Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To Romney and the GOP Elites: What Goes Around Comes Around

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To Romney and the GOP Elites: What Goes Around Comes Around
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Date: Tuesday, 13-Nov-2012 19:45:53

To Romney and the GOP Elites: What Goes Around Comes Around
Saturday, November 10, 2012 – by Ron Holland
Ron Holland
On November 6th a large percentage of the Ron Paul supporters (10% of the GOP electorate) in the primary season exited the corrupt GOP voting process, stayed home, watched our television screens (like I did) and followed through with our warning to the GOP establishment.
No Paul = No Vote in November.
Did you notice that during the many hours of broadcast news coverage of election night not one establishment news talking head mentioned what would have happened if Ron Paul supporters had voted en masse for the GOP and Mitt Romney?
In fact, Ron Paul was never mentioned at all and they dared not even speak his name during the night's running commentary.
The Paul factor was the elephant in the room the press had obviously been ordered to avoid in discussions at all costs.
The world knows how the Romney campaign and GOP establishment trashed Ron Paul and his supporters during the GOP primary season and in front of millions at the GOP national convention.
Romney had the presidential nomination sewed up and had he treated the Paul voters with respect and reconciliation and added either Rand or Ron Paul on the ticket as I suggested in
"No Paul = No Vote in November."
The Republican Party would have captured the Senate and the would have millions of young supporters promoting both the party and our freedom agenda.
But this was not to be, due to the arrogance and animosity of the GOP big-wigs and the Republican operatives running the Romney campaign.
Maybe this is all for the best.
After all, if Rand Paul were now the vice president he would be pigeon-holed and basically a captive hostage of the GOP establishment just like he was during the GOP convention when his father and Paul supporters were treated so badly.
Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the Paul convention delegates certainly deserved better treatment than the broken promises and humiliation they received at the hands of the GOP brownshirts.
In fact, I thought Rand Paul was treated in a similar fashion to William Wallace at his execution at the end of the classic Mel Gibson movie, "Braveheart."
The only difference was the GOP thugs forced Rand to keep quiet whereas William Wallace was able to shout "Freedom!" in his dying moments.
William Wallace died that day and now, hundreds of years later, Scotland is on the precipice of Scottish independence.
Well, today I am just one of millions of Ron Paul supporters but I want Karl Rove and his scumbag friends and political operatives to remember:
We told you that if a Paul wasn't on the 2012 ticket we wouldn't vote. You got what you deserved and now Obama has four more years to prove that he can become the worst president in history.
It is four long years until 2016 but unlike William Wallace, Ron and Rand Paul have not been executed and millions of liberty supporters remain. We will not be silenced and we will not forget.
So to the GOP elites and Mitt Romney we send a loud shout of "FREEDOM!", like William Wallace did so long ago.
The only difference is we are still here.
The only real GOP winners in this election were the Ron Paul forces and you will rue the day and bitterly regret your treatment of us during 2012.
So remember, "What goes around comes around."
We will still be here in 2014 and 2016 and we will still be fighting for freedom.
Source: Daily Bell


  1. That is exactly what i did after supporting Paul for 20 years. I stayed home on election day for the first time in 40 years. I won't participate in any more of these faked elections.

    1. Isn't it sad that all his gatherings were never once shown by the rich Jewish owned media. Rigged? LOL.. it's been rigged for decades and Americans 'still' don't get it. With a bill for Impeachment over Obama since March (that media never once mentioned) he was still allowed to hold office instead of arrest. How sad the sheep have become..

  2. ...do your research regarding Ron Paul, please!

    ...do you know that he is German and moved to Texas shortly after Bush?
    ...do you know that he has accomplished NOTHING since being an elected official for the state of Texas?
    ...do you know that his claim to fame, "Audit the FED" is the biggest JOKE since the FED is a private corporation and can not be fully audited by the other CORPORATION, USA, Inc.?
    ...do you know what a diversion is?
    Romney didn't win because he would have brought the USA into WWIII and the GALATICS will NOT ALLOW this to EVER happen!

    Planet Earth was warned in 1947 to STOP the insanity on this planet!

    What happens "detrimentally" on this planet DOES EFFECT the ENTIRE universe!

    Be GRATEFUL that President Obama was re-elected for the TRUTH is soon to be exposed for all.

    1. I believe that you are correct about Ron Paul. He most likely was always just controlled opposition and that is why he never even pressed the vote fraud issue when it was obvious RomneyPuppet was cheating. And then there is his treacherous son. I supported Ron Paul for 20 years yes, but I have finally caught on. The US political system is as corrupt as it's Banking money system, one big stinking swirling cesspool.

    2. A vote for Obama was a vote for the devil. Anyone who believes the people should be arrested with no charges, no rights, for as long as they want, wherever they want is a treasonist b*&_rd. If you voted for him.. it will come back and haunt you. Period.