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Sunday, November 18, 2012

While Everyone is Arguing that the Microchip

 17 Nov 2012
While Everyone is Arguing that the Microchip 
is not in the Healthcare Bill.....

There are a lot of asleep people who, when 9-11 happened and we saw armed military people at the airports, [thought] that they were there for our safety....YEAH RIGHT!  They were there to keep the citizens in line, [to] tell us they are in charge now.  Well, the same asleep people are saying the microchip is not in the healthcare bill.  

We have all seen the HealthLink commercials, the Verichip commercials, the articles of VeriTeq (owner of Verichip) buying out healthcare record companies.  We who are awake know that the healthcare bill is carefully worded to hide the mark of the beast in a clause that talks about Class II implantable devices, electronic healthcare records, linking your credit report and bank account to your health care record, and the clause DISCRETION of the Health Care Secretary.  And we all know that when Joe Biden swore in the Supreme Court justice he said "MARK my words (interesting word 'MARK' isn't it), you will rule on the microchip being implanted in people." And we all thought that justice was conservative.  Was Joe Biden, at his swearing in, giving him a threat on how to vote on the healthcare bill? 

I was totally floored now that I had my second child, 10 years later from my first one.  I went to the doctor and they asked me a series of 30 questions about my baby and my lifestyle that was so intrusive.  I told them I will answer you this once, but don't ask me again.  They told me they will ask the SAME questions EACH time I go to take my baby at his 4 months, etc. shots.  So, guess what? I am not answering the questions. I will tell them to look up my original answer!  This is a dumbing down to get you to answer all their questions for THEIR purposes.  They don't care about you.  They care about tracking your information, doing their research, reporting strange people to the authorities.  I felt like the questions had nothing to do with the development of the child, but were questions to see if I was a fit parent so they can report me (you) to the authorities to have my (your) child taken away.  I was so mad I told the nurse that healthcare is the new police state!  And I felt like this because of my dream of nurses and doctors in the USA putting on Nazi uniforms under Obama implementing the mark of the beast.

While all this arguing is happening with the asleep people, the mark of the beast implementers are laughing!  Homeland Security is ordering over 8 million microchips to track evacuees after natural disasters.  Didn't see that one coming!  And now schools are wanting kids to wear RFID name badges!  Well, the name badge is not the mark of the beast...so they can issue the name tag all they want, but you can just keep it in your school desk!  Just like the stupid QR code bracelet they gave me at the hospital to scan me when they issued medication.  I cut that thing off and told them, "Scan the bracelet over there on the table because I am not wearing it!"

When I took my baby to the doctor the other day there were all these nurses sitting at tables outside trying to coerce everyone to get their flu shot.  And I told my husband, this is what the mark of the beast is about to be like....it will be at the schools, the libraries, the banks, the police stations, the pharmacies when it is not mandatory.  Then they will see who is in their database, who has not taken it.  Then they will run their lists and start hunting people down.

The mark of the beast is coming and they are using ALL EXCUSES to implement it.  They want to push it for kids at school, people at their work, government workers, prisoners, Alzheimers patients, people with health problems like heart attacks and diabetes, evacuees from natural disasters who lost their homes and need to be reconnected with their families, newborn babies so that they don't give you the wrong baby at the hospital, military personnel so they can track people on the battlefield, etc.  It is coming through all avenues.  

My son saw that there were checkpoints people were getting trapped at the security area at the airport.  See how they made the clause that if you leave the security area after entering you can get a large fine?  This is to trap people to take the mark!  If you are willing to have someone see your naked body to fly, to grope your private areas to fly, then you have given over your rights to yourself as a human and would be willing to take the microchip.  People who say they [authorities] will never implement it because it is too intrusive are just scared and don't want to deal with this freight train coming!

Editor:  Maybe her fears re her child (above) are justified:  Emboldened by the election results, President Obama and his supporters are already mounting their next attacks on faith, family and freedom.  Clear examples include two UN treaties they are pushing under the radar toward ratification by the Senate.  The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) would put Americans under international governance and take away parental rights. -- -- FRC (Family Research Council), 11/15/12 


  1. The very first observation in reading this is, "why was she even there in the first place getting her baby shots?"

    It's strange how people wake up to some things but completely miss others. Babies do NOT need to be injected with poisons and they do not need to go for check-ups...nor do healhty people, preventive measures start with natural foods. They have programmed people to willingly go to them to get their poison, be it vaccinations or drugs!

    1. My thoughts exactly. As they say, these people live among us and they vote, not that that makes any difference. At least there are some that are starting to wake up.