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The Six Primary Paths of Ascension

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The Six Primary Paths of Ascension
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Date: Sunday, 4-Nov-2012 15:39:31

The Six Primary Paths of Ascension
On the morning of the 25th October just after I arrived downstairs for breakfast I started to get an unexpected message stream from my guides. Their subject was the various options for ascension, of which there appear to be six ‘primary’ paths. These were given to me as being:
The Path of 3D Completions. For those who insist on still playing out the ‘power and control’ game, or what I have called ‘the Reptilian Agenda’ they will move to another / renewed 3D reality, and continue until they have finished with the 3D experience.
The Path of High Service. There are a number of beings who have agreed major support / unblocking / strategic / evolutionary tasks to be completed here on Earth during this current life and in the context of ascension. Their commitment is not to ascend until their specific task is complete.
The Path of Irrelevance and Detaching. This is about progressively letting go of everything around you – relationships, belongings, self-definitions, territory, past, future, ambitions - and much more! All these things work to anchor you in the old material world structures. If you are able to completely let go, you can float freely upwards on the journey of frequency, ‘going with the flow’ big time! This is the ‘mass’ route to ascension.
The Return Home. There are many beings that have come from more evolved but still physical worlds to be here and assist at this time. At the appropriate point they will simply return to their loved ones at home – wherever that is in the Cosmos.
Serving as Gatekeeper. Each of the other paths will have gatekeepers, those volunteers whose job and commitment it is to facilitate those who would take their specific ascension path. Their skill is thus to work between the two worlds of the dying 3D reality and the New Reality as chosen by the higher or incarnated aspect (if ready) of each individual.
Return to Source. There are a few beings that came here directly from Source – actually, for them, the task of simulating being human (for this is what they tend to do) is exceedingly challenging, so that quite frequently they appear seriously dysfunctional in some way. Many of these souls are here to give direct feedback to some higher level. They each come with a specific purpose, and will return to Source once the ascension program is complete.
Well, this is a subject where there are many different paradigms, and I guess we will finally know when we get there. But I was pleased to have this 'shorthand' way to see the options, which I do find helpful!
During a subsequent Skype conversation with friends in Australia I was also shown that the high 3D realm is actually higher in frequency than the lowest 4D realm – something I had never suspected, i.e., a frequency overlap existing between dimensions. This suggests to me that there is some kind of phase shift required to allow us to move between dimensions.
Also, there is a time-scale to the ascension process, I do not sense things happening in an instant. At the present time it would appear that the timescale required to get ‘all those who are choosing ascension’ through their relevant portals will be up to four years. This positions 21st December 2012 as a nexus point, one at which the rate-of-change is at its maximum, perhaps. I do not see there being a sudden change that activates or completes ascension for a great mass of people. However, the change ‘in the twinkling of an eye’ as mentioned in the Bible may well be something personal to each individual, happening at the moment that they are personally ready.
Xavier Hermes

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