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Marcos Manoel, legitimate son of queen Victoria,and now Francisco Manoel. Greg Hallett reports , no. 4-5-6.

Marcos Manoel, legitimate son of queen Victoria,and now Francisco Manoel.
Greg Hallett reports , no. 4-5-6.
Friday, February 15, 2013,The Abdication of ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II, We are NOW in an Interregnum , The Rumor Mill News Reading Room. Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail] Date: Friday, 15-Feb-2013 13:00:56 There is an audio file on the link, below.. ***************** Snip So the person called Queen Elizabeth II is actually an ‘Invention of Tradition’ carrying a 160-year line of Illegitimate Royals who were brought in concurrently with the British Empire being a Mafia Empire.
What we’ve had is a Mafia Royalty and that was due to last for 200 years from 1812 to 2012. So now it’s the time to bring it out, to show that the Royal Families that we’ve had from 1852 on have been illegitimate. So I thought I give you a brief rundown on the illegitimacy, just like a shorthand version of the previous interview which is up on video on as ‘Hallett Report No. 5’, and that was the interview we did, recorded on the 30th of December, and played by you on the 31st of December 2012, kind of given us the last word for 2012. Queen Victoria had 9 official children. Before that, she had one child that was born legitimately and in marriage. That was Marcos Manoel. The other 9 children were born bigamously and from incest, unbeknownst to
/drugged/Queen Victoria; and incest is not illegal, if you don’t know about it, but the person who sired the children, did know; so he would be guilty of incest, and that was Lionel Nathan Rothschild – as the siring partner. Prince Consort Albert didn’t sire any of Queen Victoria’s official 9 children. So the next person to reign after Queen Victoria died on the 22nd of January 1901, was King Edward VII, who also knew that his elder legitimate half-brother was alive. So King Edward VII’s coronation was delayed for 18 months from the 22nd of January 1901 to the 9th of August 1902. At the same time, King Edward VII got the Secretary of War, Lord Kitchener, to alter the mandate of Freemasonry, which was originally about keeping the True Monarch on the Throne, and he changed it to, whatever it is today. In the Colonies, like in New Zealand, it’s extremely corrupt and supports massive wrong-doings, and the same is true of other countries as well. So there is a correction there that needs to be made.
Now King Edward VII and his reign from 1901 to 1910, organised the murder of the Portuguese Royal Family, organised the Abdication of the next Royal Family, organised the murder of his legitimate older half-brother, and then passed instructions on to his son, King George V, who reigned from 1910 to 1936, to assassinate the exiled King of Portugal, King Manuel II of Portugal, in Twickenham in South London. So that destroyed the last vestiges, or thereabouts, of the last vestiges of the Portuguese Royal Family.
** Title: Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Full Name: Elizabeth Angela Marguerite,Father: Claude, Earl of Strathmore, Mother: Cecilia, Countess of Strathmore, Born: August 4, 1900 at London, Relation to Elizabeth II: Mother, Married: George VI, on April 26, 1923, Children: Two daughters Elizabeth (E2,Queen) and Margaret Died: March 30, 2002, from: ** **
And then we had from 1936 to 1936, January to December, we had King Edward VIII who was never crowned. And then we had King George VI from 1936–52, who was crowned, but he was retarded; and he had a child with the person referred to as the ‘Queen Mother’ or ‘Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’, and that child turned out to be epileptic. So King George VI was removed from being the siring male....he was replaced with Winston Churchill who was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII. So there was still some supposed Royal blood there, but it was from incest. King Edward VII was a Warlord. Winston Churchill, his biological son, was also a Warlord. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was initially engaged to the person who became King Edward VIII, who reigned January to December 1936. He told her he was going to abdicate, so then she was given the option to become engaged to the person who became King George VI, ...but he had knocked knees and was one IQ point above retarded. So she brought in her ‘Whipping Boy’/MAID/ to became engaged and then marry/retarded/ King George VI. Now the ‘Whipping Boy’ is somebody that an aristocrat is raised with, and sometimes it doubles for them in photos. And sometimes there’s two photos taken, with say the brother, where Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon is photographed as a child with the brother, and then the ‘Whipping Boy’ is also photographed with the brother, as the sister. So what you’ve got is photographic opportunity to show a complete history. And the ‘Whipping Boy’ came from Waterford, in Ireland, and the Irish accent had to be taught out of it, so it was more of a Scottish brogue. The true Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon got married and lived in France and died in 1950. And I got this from a British and European Royal who is incredibly renegade, so .....the ‘Whipping Boy’.... married /retarded/King George VI, and then Winston Churchill provided the sperm for the artificial insemination, with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Whipping Boy, resulting in Princess Elizabeth, who was born above the Coach & Horses pub in Mayfair in London. And that’s why Queen Elizabeth II’s nickname is “Lilybeth la bonne” meaning “The Maid”. That meant, she was the daughter of the Maid, the ‘Whipping Boy’/and Winston Churchil /. Then when King George V died in 1952, the very illegitimate Princess Elizabeth, became ‘Queen Elizabeth II’. In 1946,PrincePhilip became engaged to Princess Elizabeth under the extortion of Lord Louis Mountbatten. Lord Louis Mountbatten extorted the ‘Whipping Boy’, Queen consort Elizabeth and King George VI, on the basis that the Royal Family had been fake since 1852. So in order to retain the crown, they sold their daughter into marriage to Prince Philip,/ nephew of Louis Mountbatten / and it appears that Lord Louis Mountbatten also included rights for under-aged sex with the firstborn – Prima Nocte, Droit du seigneur, Right of the Lord where the Lord takes the virginity of the serves – and that was Prince Charles. And there’s photos of Prince Charles and Lord Louis Mountbatten shaking hands at a Polo event when Prince Charles was still quite young. Jim Fetzer: Greg, would you repeat that, he had the first rights to ‘sex’? Greg Hallett: Yes. Jim Fetzer: Sex! Greg Hallett: Yes. Jim Fetzer: S. E. X.! Greg Hallett: Yes. Lord Louis Mountbatten had first rights to sex with the firstborn of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, which was Prince Charles. So Prince Charles was a paedophile victim from obviously a young age.
*** RoyalFamily of Elizabeth II, House of Windsor FamilyTreeFAQs Title:Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,Full Name: Philip Mountbatten, Father: Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, Mother: Princess Alice of Battenberg, Relation to Elizabeth II: Husband, Born: June 10, 1921 at Villa Mon Repos, Corfu, Greece, Current Age: 91 years, 8 months and 6 days, Married: Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II on November 20, 1947 at Westminster Abbey, Children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward... *** Before they became engaged he renounced his hereditary royal title, and adopted the surname of his uncle Louis Mountbatten 1900-1979. ***
Lord Louis Mountbatten was absolutely known for his paedophilia, and he was known for having schools under his own name, like “Mountbatten School” in Singapore, and one of the pupils there, spoke to me. He would have been in his mid- to late 50s, and he was saying that it was his role to meet Lord Louis Mountbatten at the gate,when he was about 5 or 6 years old, and after that he couldn’t remember what happened in the next few days, and then he started to have very adult thoughts flashing across his mind, like sexual thoughts. And it appears that LordLouisMountbatten was testing drugs for Roche, including Darken and Silence and Date Rape Drugs, and using it for sex with children. Now other people have also brought out that Lord Louis Mountbatten is a paedophile. Now Lord Louis Mountbatten introduced the well-known paedophile Jimmy Savile to Prince Charles. They used to spend quite a bit of time together and go to parties together. A lot of it was under the guise of charity events. On Jimmy Savile’s 80th birthday, Prince Charles sent Jimmy Savile, a pair of gold cufflinks, a box of cigars, and a note saying “No one will ever know what you’ve done for this country”. There’s now just a phenomenal amount of children, that Jimmy Savile’s abused. And it appears that Prince Charles was definitely not the father of Prince William and is not the father of Prince Harry, and it was Princess Diana who ensured this, possibly on the knowledge that she knew ‘A’ definitely that Prince Charles was having a long standing affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, and that Prince Charles may have been a paedophile. And that may be why the current Laws of Succession... are completely bypassing Prince Charles.
Prince Philip and Lord Louis Mountbatten also had sexual relations. Prince Philip was also known for getting drunk on Royal Navy Ships and then falling over on the stomach so that he could be sodomized. And some of the sailors who sodomised him, told co-researchers of mine that “Oh yeah, I had Prince Philip!” So he was quite into sodomy, and into children, and now on Sandringham Estate in Norfolk,they’re finding lots of bodies of children and women buried around in the yards. So it looks like Prince Philip, who extorted his marriage with Princess Elizabeth, is a paedophile, who then agreed to marry Princess Elizabeth, and that their firstborn/Charles/ would be sodomised as a child, by Lord Louis Mountbatten. Jim Fetzer: This is all so unbelievably disgusting!
Greg Hallett: Well … Jim Fetzer: What was the location where the bodies of women and children have been found again? Greg Hallett: Sandringham House, which is actually Sandringham Palace. And it is actually on the Dragon Line, that runs from Transylvania where Prince Charles has bought a lot of properties. It’s where the Dracula Castle is. Snip Greg Hallett: Some of the sex workers, or sex club workers, or Killing Kittens workers, or Eyes Wide Shut workers, are actually classy looking women, in long sleeve shirts. They don’t all ...sort of wear bikinis and, you know, act like hookers. Some of them are very high class, and they are Intelligence gatherers.
Marilyn Monroe had a 161 IQ, she was supposed to have seduced Brezhnev and got secrets from him. And I think that Marilyn actually worked with Jackie Kennedy in a similar realm. They both worked on Brezhnev together – and Marilyn Monroe was actually the brighter of the two, although she didn’t look it. And a lot of the women who can flirt very well, are actually highly intelligent and they can be compartmentalised, so that they retain everything that’s been spoken and everything they’ve seen. snip
Jim Fetzer: Hitler was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II? Greg Hallett: Lionel Nathan Rothschild was the father of King Edward VII who was the father of Winston Churchill who was the father of Queen Elizabeth II, ......and Lionel Nathan Rothschild was the father of Alois Hitler, Hitler’s father, and then Adolf Hitler. So actually, Queen Elizabeth’s father was first cousins – Winston Churchill was first cousins with Adolf Hitler. And Adolf Hitler was trained in Britain in the Tavistock there and or... the Tavistock which was in Ireland up until 1920, 1921, until the Irish Civil War and the South gained its independence.
What I’d like to point out, it shows it very clearly in the video, Prince William is very definitely the son of King Juan Carlos of Spain, and the photos that I’ve got up there, show them to be absolutely identical. You just look at them and go, that’s father and that’s son. I’ve got photos of them at age 24 and 28. And their partners, Queen Counsel Sofia and Kate Middleton, also look incredibly similar. So the last video we discussed that perhaps fathers and sons pick wives, which are similar to their father’s wife. Prince Harry is the son of James Hewitt. Lady Diana organised that both of Prince Charles’ sons, would be illegitimate. So now we’ve got a Law of Succession proposed change, instigated by the Fake Royal Family, backdated to Queen Elizabeth’s abdication on the 28th of October 2011, that the Royal Family and the Monarch jump Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales, and go to his children. snip Queen Elizabeth II abdicated on the 28th of October 2011, confirmed that to us with finding the body of the True King on the 7th of December 2012; and they changed the Laws of Succession done to bypass Prince Charles, who appears to be a victim of paedophilia, and a paedophile, and has close friends who are paedophiles, and it appears that his father is a paedophile, Prince Philip. So they’re creating an entirely new kingship, which is a Change to the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England. And I’ve tried to contact the people who are in charge of it, which is the New Zealand cabinet, and I looked at the CIA list for the Heads of the Commonwealth Countries, and the last time it was updated was December 2008, and that even included Helen Clark as the Head of the Commonwealth Government of New Zealand, when she was no longer Prime Minister from November 2008 – a month earlier. So there’s not an official list, nor email access, of the Heads of the Commonwealth Governments. And the New Zealand Government is just advertising the Change of Laws of Succession, to be ‘religious equality’ and ‘gender equality’ and doesn’t say that ‘it’s only for the children of Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales’, to become the Monarch. On top of that, Helen Clark who’s got the most atrocious history, she’s known in New Zealand as “The Vampire” and she’s been photographed and published looking very much like a vampire with a black collar, high, pointy, raised, and she’s a very ugly woman, very very ugly. She was a Tavistock St. Petersburg gangbang prostitute, and the Russians will shag anything as long as it was a white woman from the West – it gave them a sense of superiority. So she was a Freud Hilton Graduate. Then from 1980–82, she was in Wellington working away up the political ladder, and Vladimir Putin was in Wellington under the code name “Valenti Putin”, and he had two body doubles when he was there. And he was collecting the sexual secrets of New Zealand politicians, judges, lawyers, mayors and people of notoriety, and it was Helen Clark who was providing them. ......(.....)
.....Posted by John MacHaffie at 1:38 PM..............
THE HALLETT REPORT No. 4. A Report from the Proxy to the Throne of England ‘The True King of England, versus the incumbent Royal B√Ętards’
The Real Deal with Dr Jim Fetzer, 26 July 2012. // Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett talks in an interview with Dr. Jim Fetzer, about the British Monarchy and the history of the British Monarchy and his role as the Proxy to the Throne of England . . . . Watch the Movie !
....(....) Jim Fetzer: David Cameron hasn’t been very skillful in negotiating these exchanges to the line of succession, but it does appear that there are certain legal vulnerabilities here – some of which you indicated in passing. Greg Hallett: Well, he hasn’t given full disclosure to the Commonwealth Heads of Government. He’s obfuscated that we have a legitimate claim to the Throne, and Francisco Manoel has been writing memorandums to the Queen Elizabeth II, or as he calls her Elizabeth II – she’s not the Queen. He’s been writing to her since at least 2000, if not 1997.
Jim Fetzer: Has he really? Greg Hallett: And those are actually listed – there’s a big list of Memorandums in the book. There are two pages just listing the titles of the Memorandums. One to Queen Elizabeth was on the 1st of December 2003, 1st of March 2009; David Cameron 25th of November 2009, David Cameron 6th of October 2009, 14th of October 2009; Queen Elizabeth – the first one was on the 6th of March 1997. So since 1997, Queen Elizabeth has been aware that Francisco Manoel has a legitimate claim to the Throne as the Prince of Wales, and his mother Olga Maria, which is actually a very true Royal name – the Russians will recognize that if someone is called Olga Maria, especially without a surname – that’s the name of a True Royal. Yes, so Queen Elizabeth has been aware of it since 1997; and there’s been a huge amount of pressure on me since Winter Solstice 1999 – so for me in the Southern Hemisphere, that was the 22nd of June 1999 – huge amount of pressure on me, trying to remove all my assets, destroy my career, throw me in the Courts all the time on trumped-up charges on just nothing, and absolutely no justice – and 12 murder attempts in New Zealand.
Jim Fetzer: All because you’re more or less the point-man for the legitimate successor to the Crown. Greg Hallett: Yes! Yes, and I actually had paperwork to show that I’m Lord Chancellor to the True King of England using the seal of the Roman Emperor – and the High Court in Auckland refused to see it. I was even holding it up in Court. The judge just wouldn’t look, he’s looking away. Jim Fetzer: Really! Really! Greg Hallett: I was even holding the book up! (‘The Hidden King of England – The Holy Grail’.)
Jim Fetzer: This is astounding! That’s just astounding!
Greg Hallett: This is in February 2011. I was even holding the book up ‘The Hidden King of England’ and said, look, I am the co-author with His Royal Highness Francisco Manoel. And he doesn’t want to look and he looks, and wouldn’t accept it as a Court document – because the Queen apparently owns all the Court buildings, and all the judges, judge according to the right given to them by the Queen. And the Queen is fake – which is why our Courts are now just supporting the Mafia. They don’t support honest people – they can’t settle a debt. All they do, is support the Mafia, because the Mafia has control of the Monarchy because the Monarchy is fake. Jim Fetzer: This is a ghastly situation! Greg Hallett: Well, if you think about it, it’s the last 160 years of history – Britain going to war, conquering countries and doing all these dastardly deeds – in the name of Britannia.
Jim Fetzer: Now the United States has become the greatest aggressor nation in the world, Greg! Greg Hallett: Yeah, but the United States is just a British Plantation. Jim Fetzer: (Laughs) Greg Hallett: It is. Legally it is a British Plantation, and it’s run from the Temple Bar in the center of London – the square mile of London. And the huge dragon, about a four meter high black dragon with it’s wings spread, and that is the Temple Bar Marker. It’s actually called ‘the Temple Bar Marker’ Jim Fetzer: I’ve seen the dragon.
Greg Hallett: Yes, so that’s interesting! So now I’ve got this book here ‘The Final Mountbatten Report – Christopher Robin Goes to War’, and ‘The Hidden King’ is coming out shortly. So at the moment I’m selling ‘The Final Mountbatten Report’, which is about Lord Louis Mountbatten, and I’ve got the background on Mountbatten. ....(....)
from: 5th- ///
Hallett Report No. 5 - Laws of Succession try to subvert the Legitmate Claim to the Throne - Lord Chancellor Greg Hallet . Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 15-Feb-2013 20:45:47 In Response To: The Abdication of ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II We are NOW in an Interregnum (Susoni) //
Dr. Jim Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal, with my guest today, one of the world’s greatest muckrakers, the author of some of the most controversial books of our time, now living in the UK, to circumvent death attempts on him in New Zealand. It’s a great pleasure to have back on the show Greg Hallett. Mate, welcome back.
Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett: Thanks Jim. That’s great. This year 2012 was a very interesting year. I said that 2007 was a year of Cons, and the Cons have just increased and got larger and larger, until we have to look at what is the source of the Cons, and it appears that the source of the Cons is the Mafia, and that the Mafia has infiltrated all of the governments and all of the government departments. So what I have been doing is trying to correct this, and what I found is that the British Monarchy is fake – it is Flat Lie Royal – it is a Fraud – it is an Invention of Tradition. And the United Kingdom has not had a true Monarch since 1852. Buckingham Palace, The Palace, “Buck House” a.k.a. “The Firm” have given very strong indications, through their reactions, of a legitimate and superior Claim to The Throne of England. May 2010 I gave a talk and I had a few copies of The Hidden King of England done, just like 20 copies and that was in Scotland, and there was a reporter there from a newspaper from London who was based in Scotland. Then on the 2nd of July 2010, I delivered a copy of the book to Max Clifford & Associates in Soho in London. The idea was obviously to get it promoted and published.
Max Clifford turned out to be a British Intelligence Agent who was covering as a PR Agent for newspapers, books, film, and he claims to have been the first one to promote the Beatles . . . and it appears that he got the book to Queen Elizabeth II and a plan developed to obscure the book. ..... So from July 2010 I would have had at least another 4 assassination attempts. There was a phone-hacking scandal running from about March 2010 in England, and Max Clifford on the 9th of March 2010 had been paid out 1 million pounds by Rupert Murdoch from The News of the World . . . and it appears that in England they have something like ‘The Queen’s Media Circus’ where the Queen has her Ringmasters, where Rupert Murdoch and Max Clifford run scenarios where the newspaper people are actually the news, and they create distractions. The distraction that Rupert Murdoch and Max Clifford are running is that they don’t want the story to get out, that Queen Elizabeth II is a fake and they want to keep her untarnished, until she gives up the throne. So far in this phone hacking scandal at least 50 people have been arrested, there’s at least another 100 police operations going on in related cases, and none of the true stories are coming out. And you know that the PR people and the Media Circus Ringmasters are running out of stories when they become the stories. ..... Jim Fetzer: Giving up the throne to William presumably? Greg Hallett: The Windsor Family giving up the throne entirely, because they are a fake Royal Family. The Commonwealth Heads of Government had not been informed of the superior claim since the 6th of March 1997. So in making a claim to the Throne, we wrote a registered letter and sent it on the 24th of June 2010 to Prime Minister David Cameron. .....(.....)
....(....) Prince Charles also has an illegitimate child, with a servant girl in Balmoral Castle. Jim Fetzer: Lot of hanky-panky gone on. Greg Hallett: … born in 1968. Jim Fetzer: Don’t they believe in birth control? Greg Hallett: They were forced into changing the Laws of Succession, to try and bypass our Legitimate Claim to the Throne, and in doing so they said: “Only the children of Prince Charles, can succeed to the Throne of England”, Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales. Now, Prince Charles is not the father of Prince William – King Juan Carlos is. Prince Charles is not the father of Prince Harry – James Hewitt is. Prince Charles is the father of Simon Charles Day who is illegitimate, and has 5 illegitimate children, and he has, I think it’s a daughter, with the servant girl in Balmoral Castle who is illegitimate. That child would now be 44. ..... Prince Charles is the father of Simon Charles Day (now 46 years old). Prince Charles is the father with a servant girl in Balmoral Castle (now 44 years). Jim Fetzer: Do you have photographs of her? Greg Hallett: No. I was informed of it by British SAS. That was probably about 2010 I think. So in changing the Laws of Succession to the Throne of England, the British Royal Family have actually completely done themselves out of a legitimate successor. So they’ve actually destroyed the House of Windsor. (Big Ben, rings once) Jim Fetzer: So there is no Legitimate Bloodline for the House of Windsor, is there? Greg Hallett: No! There is no Legitimate Bloodline for the House of Windsor // MUCH More... ***
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