Friday, November 2, 2012


     "National Study Evalutated It Cost American Labor One Trillion Dollars Or More Annually To Outlaw School Prayer And Bible Study. And Trillion Or More In Sales Lost To American Business! Its Costs A Vast Fortune Annually To Outlaw God In Nation! I Want To Add This Money To The Pay Of The Working People Of America! And I Want To Add This Money To The Sales Of American Business Annually. How Do We Do This? By Restoring Prayer And The Bible To The Publich Schools Of America! Once The Omni Law Is Passed In America, This Will Be One Of Our First Acts Proposed By The 10 American Civil Tribunes For Referendum By The People Of America To Decide This Issue Of Law! And Once The Omni Law Is Passed, We Want To Recover For the American People As Much Of The Money Swindled From The Ameican People By Wash., D.C. As The Front From Those Who Stole This Money From The American People. Estimates Of Some Financial Publications Is This Swindled Amount Of Money May Even Be As High As One Thousand Trillion Dollars. We Don't Know The Real Final Figure, But With The Omni Law Passed, We Will Find Out! See How God Rewards America Once America Decides To Honor God As A Nation Again! We Recover Enough And End Of National Federal Taxes. Recover More And End Of State Taxes. Recover More and Americans Are Paid Annual Incomes Like Citizens Of Some Oil-Rich Middle East Countries! One State Already Has Paid Out Surplus Oil Money Revenues To Citizens And That Is Alaska! It Can Be Done As Already Proven Elsewhere! But The Corrupt And Cowardly Politicians Of Both Parties Will Never Do This For You The American People And Businesses Of America. But Once The Christian Omni Law Is Passed, We Will Do This For America! Also, We Will Legally Protect The God-given Rights Of Americans to participate in such as Zeek Rewards which Wash., D.C. recently seized so Wash., D.C. could pocket this money for Wash., D.C. or else the corrupt in Wash., D.C. for their own private money for their own private bank accounts. Wash., D.C. has no intention of returning this $600 million as I was told the figure to the rightful owners being the American citizens and others who had money belonging to them in this very successful business project until stopped by Wash., D.C. They were hungry to seize that $600 million for Wash., D.C. as they don't want the American people to get rich with God-given rights in America! Sorry they must have been a fraud! They only paid successfully for 12 years with I understand 1 1/2 million members. That doesn't count under corrupt Washington style law. The Nazis stole from the Jews and the Wash. feds steal from you the American people. We understand that C.I.A. hacked all bank accounts in America but this would never be investigated except the Omni Law is passed first restoring honest leadership to Wash., D.C. by creation of a legal oversight committee over it. " - Erasmus of America
     As Benjamin Franklin warned about government, ""Beware! He'll cheat without scruple, who can without fear!" Once the Omni Law is passed, we will give the crooks and traitors in Wash., D.C. something to worry about. Under the Omni Law, we will have the legal authority to investigate them, order their arrest if required, convene grand juries, put them on national trial if required, and things like recover the colossal amount of money owed to and swindled from the American people by Wash., D.C. acting as the front for the most corrupt and evil men in the world. Sorry gals! They haven't let you into their colossally Satanic top ranks yet!
     I publicized earlier The Evolution Handbook nearly 1,000 pages which covers all the claimed proofs for evolution and shows all the claimed proofs are fraudulent being disproved by the real discoveries of science. When the Omni Law is passed, I want to see this book becomes a standard textbook in all schools of America. Then death to atheism in America as no one will still be an atheist except someone obviously lunatic or else moron in key aspects of intelligence. This report below came from Canada in 1985 and with typical censorship of what proves with science that evolution of life never occurred in reality, this was censored from your science courses in your public schools. I added a few notes in brackets to explain easier some statements of theirs so you can understand it better, but basically it is saying that enzymes in living cells correct genetic damage to genetic codes in cells so they can't mutate or evolue into new life forms! Put a pretty flower over the gravesite for The Theory of Evolution! It just got wiped out and suddenly died! Yes, God made life and the universe, not random chance which is what the theory of evolution is.
     CREATION SCIENCE ASSOCIATION OF CANADA, incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia, P.O. Box 34006, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 4MI
      News Release  -   January 25, 1985


     Two British scientists have come out with a new bombshell for ardent evolutionists. They say there is no answer for this problem - how did the editing and proof-reading mechanism built into the genetic code orginate? (Erasmus Note: 2002 DVD "Unlocking The Mystery of Life" shows only God could have made brilliant live cells! DVD shows mathematical odds built into the complexity of how small cells are designed makes it mathematical odds of virtually infinity for these cells to have evolved by random chance from simple beginnings of material plus energy such as lightning into living cells, reproduced themselves, and evolved into new life forms. Serious science says only God could have created life in the universe as random chance would have to defy mathematical odds of virtual infinity to form life and reproduce it by evolution which is random chance in process.The Communists when occupying nations would teach evolution first to make it look like the Bible was myth and not reality. Then they would teach Communism by Karl Marx to the brainwashed students believing their lies!)

     They say that rapid advances in molecular biology have unraveled the impressive complexity and 'exquisite" fidelity in the genetic coding process and in the synthesis of proteins. Responsible are certain key enzymes now known to possess editing and proof-reading functions to remove incorrect intermediates as they are formed. Such amazing functions were unknown to be operative in the genetic code only a few years ago. Science now have even developed methods to quantify te editing and proof-reading properties of these enzymes during cell replication. The most scientiss learn about life processes, the more they are astonished at the intricacy of these reactions, and the more they are at a loss for explanations. (In plain language, random chance called evolution could not have made living cells! Sorry evolutionists, your theory of evolution is psuedo-science, not real science, and just a propagagda tool to try and smear belief in God with until it is found out that you are "lying like hell" in how you allegedly prove evolution by science which can only sound convincing so long as you censor the hundreds or thousands of pages of scientific proofs proving that evolution is only psuedo-science at best and based upon "hot air" false presentations of what real science would show the people.)

     Dr. A. R. Fersht, one of the two British scientists, says, "The exquisite fidelity of the genetic coding process is maintained during replication of DNA and the synthesis of proteins by a series of editing and proof-reading reactions which remove errors. (Catch that statement folks! Proof-reading system in cells removes the errors from the genetic code making evolution of life scientifically impossible! It neve happened!) Without these checks mutation rates would be unaceptably high, and proteins largely heterogeneous" - (wild and useless and probably cancerous).  "...there would be few, if any, viable progeny per generation, and those produced would be inefficient" and in the absence of editing""...the present system of genetic code and animo acid would certainly not be able to maintain the higher form of life." (Fershet, A. R. Trends Biochem. Sci. Vol. 5, page 262, 1980).

     Dr. G. R. Lambert, the other British scientists, says, "Based on present knowledge of molecular biology and biolchemistry it is concluded that the evolution of contemporary information transfer systems from promitive systems lacking such editing mechanisms remains an unsolved problem in theoretical biology." (Lambert, G.R. J. Theo. Biol. Vol. 107, page 387, 1984).

     Phone 604-321-5728            Earl G. Hallonquist, Ph.D., National Director

     (Erasmus Note: This discovery in biology was censored because it proves that evolution never happened! Scientifically Impossible! This proves why cells cannot mutate called evolve to new life forms in nature. The enzymes correct DNA errors! American public schools have betrayed the American people by "politically correct" classes based upon emotions, not truth. This is in the field of science to try and outlaw proofs of God from science. This is in the field of history to try and hide from the students that America was founded as a Christian nation and based its national law upon God-given rights taught in the Bible. This is in the field of economic science because Jesus Money as taught by Jesus in the New Testament has been used 4 times in history, first time in the Middle Ages, and always wildly skyrocketed the economy wherever used, and always overthrown by the banking interests who didn't like so much non-stop prosperity with no poor or unemployed left in society for all the people. They didn't like businesses with so much non-stop profitable sales in this booming Bible based prosperity! They didn't like the churches becoming so prosperous with this and teaching the moral values of the Bible to the people so the people were moral in values and could not be controlled by the would-be corrupt in society. The corrupt power elite need a corrupt people so they can control them and enslave them by secret corrupt means. A virtuous people automatically will have true freedom in their nation and hard or impossible to enslave by trick laws and corrupt economics.  And the corrupt bankers also hated all this Bible-created prosperity for the governments. Wealthy governments needing little in taxes could not be driven into heavy debt to the bankers. HIdden powerful banking elite, not the ordinary local bankers who are innocent of all this corruption, wanted prayer and the Bible outlawed from the public schools of America so a corrupted, dumbed down, heavily indoctrinated by propaganda instead of education in the schools American public would be easy to control and swindle because they were not trained how to think soundly for themselves.
     Fortunately, people still have God-instilled common sense in them so tainted and corrupt controlled public education can not make idiots out of the American people as the power elite are trying to do to the American people. Morally corrupt people though capable of smart thinking can still be controlled through their moral corruptions by the corrupt power elite until these people become a virtuous national people. Then the corrupt cannot control the people anymore and the people become truly free under law instead of enslaved under the laws of the corrupt in secret control of government, newspapers, TV, etc. That is why the corrupt power elite fight so hard to block prayer and the Bible from being legally allowed in the school system of America. This is all a game of power based upon censorship in education, in news for the nation, and the "politically correct" movement in America was designed to suppress the truth by intimidation of "peer pressure" against anyone now thinking for themself and no longer controlled by the propaganda tactics of the corrupt power elite secretly ruling over America. A communist intellectual fleeing Nazi Germany in the 'thirties fled to America. There he was financially backed by some wealthy sources and spread this "politically correct" movement as the main propaganda arm of the Communist Party in America for brainwashing of the American people into Communis beliefs.  They got it established in colleges and universities so people would unsusupecting be getting indoctrinated into Communist teachings without realizing this was a free bonus with their college education and degree! My intelligence group years ago heavily penetrated Communist security in America and I know all their games they are playing with the minds of the American people today to try and make America a Communist nation now starting with the national election of 2012. Among their tricks is putting plants into groups and pretending to be Christians, conservatives, etc. and speaking like an alleged Christian, conservative, etc. use trick arguments trying to herd the people into supporting Communist goals in America without realizing it. As J. Edgar Hoover of the F.B.I. correctly labelled the Communists years ago, "Masters of Deceit.")
     Folks, this report is devastating to the enemies of Christianity and devastating to the enemies of America trying not to get exposed to the American people. Send copies of this report all over America and you weaken the power base of the enemies of God, of Christianity, enemies of free enterprise, enemies of constitutional law and a bill of rights that is real for the American people, The power base of those who hate God and America is the bogus concepts and beliefs they have tricked you into accepting into what you think you can trust to live by in America and run government by. By discrediting their false doctrines they tried to brainwash you with by showing you the truth, we make America free as a nation when we free your minds with the truth! A people who know the truth and are sharp in thinking, you are not going to be tricked into giving up your freedom or your nation by the tricks of cunning, evil leaders who hate you and want to destroy America from within! As the Bible teaches, "Listen to the truth and the truth shall make you free!")
     Send financial backing for our drive to make the Omni Law soon the latest constitutional amendment in America and which gives America a bright future under free enterprise, God, and Bible inspired national economic policy. Send to NIFI at NIFI, P.O Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Look up copies of the Omni Law in the search box at the top left of Nesara News. Look up over 70 other national reports of mine posted with Nesara News over the last 7 months. Put Erasmus of America (my pen name) in the Nesara News search box and you will have plenty to read to enlighten you with what is wrong with America and what we can do to restore America as a God honoring nation again, booming economy, bright future, and we restore the God-given rights of the American people to national law so you will have colossal freedoms from would-be tyrannical or police state government in America. Free enterprise cannot work without there being freedom in America. The bureaucrats will bring down, not build up the national economy with their screwy ideas from the socialists and other sick thinkers of Wash., D.C. Freedom and Bible taught national economics will solve the problems of America and raise America up to truly be the finest and greatest nation on earth seen in our age.  Want to be on our national email listing for later reports to be sent to you, send your email address, etc. to and say, "Add to list!"
     I must be doing something very right now! The enemies of Christianity and others who hate America are trying to figure some way to stop my national drive. They are inventing tons of ridiculous arguments why the people should not back me and my Christian drive to make America once more truly a Christian nation under God. Their arguments reflect a deep fear of me that I will rally the Christians in America and break the One World Government Conspiracy at present in control in Wash., D.C. under Obama and other would-be Antichrist leaders. Walking away from evil trying to take over the nation does not solve the problems of the nation. As Forbes Magazine documented, Mitt Romney gave up a potential $2 billion extra money he would have by wanting to serve the American people instead of staying as an active business leader. I pass the Omni Law and we can thereafter control from conspiracy to betray the nation any future occupant of the White House if he is out to betray the American people. Obama is a "loose cannon" for evil and is trying to get Christianity outlawed from America. I have studied Mitt Romney. He is not going to try and overthrow or war against Christianity in America. If he is elected, I predict that he will play ball with the Christians and will not be any problem under the Omni Law. He carries out the economic policies he says he stands for and he is a much better economic choice than Obama who stands for mainly highly Communist positions in economics. I studied under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe. And I know the difference in economic policies between Obama and Mitt Romney. He carries out what he has committed himself to do and I strongly strengthen national economics by use of the Omni Law, my advice then is buy stocks, invest in new businesses, get ready to get hired for good jobs in America because America is going to boom! The only economics Obama ever learned was Communist economics from his Communist teachers he had over the years. No wonder the American Communist Party endorses Obama for President in 2012! They know that he thinks like them!
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name. Once I have sufficient muscle to enact my legal move, I predict the Omni Law will be passed very fast after that. I am a tough boy and the enemies of Christianity and America will find out that I know how to win for real!)

� � S p � � ack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, the Obama Administration did not convene its top interagency counterterrorism resource: the Counterterrorism Security Group, (CSG). "The CSG is the one group that's supposed to know what resources every agency has. They know of multiple options and have the ability to coordinate counterterrorism assets across all the agencies," a high-ranking government official told CBS News. "They were not allowed to do their job. They were not called upon." Information shared with CBS News from top counterterrorism sources in the government and military reveal keen frustration over the U.S. response on Sept. 11, the night ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans were killed in a coordinated attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya. 
Counterterrorism sources and internal emails reviewed by CBS News express frustration that key responders were ready to deploy, but were not called upon to help in the attack ... Another senior counter terrorism official says a hostage rescue team was alternately asked to get ready and then stand down throughout the night, as officials seemed unable to make up their minds. "The response process was isolated at the most senior level," says an official referring to top officials in the executive branch. "My fellow counterterrorism professionals and I (were) not consulted."

"The process was isolated at the most senior level."  These "senior level" officials are the ones clinging to the investigation excuse.  It's now completely obvious why.  An absolute disgrace.



    We all have heard repeatedly about Obama's crimes, but the real Mitt Romney should be a must-read for virtually all Americans.

    From an early rise, he was friends with Carlos Salinas and the South African mafyia leaders who were said to advocate for apartheid tribunals. During their rise to power they imprisoned and destroyed, the lives of more than eight million people across Africa.

    Make that story front page news, that should be read by every able ready American today. They deserve to see just what their taxes support.

    By the way, here is a very well done article explaining why dividing up regions into Tribunals (which is what Omni Law proposes, struck down by a recent supreme court rule) would create a dictatorship of jurisprudence failure in America.

    DISCLAIMER: I would never vote for a communist either, so don't insinuate I favor an Obama take over. I just know trash when I see it, and Romney represents trash just as deadly.

  2. His alleged "Omni Law" to divide up the united states into ten judgment tribunals has been used before, under the law of arbitration tribunals with the u.n.

    Look at the failure that caused, and you will see right away why we never want it to return.

  3. Yes E. be flexable- as I mentioned before. no one is going to go for those tribunals.or anything too controlling.