Friday, June 6, 2014

My Answer To The Viper King of the Rothschilds. From Erasmus Of America - June 6, 2014 - 4:02 PM


     The viper king of the Rothschilds who are reported worth around $500 trillion or more I think blew his cover by commenting on my report "GOD EXISTS! OBVIOUS PROOFS." In military intelligence work, people often identify themselves by what they state or how they state it. They identify themselves when they had not intended to. Some words that he used identifies that he came from a Jewish background. He identifies that he identifies the members of Congress as scumbags and cowards like the rest of you cowards for that matter referring to you the American people that you are all cowards and scumbags according to him. He says that none of your Heathens are going to give up that mark "cause you got "no balls" which symbolically means no guts in your characters. "May God erase your worthless asses off this planet!"  which is a front statement that once he has the upper hand, he is planning to kill off all the Americans who he does not want in America. This man is from Jewish background and thinks that he will hold all the aces in deciding life and death for who lives or else dies in America. These are the words of the viper king of the Rothschilds who got upset when he saw my report "God Exists! Obvious Proofs!" His explosion of vulgar language is provoked by fear that the Christians and their churches might promote this report which could likely win America back to God and Christianity which is the supreme nightmare to all that he stands for in life or cares about. Since the message of Fatima was evil and not good along with the reported stunning Miracles of God I reported on, here is a good quote of the reported apparition of the Virgin Mary, Mother Of Jesus Christ, teaching the three children of Fatima, Portugal this as a prayer to Jesus Christ for Christians to repeat, "Oh Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of your mercy." 
     I do remember the words of Jesus Christ, "A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand." If the kingdom of Satan is pushing good such as turning to Jesus Christ and warning mankind of the threat of hell as punishment for those who hate God and never want to live with God, it sounds to me that Satan has forgotten which side that he is on when trying to push good instead of evil. The three children of Fatima said that they were given a brief look at hell and it so horrified them that they could not watch it but for a few brief moments. They said they were given this view into hell on July 13, 1917 by the Virgin Mary when she opened up the earth so the three children could look into hell. The children reported, "We saw a sea of fire in which were huge numbers of devils and damned souls." In horror, they screamed out in unbelievable pain and despair in hell. 
     Separately an angel appeared with these visitations six times. He identified himself as the Angel of Peace and taught the three children of Fatima this prayer for Christians: "Oh my God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You, and I beg pardon for all who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love you." In many ways, it might be a summary teaching delivered at Fatima that God will consign the just to a place of everlasting happiness and the unjust to a place of everlasting torments (Matt. 25:31-46). Since the viper king of the Rothschilds indicates that the Miracle of Fatima in Oct. 13, 1917 is from the prince of evil and   also the Miracles of God we reported on with both the Catholic and Protestant sources comes from the side of evil, I comment strange that Satan would strengthen the faith of people in God and teach people to do good instead of evil in life!"
     Also, since the viper king of the Rothschilds has to emotionally express himself with vulgar words of cursing this report, me, etc., he shows that he is scared to death of this report "God Exists! Obvious Proofs!" by Erasmus Of America ( my pen name is like Samuel Langhome Clemens who was better known by everybody by his pen name of Mark Twain not just in writing but in private life also when Americans referred to him!). What the viper king of the Rothschilds is afraid of is that the Christians and churches will mass push my report of "GOD EXISTS! OBVIOUS PROOFS!" He is afraid that if the Christians and churches will do this, they will then win America back to God and Christianity! As  old style sounder education is out of style in America today as kids often cannot do math now, cannot write in handwriting but only print in capital and small letters messages on paper, their knowledge of American history stinks in many cases, and many do not even know things like the national anthem, they are poorly trained in independent thinking to find the truth, etc. and easily brainwashed by teaching of the theory of evolution, etc. that there is no God!
     I come along with a report so easy to understand why there is a God for real that this viper king of the Rothschilds panics that America might be won back to God and Christianity by this as probably all the adults and youths can understand this report if they see it! If America is won back to God and Christianity again instead of "politically correct" nonsense taught and pushed in the school systems, then suddenly the Rothschild organized brainwashing of the youth and adults of America collapses and the Rothschilds lose control of America as it becomes independent of them again in history where the Rothschilds no longer do the "politically correct" thinking for the American people who now think for themselves instead!
     Since by accident the Rothschild clan has endorsed my report as the most dangerous they have ever faced since they judge it can win America back to God and Christianity, I suggest the Christians take this obvious hint from the Rothschilds and mass push my report all over America until the enemies of Christianity have public opinion turn against them and the old values of America become the new values of America again as America has a rebirth into greatness and freedom in America.
     I suggest copy my report "God Exists! Obvious Proofs!" By Erasmus Of America posted on Nesara News on June 4, 2014, add this comment summary to the end of the report and send this all over America! Time for the Christians to win for once instead of just hiding from opposing those who want to get rid of Christianity in America and then impose over America their version of tyranny in government as they don't believe in the God-given rights America was founded upon in 1776!
      My website is My email is My mailing address for those wanting to support us and do not use the website to do so, our address then is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for whether a product or else our loan program for our proposed Omni Law which grants to the American people the right of referendum over the federal government which restores control of the national government to the American people! And it takes freedom for the American economy to work right, not massive regulations and massive taxes! The Omni Law as shown on our website will straighten out the economic mess in America created by Wash., D.C. led by fanatics and stupid people promoted beyond their level of competence for leadership in government.
      Pass this report around and we will put the report "GOD EXISTS! OBVIOUS PROOFS!" shortly on our website once we can get around to it! We are overwhelmed by things to do now, so a short delay on that!  

     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that Christian leader not only Obama is afraid of now but also the viper king of the Rothschilds is apparently also now scared of me that I will lead the Christians to victory in America! The man who used the cussing to attack my report made mistakes that indicate who the writer is. The king of evil in America is now apparently afraid that I will show the Christians how to win America back from him and his evil allies in America!)


  1. this is for the Viper King. I AM one of many we are the watchers. we speak with the voice of the Creator as Prophets of the most high. . you have shaken your fists in the face of the Most High one too many times. behold i see all things and hear all things spoken or thought. this is the sign i speak the truth from now on the secret plans you form in your bedroom that you spoke to no one will be published by my servants the prophets your secrets will be on the internet in detail. the secret places you have hidden stolen assets will be revealed. the truth will be exposed where you buried the bodies and the remains will be found. this begins now. when the first reports begin you will know i have spoken the truth. this is the day the Sons of God will manifest on the Earth with the full Anointing of Christ. to enforce the law of God upon the Earth to reprove the works of the wicked. the stench of your deeds have arisen to the heavens. this time you have gone too far. your judgement is at hand. that which you fear most shall overtake you. you are given a space of grace to repent if you dont your fate is upon your own head. you have been warned. i am watching.

  2. My answer on his comment as well.: Decadence makes possible to live in a continuously state of orgy. Wars and the economical depletion, hunger and food wars, water wars and making people suffer for each bit of matter that makes them survive this life.All this is an orgy, and the elite walks around as apes with a hard on, thinking they all got it under control. Yes, the folks are fooled beyond believe, and yes, as all them materials used to affect our brains are given through medication, chemtrails and processed food, vaccination programs and finally an education system that makes one a total moron once finished. The evolution of soul and awareness is chemically stopped. And you low life scumbag dare to call those victims useless? They made you or those leaders yo admire this rich. But hey, the scams and such are being uncovered. So, remember Weimar Germany when a bread was worth a billion Mark? How many breads can be bought with 500 trillion dollars? May the breath of the WDS scorch your neck. You Illuminati are history, Lemuria's revenge! Understand this, Lucifer is pissed off beyond your imagination..And that means troubles for you parasites. Satan is all pussy today.The Source will slide you into the dark forever.Maybe to late to change things, from malevolent into benevolent, but if you fucks destroy this planet into a nuclear nightmare, this nightmare will be the place you'll reincarnate into. Those surviving will make children, and them children will be you. There will be not enough vessels to incarnate all those billions gone. Stupid dumb asses. As a matter of fact, even eliminating humanity, this is the best joke ever. Eternity heals our wounds. It is your choice. gnagnagna.. You should have talked to Musashi Miyamoto..tsss tsss, bad strategics huh?You see, it is just flesh and blood threatened..lmao. Greed has made you stick in this 3d, you cannot escape. Illuminati...pffff, what a joke.

  3. Let he who have ears hear and eyes to see,Nice comments.The tormentors will be the tormented.Then shall it be written, then shall thy work be done.God bless the watches of humanity.Can't wait fot the secret plans to be revealed,the truth exposed on internet.should be interesting reading.