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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Urgent Update and Notice from The International Common Law Court of Justice

Urgent Update and Notice from The International Common Law Court of Justice

Posted on by Jean
Posted on October 10, 2012 by itccs

Thirty two officials of church and state were issued official Public Summonses by our Prosecutor’s Office on September 21, 2012 to respond to charges made against them. They were given ten working days to reply, and that period of time has now elapsed.

As of today, only one response has been received by the persons named in these Summonses, from Dr. John Milloy, a researcher for the Canadian government’s so-called “truth and reconciliation commission”.
Dr. Milloy did not dispute or challenge the charge made against him, of colluding in a criminal conspiracy to conceal crimes against humanity in Canada. He did however issue threats against our Court and its officers, and stated that he is asking the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to bring a charge of harrassment against us.
Our Court Clerk, Mr. George Dufort, has informed Mr. Milloy that such a request to the police can be construed to constitute an attempt by him and the OPP to obstruct and subvert justice and the workings of this Court, and can result in a criminal contempt action being brought against both him and OPP officers. Our Court has written to the OPP and notified them of this fact and has asked them not to interfere with the procedure of our Court.
Since neither John Milloy nor any of the persons named below as defendants in the first five cases brought before our Court have denied or challenged the charges made against them, the Prosecutor’s Office has filed a motion before our Court this morning that a guilty plea be entered against these defendants in absentia.
The Court is considering this plea, and has noted for the record the refusal of the defendants to offer counter arguments or motions on their own behalf.
However, in the interest of judicial procedure and fairness, the Court will assign a defense counsel to represent the defendants in their absence, with the understanding that their refusal to be present in this Court can be interpreted as a tacit admission of guilt on their part.
The Court will convene as planned on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 9 am pacific time. Its proceedings will be posted on You Tube and this site.
Issued by G. Dufort, ICLCJ clerk on behalf of the Court
Brussels, Belgium
List of Defendants in the first five cases in Docket Numbers 0915.12.001 through to 005 inclusive, issued Public Summonses by our Court on 21 September 2012:
Joseph Ratzinger, alias Pope Benedict, Head of the Roman Catholic Church Incorporated, Rome
Adolfo Nicholas Pachon, Superior General of the so-called Society of Jesus, or Jesuit Order
Pedro Lopez Quintana, Papal Nuncio to Canada
Angelo Sodano, College of Cardinals, Rome
Tarcisio Bertone, College of Cardinals, Rome
Angelo Bagnasco, College of Cardinals, Rome
Elizabeth Windsor, alias Queen of England, London
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, London
Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church in Canada
Bob Bennett, Bishop of Huron Diocese, Canada
Steven Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
Murray Sinclair, Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
John Milloy, TRC officer
Nora Sanders, General Secretary of the United Church of Canada
Gary Paterson, Moderator of the United Church of Canada
Jon Jessiman, legal counsel of the United Church of Canada
Marion Best, former Moderator of the United Church of Canada
Brian ThorpeArt Anderson, Foster Freed, Bill Howie and Phil Spencer, officers of the United Church of Canada
John Cashore, former minister of the government of British Columbia
Robert Paulson, Superintendent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Canada
Inspector Peter Montague, E Division, RCMP
Daniel Fulton, Chief Executive Officer of Weyerhauser Logging Corporation
Ron Huinink and other members of the Law Society of British Columbia
Former members of the congregation of St. Andrew’s United Church, Port Alberni, Canada
Sean Atleo, so-called Grand Chief, Assembly of First Nations
William Montour, Chairperson of the Six Nations Confederacy
Head officers of the New England Company, London
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  1. This is exciting. The only response was a threat. No big surprise. I myself have written all 90 legislators in our state claiming of crimes being committed by public officials with proof and evidence of such and not one response. Not a kiss my butt or anything. I have done this twice and still the same results. NOT ONE LITTLE HINT OF RECEIPT WHEN REQUESTED AS WELL FROM ANYONE OF THE 90 LEGISLATORS IN THIS STATE.
    When you start calling these corporate thugs and criminals disguised behind respectability, to the table for their crimes, the status quo is to deny, lie, threaten or just totally ignore. Many of us here fighting the good fight for truth and real justice have been kidnapped, abused, and even murdered by these drones with guns and badges who are the most dangerous element we have in our society today.
    All this will continue to be business as usual until the sheeple actually wake up, get head out of butt and take care of business.

    I don't see this matter going too much farther. As long as these corporate thugs have their brain dead ignorant drones with guns and badges who are only there to protect the corporation and their pay checks, it will be business as usual.

    We are getting the regime we deserve.

  2. This is an old post. What's going on really? Things were supposed to start on Nov. 1

  3. This matter has proceeded further now. Apparently one of them was hauled before the ICLC court and filed an alleged kidnapping charge. While they try to deny and stifle justice, it seems the noose is now forcing more and more of them to enter court in attempt of defense.

    All officials who were named above should be tried with Perjury, as it is insubordination to lie before a Common Law court and outer arm.