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Women's Health / Men's Blessing

Women's Health / Men's Blessing

by 'Dr. Christopher'

Few are the men or women who understand the dynamic biological change of life that so dramatically affects mature relationships.  

Biologically, both women and men are 'defined' by their hormone balance between estrogen and testosterone with about 60/40% respectively for women and 40/60% for men.  Hormonally we are wired differently.  This is controversial but irrefutable.

It's well documented that mature woman go through menopause and mature men go through 'testerpause', meaning their testosterone levels fall way off, i,e 'pause'.  Sexist media rarely mentions testerpause and focuses on menopause as if women have more of an issue with the 'big change' than men do.

Both men and women go through a hormonal reversal later in life. Women's health is their greatest wealth and a blessing for men.  Most women understand that intuitively. Most men are hormonally clueless.  Laugh if you will, but it helps to understand an important dynamic in relationship health.

The role that hormones play in mature relationships includes a natural process of 'role reversal' as the balance of estrogen and testosterone are reversed.  But only until the last few generations have humans lived long enough for this natural process to be well fulfilled and acted out, often with big drama.

I'm speaking in general terms, and there are obvious exceptions that get lots of attention, but consider the truth in what I'm saying, and judge for yourself.

Most men and many women are largely ignorant of what happens to their endocrine system as they mature... and how the body tries to maintain "homeostasis" (balance) in the endocrine system, even when dominant hormonal roles reverse. A healthy immune system secrets sufficient hormones to self-regulate during the 'Big Shift'.  A weak immune system doesn't adapt well.

It's natural when men become more sensitive with lower testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels.  It's natural that they express feelings more, cry more, and reflect on their life with more heartfelt love.

Men's blessing for loving graciously is to soften their heart, experience joy and rejuvenate their constitution thereby.  Women's health in a relationship with a mature man will experience what her man is experiencing... and visa versa.  When the 'big change' happens to either, it naturally affects the other.

What I'm saying is that a lot of maturing relationships would benefit from this understanding.  This reversal in hormonal balance is when most divorces occur... or relationships just get 'stuck' in dysfunctional imbalance.

There is two ways to look at this.  The one is that women become more masculine and men either embrace that or they won't put up with it. The other is that men become more feminine and women either embrace that or won't put up with it.

This natural dynamic makes life 'interesting'.  When the 'Big Shift' of hormones happens to men or women, relationships change.  Alpha females are more aggressive and most men can't handle that well -- or at all -- without being loving in spirit, mind and action. 

Without enlightened compassion in a relationship -- in either partner -- the relationship suffers. Ideally both partners will always have enlightened compassion for each other, but that's not always the case.  That's when the one partner must 'hold the balance' for the other... with understanding and forgiveness that redirects behavior for the good of both.

That's what any good marriage relationship does, all sexism aside.  Two-in-One is the same 'heavenly' principle found in our universe where binary stars are common... but I digress.

Hormonal balance is the holy grail of a healthy endocrine-immunity system, but hormonal harmony for a strong immune system is not well understood as a big factor in mastering the 'Big Shift' in mature relationships.

Conscientious common sense cuts through a lot of mainstream BS (Belief Systems) regarding loving relationships that ignore the hormonal terrain that goes with the territory, so to speak.

Is it true -- as numerous studies show -- that optimists live far longer than pessimists?  Are you aware that this is also true of loving relationships?  And would you agree that what you do to improve your immune system also improves how you 'adapt' in any relationship?

Adaptogens are those nutrients that help the body to adapt to stress as produces stress hormones like cortisol which weakens the immune system.

For many years I did custom manufacturing for nutrition companies, formulating products high in superior adaptogens like Siberian Ginseng and "Swedish Pollen Extract" (SPX). What I've found in decades of research and product development is that there is no adaptogen for humans more effective than SPX for feeding the endocrine system, glands and hormone production for self-regulating homeostasis and holistic health.

Whether you are in a relationship with yourself or a significant other, stay in tune with your body, be compassionate in relationships with others as yourself, and consider using the leading adaptogen and a superior probiotic as needed to keep your immune system strong.

For Women's Health / Men's Blessing,

~ Christopher

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