally take his side on murder threats instead of shutting him as he creates a Pandora box of legal charges against Wash., D.C. the longer he is tolerated by Eric Holder, etc. 
     We record it as coming evidence to be presented before the UN, the International Court of Justice at the Hague,  and up to maybe 130 or more other courts abroad such as France, Germany, Britain, Russia, China, India, Japan, Canada, Mexico, etc. who all will be out to internationally arrest any federal official backing deep knight in claimed legality for his murder threats against me as every threat issued is a violation of a number of legal terms of the Genocide Treaty and an international violation of the national law of 130 or more nations represented by the UN. As I exclusively have the trade secret Vatican endorsed food process Pope Pius XII endorsed as potentially the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ, deep knight in the claimed name of Obama as he mentioned Obama to authorize the threatened murder of me is threatening to murder off the races of nearly all to all nations on earth. University tests of years ago and more recent medical lab reports from all over the world indicate that the human race will shortly go biologically extinct like the dinosaur if my father's fantastic food discovery is not soon added to the American diet and all diets in the world. In case some cannot follow logic, deep knight in his hatred of everything in America including the American people would potentially kill off the entire race in America if he was allowed to carry out his very insane, criminal threat to murder me not caring at all if this also killed off also the entire American race by the same act. Okay, Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, this fool in Wash., D.C. has put you in the hot seat! Are you going to continue allowing him to threaten me over the internet with what he indicates would be federally authorized murder of me or is it time to cool down a colossally dangerous legal issue and position he has put Obama, you, and many other key leaders in Wash., D.C. in? If you don't stop him, then usual legal logic is his claims are true and he is working for you in planned murder of me in the most total violation of the Genocide Treaty seen in human history as my father's Vatican trade secret endorsed food process has to be set up shortly or else scientific sources indicate that this will be the end of the human race on earth! 
     Now unfortunately for the federal traitors in Wash., D.C., I was born with colossal guts and murder threats don't intimidate me at all! Of course I take them as seriously meant, but you can't control me by fear! Sorry, not all people are cowards before a would-be tyranny. Others who are not cowards in America can join with me now as we restore Christianity to national leadership in America and save America as a nation in the process. Revelation of the Bible says that cowards are not wanted by God. To me a coward is one who has given up his manhood or her womanhood given them by God and nothing left for God or me to respect. But special for Wash., D.C. con artist liars. Revelation says that God hates those who are liars and create lies. You are rejected by God and not invited to ever live with God for eternity. 
     Deep knight did threaten a computer hacker attack at the end of October and an associate researcher with a separate laptop computer wanted to show me his latest murder threats against me posted on his website. He must have thought the other laptop computer was mine and so by mistake attacked the other computer with his hacker tactics, computer viruses, or whatever and destroyed the other laptop computer as he threatened he would do. Since the U.S. Justice Dept. has allowed him to freely continue on in murder threats, threatened October computer hacking attack to destroy my computer and computer memory, etc., I will be waiting for the $1,000 damage check from the U.S. Justice Dept. to be sent to me as I understand the laptop computer cost close to $1,000 destroyed by this very apparent person who did the hacking attack exactly as he threatened and when. He hit a wrong computer not owned by me and I will see they get the money to buy an equal replacement. For the naive in the U.S. Justice Dept., the money is not the issue, but stonewalling paying damage money owed over this incident created by your stonewalling of law, of dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice in a massive genocide conspiracy according to legal standards being run by Wash., D.C. now with the U.S. Justice Dept. in charge of the intended Genocide Conspiracy at this time. I needed a fool in Wash., D.C. to make the wrong legal moves so I could file with courts all over the world and have a winning legal hand in every court filed with. People all over the world will want to hang involved Washington federal leaders for wanting to kill off all the people in their nations. 
     For me to call off this filing of legal genocide charges with maybe all nations on earth, Wash., D.C. will have to promptly pass my Omni Law and grant the land, etc. required to set up my Camelot Project in America. I will treat that as a legal move to show that Wash., D.C. is no longer interested in a total genocide conspiracy against all the American people to potentially kill off all Americans and a total genocide conspiracy against all other races and nations on earth. Maybe they are so blinded with fanaticism in some Washington circles, but the legal logic of the situation is that they might kill off the entire human race on earth if I don't stop them and return them to reality how insane is this federal genocide policy against all the American people and the rest of the human race on earth. I would be showing legal mercy if I did not just proceed with the worldwide legal filings no matter what peace moves they make to try and have me call off this massive legal action which would hit Wash., D.C. like a sledgehammer when it hit. People all over the world are watching the blog this is intended to be posted in. That happens, you can't pretend in Wash., D.C. that you don't know what is legally going on. 
     And to correct one legal point that would be taken out of context and misrepresented by con artist liars of Wash., D.C. if I let them. I never threatened who you call President with murder. What I said was and in public print for all the world to see is that if Obama tried a military takeover of America as his "October Surprise" and the American patriots won against him and any military allies, then after they were convicted of high treason, etc. against the American people, I would recommend that a legal example be made of them to even put Obama and some other closest traitors and enemies of the American people in even containers of Sulphuric Acid to eat their bodies away. When a retired U.S. Army General was talking that Obama was planning to murder 25 million Americans or more in his planned "October Surprise" and many other military sources were reporting on Obama's military moves for the planned military takeover of America so there would be no national election on Nov. 6, 2012, my shocking proposal would I was sure make some of his co-conspirators have second thoughts about trying to pull off this planned October Surprise to make Obama dictator of America for life. When a man even if elected President tries to mass kill off his own people, he is no longer President of America or any other nation this would happen to. He is an enemy leader and fair game to execute in any way the wrath of the nation decides towards him and others with him. If you will notice, no "October Surprise" of Obama ever occurred in America! And military sources were reporting that Obama and his military supporters were cocky with confidence they would win and nothing could stop them. I stopped them with my tactics learned long ago from military intelligence. I make no apologies for saving 25 million up to 150 million Americans from being murdered in mass numbers by Obama and allies in the planned Communist takeover of America. And where was the U.S. Justice Dept. when sources all over America were reporting on the planned Obama October military takeover of America and then colossal massacre of the American people until the remnant would totally surrender to him and America was to be finished as a nation then? And half of the land of America was to be given over to the UN and the Americans kicked out of their homes and lands with the rest of the nation as they were to be herded into anthill colony type Communist settlements as their new homes for the slaves of America, former citizens of America! I apologize for nothing for having saved America from a civil war planned by Obama to crush the American people forever. Obama is a Communist and Muslim and has hated America for most or all of his life. He was the Trojan Horse to make America a Communist nation as reported by a business operative for the Defense Intelligence Agency of the Pentagon who in Moscow then was told by a Communist source that he was to be made later President of America to set up the Communist takeover of America once in power. Sorry, no apologies for saving America from a planned Communist takeover by Obama, etc.!
      Now Christians we will get the Omni Law passed as the alternative is too crushing for Wash., D.C. to face. Under the Omni Law we get the legal rights of the churches and Christians fully restored in America. We will restore prayer and the Bible to the public schools with approval of the American people by national referendum as authorized through the Omni Law. We will boom the American economy with our Camelot Project and with other applications of Christian Economics as taught in the Bible and worked with fantastic success when already used in other nations. We will strengthen national defense so America does not fall defeated by other nations. We will restore all the God-given Rights of the American people fought for and established as law under the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. Federal officials and personnel will no longer be used in secret conspiracies to try and destroy Christianity in America. With interruptions created by deep knight while I was fixing my report on Miracles of God In Christianity For Modern America And The World, after the first time correctly listing the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima on Oct. 13, 1917, I afterwards listed it in the same report as on Oct. 17. I did correct today this date on many copies of this report sent out all over America earlier today and already saw the first posting of it elsewhere in America shortly after I sent it out this morning before writing this report now. The person with the other computer asked my help to try and save their computer from being totally destroyed by the hacking tactic of deep knight and this disrupted my preparation of this report yesterday on Miracles of God. Short on time, I made a couple of typo errors which were corrected in copies sent out nationally today.  
     My power tactics would have been depended upon the election if our fool deep knight so full of arrogance and hatred of Christianity had not tilted the scales in our favor for the alternate way to win in America. We had to prove under law how criminal was the character and mentality really in Wash., D.C. Instead of legally framing us as intended, deep knight forced into legal exposure the real criminal mentality running Wash., D.C. today under Obama and his corrupt subordinates. Thanks to deep knight, we have legal checkmate on the traitors in Wash., D.C. We will win now. I knew God would give me some ace that would give me victory over the Antichrist fanatics now in key positions in Wash., D.C. under Obama. Christians, we should win national power in America shortly now!
      Those wanting to be on our email list for later reports we might send out, send your email address, etc. to fastboomamericaneconomy@gmail.com   and say "Add To List." Feel free to circulate this report to anyone nationally you want to. Financial support for our drive now to finish getting the Omni Law passed as national law in should be short time now, send to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Look up Omni Law in the search box  at the top left of the website for Nesara News. Put in my pen name of Erasmus of America in the search box to see 70 plus other national reports I filed with Nesara News over the last 7 months. We are going to win. And if Obama keeps it blocked until he leaves the White House, as soon as the Omni Law is passed, we will see the RV of foreign currencies goes through that will help out the American economy and economies of nations all across the earth! We want to see prosperity spread across America and the world. Obama did not as Communism comes in power in bad economies, not good!
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name. Didn't use it, but at first debated using name of Charles Henry which was my confirmation name in Christianity many years ago. I wanted to use in confirmation the names of some of my forefathers who traced in ancestry to the ancient Roman Imperial Line of Constantine the Great who legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire around 300 years after Christ. Some of my distant relatives with the same background all dressed in Roman togas to honor this Roman ancestry of ours. I think about 30 of them  one family photo were all dressed in Roman togas to show their  Roman Imperial ancestry. But Erasmus was a Christian name honoring the man who wanted reform of Christianity to earlier Apostolic standards, but not destroying the unity of Christianity in the process.I identified with Erasmus, so that became my pen name when I began this drive to dislodge the enemies of Christianity from power and restore Christianity to national power in America.)


  1. I guess I must have missed the memo where the serial criminal and traitor GOP is better?

    Oh yes, I must have forgotten we are dealing with the silver tongued liar Erasamus this time. That explains why your completely morally bankrupt "Omni Law", is another lie that wouldn't work in the United States of America.

    The Omni Law is a load of mistakes. Setting up 10 favian fascist Tribunals to oversee all our elected laws, by self-decreed deities sounds like a great pathway to freedom to me.

    Because it worked so well having an un-SUPREME COURT and ten gateway courts surrounding it, for the past seventy five plus years after all. It must mean all we need is ten sitting Judges to decide the fate of every last man and woman too, just like ancient Pharisees in Jerusalem.

    Come to think of it, Ten so called "Hegelian Christian Courts" does sound suspiciously like the Road to the Pharisee courts....Who would have thought? The Court Jester is caught.

    Erasamus after all defends Mitt Romney, a serial communist & horrid crook if there has ever been one.

    Mitt Romney, a man who wants to start a new war in the Middle East and voted let me see now...Eight separate times to authorize detention camps in America with his own signature - that would be used on Americans.

    Doesn't this load of rubbish inspire confidence!
    Give me a break. Go carry your water for these reds on a different site, this is pathetic.

    John, it is high time to stop allowing these frauds to take up space on your blog site. Mitt Romney is just as criminal, crooked and nasty as Obama: Start exposing all the crimes of these neanderthals.

    This is supposed to be a place to get the real facts on all the candidates....not be biased towards any of these psychopaths. And it is also not supposed to be an advertisement for personal "new age" Galactic disinfo, or fake solutions that create traps for America like purported "Omni Law."

    Let me tell you what we really need, we need an overhaul of our system of law. Fix our legal system and you fix this whole nonsense mess, and NOT by adding in more court rooms. But by restoring our own courts to power, the non commie Article 3 courts to be precise.

    Gary Johnson stated it best... "Our problems are a lot larger than just one cosmetic change. And neither candidate will address them."
    Start by addressing that.

  2. The age of religion is over. The age of God/Goddess and ascension has begun. The Universal laws will take hold as humanity is governed from within by the true love that we in fact, are. Force from without is over, whether from religion or government. In the new world and Golden Age, love will rule the world from within, from true Zero Point Source, not from some alien mind control matrix. Be still and KNOW. Belief is over. The Christ within is the Star-gate to God/Goddess, right from the heart Chakra. For more info go to the Mystery School of Adam Ka Amon. www.drifterworld.org.