Monday, November 5, 2012


By force and manipulation our great nation has been reduced to a choice that is not a choice, one intensely evil beast with two faces. We are led to believe that a decision on who or what is the "lesser of two evils" will lead us anywhere but down the same road to destruction we have been dutifully traveling since 1860. We have forgotten the most basic of facts... there is no such thing as the "lesser of two evils". Evil is evil and does not exist by degrees. There is however a difference between "out of control maniacal evil" and "slow and deliberate evil". The first must be dealt with as imminent danger and certain destruction in the immediate. The second must be dealt with but can be dealt with in the same manner in which it operates, slow, calculated and methodical. I say all this because as TOTALLY CORRUPT, CRIMINAL AND EVIL as both these men are; Romney is at least temporarily on a leash. He will be every bit as bad as Obastard (my word so shoot me), but not immediately. I am for one reason only, glad the mainstream media and Romney have shied away from getting the Libyan truth out in a major way... no don't shoot me yet..consider this instead..... if the media in all its forms and the political parties were to use Libya to force the public to wake up before the election it would first take away from the message. These horrendous crimes against the American people could be reduced to no more than campaign tactics, swept under the rug like 911, spun to achieve future agenda and hand the criminals the perfect claim that the public had been manipulated and biased and therefore any trial by jury would be tainted. Let's not give them any latitude, any quarter or any place however small to hide.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON who participated on the ground, in the White House, in the Pentagon, in the CIA, in the Depts of government, in Libya, in the media or anywhere else, in the OUTRIGHT PLANNED MURDER of four Americans in Libya on 9/11/2012 MUST BE HELD IRREFUTABLY ACCOUNTABLE! 

We do not know as yet the identity of all those involved but the OFFICE OF PRESIDENT IS NOT AND CANNOT EVER BE A SANCTUARY FOR MURDERERS, TORTURERS, TERRORISTS AND MEN WITH KILL LISTS AND DRONES. Romney has stated he supports the kill list and the idea that a president should have the power to play God, let's show him HE WILL NOT GO THERE. First we have to get the Foreign Beast out of our house. I hate it that Romney will replace him in order to do that but must accept that reality.  

Just look....... nothing needs to be said


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