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Friday, February 8, 2013

Global Reset Intel

[02/05/2013 15:46:25] Karen: I'm hearing now that the global reset happened Saturday. On Sunday, they sent a ping or message or electronically to all the countries. They had 48 hours to respond, which is today.
All went well. All countries were waiting for this. (The hold ups in the past were always on our end here in the US but that's all been cleared out.) There was a meeting in DC this morning (2/5) with big wigs from other countries, etc., and that went well too. That meeting "triggers everything." I undertand codes were sent to the banks on Monday morn, and everything is ready to go for the reset to go public, which includes the RV's of many currencies. We will be officially asset backed world-wide then. I pray there are no more delays.
Everything is on alert. You will hear the news BEFORE Zorra's call on Saturday.
It will happen as soon as Obama can get it arranged for television announcement.


  1. they sent a ping on sunday and had 48 hours to respond and that is today ? Either I can't count or add, that is fuzzy math or this is some straight forward horseshit as usual.

    1. The comment is dated 2/5/2013, Tuesday, which would be 48 hours from Sunday.

  2. The author's maths is okay: Sunday was the 3rd, so 48 hours later is the 5th which is the day of this article (not actually today). ie. no problem there. Fingers crossed for exciting times ahead!

  3. Anonymous @ 10:43 AM - I'll take a little fuzzy math a few hours one way or the other, over straight forward horseshit

    Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?

    Old mother hubbard lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn't know what to do?

    If you and your uncle jack went horseback riding and your uncle jack helped you off the horse, would you help your uncle jack off the horse?

  4. "It will happen as soon as OBAMA can get it arranged for television announcements." Huh! Obama?? You mean the Fraudster-in-Chief with the fake soc. security card, his Indonesian citizenship and all his other criminal actions? Whatever happened to the White Knights and all our behind-the-scenes heroes? Have we been led down the primrose path with a carrot dangling in front of us? Anything involving Obama is dangerous or corrupt or both!

  5. Are they switching the lies from 'Next Week' to 'It allready Happened' because no one believes the next week senario any longer? New Lies? If it happened, I sure don't see anything but business as usual... Will believe it when I see that Treasonous president of the US Corp. Give his announcement... Arrange for TV time?? Doesn't the US Corp. own the media??

  6. All you negative BOZO'S shut the heck up.


  8. Apparently the ascended masters don't have a problem with keeping Obama as president under the new government. I totally disagree with them. Can you imagine me arguing with God not to let this happen? Anyway, all this crap from the old three dimensional world is history. The most important thing for us to do is to advance to our higher being to the fouth dimension and beyond. I am ready for it and meeting the galactic federation. What an inspiring time to be alive!!

  9. I agree ! What an exciting time... I'm already shifting into 5D, and Mother Earth has made her shift to 4th density so we ARE in the 5th dimension !!! PEOPLE WAKE UP ! Focus on the light and all things positive.... negativity has NO room in 5D...