Thursday, November 1, 2012

This site is Pro Obama


  1. Why did you post this link, John? I thought you were anti-Obama?

  2. Pro Obama ? Must be the last one. TYJM frj

  3. I knew the first time I read through her site and her bio that the owner was a few bricks shy of a full load. Those people posting there are so severely misguided that they will never admit when they are wrong, wrong, wrong. True "thinking" individuals who show discernment and the ability to admit when they are wrong and will have the courage to speak out about the communist agenda we have to face daily...yet those poor fools will never get it. And yes they are fools. They just yammer about a so called new age ascension... blah, blah, blah!

    And, you should see the most recent about Jarret. She is basically saying, anyone who was or is against the anointed one and her will be dealt with after the election. She bragged about the 2 or 3 new Supreme court appointments that will completely overthrow our current Constitution.

    People... think... this is exactly what they did in previous Lenin, Hitler, Stalin regimes. These are people who will kill millions if not hundreds of millions. Hitlery, Oboma, Jarret are all communist. Hillery aka hitlery wrote her thesis in Chicago on Saul Alinsky. Look it up. The are dangerous times we live in, and this administration must be brought to justice, not just impeached, but prosecuted for treason for murdering our beloved Seals and for hundreds of other evil actions.

    November 6.. pray for peace and a return (or at least a start) to Constitutional thinking.

    R&R 2012, not perfect, but the only choice we have right now! It must happen and lets hold their feet to the fire and get this magnificent Republic moving in the right direction.

  4. So is They block you if your comments are not pro-Obama. You can state ovious facts with plain evidence and that's a no no. In their eyes he's 'a member of the light' and with all the criminal and blatant truth slapping us in the face daily, he's still a 'being of the light.' Tell the father of the slain Navy seal in Benghazi that this decision came from ' a man of the light.'

  5. Romney is just as awful, juvenile and ridiculous as Obama. This site should be slamming both sides and not posting for the cabal.

    Expose that fraud for what he is once and for all so that the masses of people understand how pointless either of them are. Voting in either of these crack-pots is like sawing off your nose to spite your face. I'd rather have the one easiest to impeach.