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Friday, January 31, 2014


from Anonymous 2

Hi All

This morning at our weekly breakfast we had a discussion on some new INSIDER information that came to one of us yesterday.... Folks we are about to have a steam roller roll over us all ..... IF WE DO NOT PUT A STOP TO THESE AHO'S ...... NOW!!

Do you all remember a few months back when the government set up check points all around the country to pay you for blood samples?  Saliva, blood withdrawals, etc. They wanted to check our DNA... Why do you suppose they wanted to check our DNA?  Well, a inside source is saying that they wanted to see how well their chemtrails 'global warming' death scam was doing. IT APPEARS FROM THEIR ACTIONS THAT WE WERE MORE RESILIANT THAN THEY THOUGHT AND SOMETHING NEEDED TO BE DONE...

Have you been noticing how much more the chemtrails death planes have been dumping on us?  And the cold weather causing snow in parts of the country that almost never see snow? also check out dutchsinse (Google his HAARP REPORT) the HAARP HAS BEEN GOING BIG TIME....

The reason they are on about this increase is they are in the process of eliminating us quicker. The DNA sampling was to see what kind of adjustments needed to be made to their formula in order to speed up the kill. This is one of the many last ditch attempts to regaining what our good guys are taking away from them including arresting them.

It is most URGENT that the 'good guy military' put their chemtrails planes out of business ASAP or the dead bodies will start being seen enmass. If anyone knows how to get this to the good guys .... do so now!!!  We personally know some retired NAVY SEALS and they would love to be part of taking out these BASTARD, MURDERING, NAZI, COMMIE SWINE AND THEIR DEATH PLANES..... WHAT THE HE HA are our military waiting for unless there are no good guys.

Just to see what this crap is doing to snow, check this out and try to debunk it. Can you imagine what this crappola is doing inside our bodies...INSIDE OUR LUNGS?  Could this be only one of the many causes of the enormous increase in respiratory illness across our nation?  Traditional 'meds' cannot treat or affect this stuff.  The medical profession is clueless on what to do with it.  The deaths of our fellow brethren are increasing in our nation.  Cause?  Respiratory illnesses and 'flu'??!!
The commie news net work will not report what is going on.... and should also be taken down...



  1. Man oh, man! This fear porn and bulllshit is getting out of hand. Just some nut conspiracy fruitcake that has no idea what he's talking about. I guess the elite and the bad guys have some type of antedote to keep them from getting sick and dying. Don't forget, they're exposed to the chemtrails also. What a joke!

  2. This is fake. I just went out and grabbed a hand full of snow and it melted into a puddle. There is allot of junk in the snow because when it evaporated it leaves a white dust behind. You don't see his hands all the time , probably switched it with a ball of wax he had ready, that's why the ball had to a certain size.

  3. No it isn't fake, jackboot anon 6.05 and 5.58. There will be areas that have different results. In central IL I used 4 sources of heat to determine if this crap would melt this morning and if it had a smell. It smells like plastic. PERIOD! Stick your head in the sand, shut up, get out of the way, while those of us who don't want to be poisoned do our due diligence and help get the word out.
    There is something wrong with the snow! I look out my window at the beautiful deer, birds, and turkeys and it makes me sick when I see how sick some of these creatures are getting.
    I have friends who recently moved to GA, who experienced the bazaar conditions, and they are from Minnesota. I think they know how to drive in the snow.
    With only an inch of snow the roads were a complete mess. He has never seen snow like this. So is southern snow different than northern snow?

    I think it is poison, and people now is the time to get right with God. Pray Psalm 91 protection over your families. The pestilence is here.
    We are entering the tribulation period. Israel signed the 7 years peace treaty. Its on people! We have 3 1/2 years to bring people to Christ, then all hell is gonna break loose. Read the Bible, it is the ONLY TRUTH, and the truth SHALL set you free!
    There is nothing to be afraid of when you have His promises and peace. But to ignore the truth will lead to your destruction.

  4. This seems to be all related:

  5. Well well well so many non believers is the reason that they are getting away with it. I for one recieved and email about fake snow and I went and did my own test in Maryland and sure enough there was no water when a lighter was held to it. It turned black and had the smell of burning plastic or rubber with a hint of some type of gas. So you non believers why dont you go eat a big mouthful and lets see if you get sick!!!!