Orders to CEO/President Donald J. Trump

You ask what We THE People want, we are telling you.
Immediately deliver Ambassador Leo Wanta's money to him
Immediately end inland piracy and prosecution of victimless crimes
Immediately end direct apportioned tax against the people
Enforce the original 13th Amendment

Signed: We THE People 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

“CIA & the US GOVT's Secret Business: DRUG SMUGGLING - *Video*” plus 4 more

Subj: “CIA & the US GOVT's Secret Business: DRUG SMUGGLING - *Video*” plus 4 more

From: bilrum
Subj: Gun control supporters facing recall bids in Colorado

From: bilrum@knology.net
Subj: Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie - YouTube

From: bilrum
Subj: Hillary Clinton to Confirm Bisexuality in Upcoming Book |

From: bilrum
Subj: Eric Holder Under Investigation By House Judiciary Committee For Lying Under Oath

From: bilrum
Subj: Carroll County Nullifies Maryland Gun Control Legislation With 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

From: bilrum
Subj: Why Obamacare Was Ruled Unconstitutional - YouTube 


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